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    2 Reviews
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      02.12.2011 15:20


      • "Ease of use"


      Great machine, worth every penny!

      When moving house recently I persuaded my husband that we should invest in a decent washing machine, after years of living in rented accommodation and not being able to choose! So after research we decided on a W series Miele. It was not cheap but I have not regretted it for a moment!

      It is super energy efficient, and the machine is so quiet that at first I kept thinking I'd forgotten to switch it on!

      The machine feels sturdy and well built, the delivery men said they can tell how good the quality is by the weight when compared to cheaper brands. One of the reasons I was attracted to Miele is that the outer drum is metal, rather than plastic (almost every other brand uses a plastic outer drum which can be pierced by a coin or other stray object!). It also has a 'honeycomb' drum, which is much more gentle on clothes than the conventional washing machine drums (my old machine left lots of holes in my clothes!)

      I love the choice of programmes, we use washable nappies for our little one and I have found that they come much much cleaner in this machine than in my old Beko, and whereas I used to have to put them on at least one extra rinse cycle to get all the detergent out, the Miele is clever enough to keep rinsing until they are clear of detergent! Yay! Most often for clothes I use the 'Automatic Plus' programme which works out the amount of water and the wash rhythm depending on the weight and mix of the clothes. I also use the shirts option for my husband's shirts and this is great as it uses a gentler spin.
      All is all this has been a great buy, I would definitely recommend Miele. I got a free upgraded warranty with it so peace of mind for 5 years.


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      07.10.2011 12:53
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      Miele washing machine

      A few months ago I decided to replace my basic tumble dryer with a Miele. I have recently reviewed my Miele T 7634 and now wish to tell you about my Miele washing machine. Once I had experienced my Miele tumble dryer I started to realise that doing the laundry with a decent machine to help can make a big difference!
      My ancient Hotpoint washing machine was starting to show its age. I was paying nearly £9 a month for a service agreement and with a C rating for energy efficiency it was hardly cost effective to run. The final straw came when it ceased to work and I was given a date for an engineer to call in 2 weeks time! The thought of being without a washing machine for 2 weeks was more than I wanted to cope with! I decided to cancel the service agreement and buy a new machine.
      It didn't take me long to decide I wanted to buy a Miele. I phoned the Miele customer helpline for advice and it was suggested I look at the W 19 series as these machines would match the contempory look of my tumble dryer. I was also really pleased to find that Miele were offering a free 5 year extended warranty of selected models (10 years on some models) Once I had decided to buy I priced checked and found that the co-op electrical were offering the W 1916 for £873.99 with free next day delivery. This machine usually retails at over £1000 I opted for this model as it offered the highest spin speed in the range and had a 7 kg load capacity.. I have purchased from the co-op previously and received good service so had no hesitation about ordering. It is worth noting that the co-op is included on the cash back site, Quidco.

      What you get for your money
      I love the contempory look of this washing machine. It is white with a large door and porthole. The LCD control panel completes the space age look. It is a freestanding machine but a stacking kit is available from Miele to fit with the matching tumble dryer.
      The machine has a 7kg load capacity, although for some programmes this is reduced to 3.5 kg to prevent excessive creasing.
      The machine has a range of spin speeds including no final spin, 400,600,800.1000,1200 and 1600. The spin speed can be changed via a push button on the control panel.
      Like my tumble dryer, the machine has a honeycomb drum. This is a unique Miele feature and allows a thin layer of water to cushion and protect laundry.
      The detergent drawer is automatically flushed out during every wash. This means you will never have to manually clean it! The detergent drawer also has a compartment for fabric softener.
      Next to the spin speed selector is a temperature selector. This allows you to change the temperature on your chosen programme. You can opt for a lower temperature to help save enegy, useful for lightly soiled laundry.
      There is a start/stop button for starting the programme or cancelling a programme once it has started.
      There are 4 extra option buttons including a very useful short wash button. This is designed to shorten the duration of the wash when laundry is only lightly soiled with no stains. The short option can only be used with certain programmes. If this option is selected and is not available a message will be displayed in the control panel telling you so.
      The water plus option will increase the amount of water in the main wash and the rinse.
      The pre-wash option is useful for heavily soiled items. This will soak laundry for up to 2 hour, although you can select a 1 hour option.
      The extra quiet option can be selected to reduce the noise level. The machine will not spin at the end of its cycle. When you want to complete the wash you will need to select the spin option.
      There are 10 main programmes. Programmes are selected by turning a dial either clockwise or anti-clockwise. There is a light indicator that lights up next to your chosen programme. The selected programme is also displayed in the control panel including the time that the programme will take the temperature and spin speed. As the wash progresses the remaining time is displayed in the control panel.
      The programmes include-

      Cottons- This programme is recommended for cotton mix fabrics and the one I use for towels, bedding and T-shirts. The programme takes 2 hours and 59 minutes although this can be shortened to 1 hour 59 minutes by pressing the short button. The wash temperature is 60 degrees although can be reduced via the temperature option.

