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    3 Reviews
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      19.11.2008 20:58
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      A miele washing machine is the best purchase you can do!!!


      * Warranty:
      - You get a 5 year warranty for parts and labour.

      * Design:
      - Display for setting up various functions
      - Glasses with polycarbonate front in striking design
      - User friendly Filler
      - Light slanted placed control panel
      - Enamelled front
      - Lotus white operating panel

      * Controls and display:
      - 5° Control panel
      - Dial control
      - Slim line display: It displays information such as temperature, spin speed and programmed selection

      * Special features:
      - Extra large ergonomic door opening (33 cm): Large door opening means easier loading
      - Ergonomic loading angle: High position and drum angle means easier loading
      - Unique honeycomb are or unbeatable garment care
      - Anti-crease action: At the end of a wash program, the drum continues to turn intermittently to prevent creasing

      * Capacity:
      - 6kg honeycomb drum

      * Spin speed options:
      - Minimum Spin Speed: 400
      - Maximum Spin Speed: 1400 -> The higher the spin speed, the less residual moisture left in clothes at the end of a wash
      - Rinse Hold and No Spin

      * Standard wash programs:
      - Automatic: For mixed loads of cotton and minimum iron fabrics
      - Cottons: For cotton and linen garments
      - Minimum Iron: For polycotton or cotton mix fabrics
      - Delicates: Minimizes creases on synthetic fabrics
      - Hand wash / Woollens: Even gentler than hand washing and prevents shrinkage
      - Express wash: For washing up to 3kg in 30 minutes

      * Special wash programs:
      - Denim: Prevents creasing and streaky discolouration
      - Shirts: Prevents creasing
      - Dark garments: Raises water levels and rinse phases to ensure detergents are thoroughly removed
      - Separate Drain and Spin

      * Additional program options:
      - Standard running times with short option
      - Soak option
      - Pre-Wash

      * Performance/consumption data:
      - Energy efficiency: A+ -> Graded on a scale of A+ - G (A+ being the best)
      - Wash performance: A -> Graded on a scale of A - G (A being the best)
      - Spin efficiency: B -> Graded on a scale of A - G (A being the best)
      - Water consumption (litres): 47 -> The water used during a standard wash cycle (Cottons 60C)
      - Electricity consumption (kWh): 1.02
      - Standard programme duration (min): 109/59
      - Residual moisture at maximum spin speed: 50%

      * Safety features:
      - Water Control System: A float switch detects leaks and can trigger the water inlet to close
      - Check drain / inlet indicators
      - Automatic safety door lock
      - Child lock
      - Fault diagnosis programme
      - Emergency door release
      - Easy access manual drain
      - Water inlet filter: 2

      * Dimensions and Weight:
      - Height (cm): 85
      - Width (cm): 59.5
      - Depth (including distance from wall in cm): 63.4
      - Depth with door open (cm): 107.4
      - Net weight (kg): 99
      - Adjustable height (cm): +0.4 / -0.4

      * Implementation
      - Preparation in laundries and dry column possible
      - Recessed under worksheet is possible (minimal height 85)

      Overall opinion:

      At home, we have a Miele W 1714 washing machine and a Miele T 7744 C. Miele is the best brand for washing machines and dryers. It has a German origin. This means is very high quality!!! This also means that you have to pay a lot: 754.631 pounds. Since we are a family with 4 members, we definitely need it. A normal dishwasher lasts for 12-15 years while a Miele last for 20+ years. We like this washing machine a lot!!! It is easy to use, with all the options on the control panel. Even a clumsy student like me, knows how to use it :p. One thing I have to admit is that we had a little problem after 4-5 months. After the cycle had done, the door didn't want to open anymore. Luckily there was an emergency handle, so we could still use it. Miele came to our house after only 3 work days, repaired it, and it works fine now. So you don't only pay for the machine, but also for the good support. Miele rocks!!!


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        10.07.2008 18:41



        Good cleaner, excellent value for money

        After years of using a Dyson it died a couple of months ago and I purchased a Hoover 2000W Dust Manager cleaner. It was a great price compared to the Dyson so decided to give it a go. It cleans up extremely well and is easy to empty, bagless. A bit disappointed with edge cleaning but the attachments ie edge cleaning, furniture and pet hair brush work well and are very quick and easy to attach. It has a stair stabiliser for added stability when cleaning stairs, but I have to say I found it a waste of space, a bit of a gimmick! The machine is medium weight, but it's big drawback is the little notch on the front with which one is supposed to lift and carry the machine, eg upstairs, it is not deep enough and impossible to hold the machine by the use of this notch. Unfortunately you will need both hands to carry it. Apart from this I rate this vacuum cleaner highly.


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          26.06.2008 17:37


          • "Ease of use"


          Fantastic buy - expensive but worth it!

          We bought this Miele WM 6 months ago, and absolutely love it. No problems, and while I mostly use the 40oC wash and a short wash combo the results are excellent. Easy to use with pretty self explanatory buttons on the front (even my hubby can use it with no instructions!), and I love the way it tells you how long the program you've chosen is going to take, and once underway how long is remaining. Also, if you put in less clothing than a full load, it uses less water, and takes less time to spin, so it automatically alters the time remaining on it, and saves you water and electricity. All round a great buy, and although quite an expensive machine, well worth it. Hopefully it'll last as long as Miele claim in their brochure - 20 years, which will make it a really great buy all round.


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        • Product Details

          Front Load Drum Washer, Efficiency: A+AB, 13.23 lb / load, Features: Dial Controls, Time Remaining Indicator, Colors: White /
          The Miele W 1714 Front Load Washer has a capacity of 13.23 cu / ft., wash programs available: Delicates, Wool, Wrinkle-Free, Soaking, Cotton / Short name: Miele W1714

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