      Minimum iron- This programme is recommended for synthetic fabrics and takes 1 hour 41 minutes to complete. Again the time can be shortened to 1 hour 11 minutes. The temperature can also be selected depending on how soiled the laundry is. With this programme it is recommended you only load a maximum of 3.5 kg to reduce creasing.

      Delicates- This programme is also for synthetic fabrics and also for mixed fibres and curtains. The maximum suggested load is reduced to 2.5 kg.The delicates programme takes 2 hours 59 minutes although it can be reduced by an hour.

      Woollens- This programme is useful not only for woollens but for any fabric that requires hand washing. The programme will wash at 30 degrees unless you choose to reduce the temperature. You can also reduce the spin speed in this programme. The wash cycle takes 39 minutes. The maximum suggested load is 2 kg.
      Express 20- As the name implies this is an express programme that takes just 20 minutes to complete. It can be used for any cotton or minimum iron care label. It is great for a quick wash when clothes have only been worn once. It is possible to select a temperature from cold to 40 degrees with this programme. The maximum suggested load is 3.5 kg.

      Automatic plus- This programme is for mixed loads. The machine will automatically select the water level, wash rhythm and spin speed-how clever is that! This programme takes 1 hour 20 minutes and there is no short option available. The maximum suggested load is 5 kg.

      Dark garments/denim- For all denim and dark garments made from cotton. This programme is designed to protect these fabrics from colour loss. The programme takes 1 hour and 11 minutes although if you select the short option this will be reduced to 1 hour and 1 minute. The maximum load is 3 kg.

      Intensive plus- This is for mixed loads of heavily soiled laundry. The programme takes 2 hours and 49 minutes will no short option available. It is possible to select a wash temperature of 95 degrees with this programme. The maximum load is 7 kg.

      There is a spin only programme with speeds from 400 to 1600. It is also possible to select a no spin option if you need to drain the machine without spinning.

      There is also a separate rinse and starch programme. This can be used for rinsing hand washed items or for starching fabrics. The spin speed can be selected as required.

      The machine has a top AAA rating for energy effiency for both the washing and spinning programmes.
      A comprehensive instruction booklet is included. There is a 2 year manufactures warranty .In addition there is a free 5 year extended warranty for parts and labour available with this model. To activate you will need to go to the Mile site and follow the instructions. A paper certificate will then be posted to you.

      My opinion.
      I have now been using this machine for several months on a daily basis and absolutely love it! I find the range of wash programme son offer more than adequate. I really like the fact you can add extra options to programmes. I use the short option on a regular basis to save both time and fuel.
      I really like the time remaining being displayed in the control panel. I also appreciate knowing how long a programme will take and find the estimate very accurate. When I first started using this machine I had to keep checking it was actually working as it is so quiet, especially compared to my old Hotpoint! I have never used the extra quiet option as even when its spinning you can hardly hear it!
      I am very impressed with how clean my laundry is even on the lower temperatures. The intensive plus programme is brilliant for removing stains although it does seem to take for ever to complete its cycle! I really like being able to select the spin speed and find this particularly useful when washing fabrics that crease easily. The higher spin spend are great when I intend to tumble dry and they obviously remove more water.
      I like the bright LCD display on the control panel as I can see exactly what programme I have selected, how long it will take, the spin speed and temperature. This helps to prevent mistakes resulting in ruined items! I once managed to select a very hot wash when using my old machine and ruined several items of clothing-a quick check on the display panel helps to avoid this kind of error!
      I love the large drum and wide door with its big viewing window. Not only does this machine look very stylish, but it is easy to load. I also appreciate the self cleaning detergent drawer. This function works well and the drawer remains spotless after numerous washes.
      Like all Miele appliances this machine feels and looks really well built.

      Any negatives?
      There really is little to find fault with this machine. It is a very expensive washing machine and I know any repairs would also be expensive. However I don't need to worry for 5 years!
      It took a while to get to grips with all the functions this machine has to offer and compared with my old basic machine, it is more complicated to use. However after several months of use I have mastered it!
      Once a programme has stared and the door has locked, the programme can't be altered. However the programme can be cancelled and the suds pumped out but this is time consuming.
      The on/off button and door open button are quite small and a bit stiff to operate. I would have preferred slightly larger buttons that were easier to operate.
      Overall I can highly recommend this washing machine. It looks good, is built to last at least 20 years (according to Miele) and washed my laundry perfectly. What more could you ask?


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      Short name: Miele W1916