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    1 Review
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      28.03.2012 18:13
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      a great all round washing machine for a great price

      Our old washing machine was on its last legs for quite some time, and we have spent the best part of the last few months looking around to research the best washing machine to suit our needs and budget. Eventually we settled on the Samsung Eco bubble 7kg washing machine in white mainly because the reviews of the machine were standing out above the rest.

      ** What is Eco Bubble? **

      Eco Bubble is a technology that is designed to create bubbles which act as a cushion against your washing and washes it up to forty times faster than just using washing powder even on a cold wash. This will obviously save money per wash and make your washing machine work more efficiently for you in quicker time.
      This sold us the machine as we're all for saving time and money in our busy household.

      ** Appearance of the machine **

      After viewing this machine online, we also made the trip to see the unit in person before making our final decision. I was a little overwhelmed at the size and boldness of the door. Against a white machine, the silver door rim really makes the machine stand out and looks a bit "spacey". My husband thought it looked really nice and whilst I was a little put off, I have to admit this feature has grown on me and it doesn't look any different from any other model and doesn't catch my eye when I walk into the kitchen.

      Once you look past the size of the door, the main features on this machine are all the buttons and panels sitting on the front of the machine. I knew I wanted something with a digital screen if only to tell me the time left on my washing cycle. There is a large screen in the middle where you can select your wash programme and then various buttons to turn the machine on and off, change temperatures, cycles, and more.
      The panels don't look out of place despite there being quite a few of them, and they look modern and fit well with the style of the machine.

      ** Features **

      This machine will do many things apart from washing your clothes including singing to you. There are some great quirky features attached to this machine such as noise alert for beginning and end of washing cycle, the ability to change the set programmes to suit your needs which is something we have taken great advantage of.
      No more do I just twist the dial to thirty degree and press start, walk away and hope for the best. Now I can choose what I am washing which isn't something that makes this machine stand out against others by any means, but I like the fact that if I'm washing cottons for example I can change the amount of spins, the spin speed, temperature of the wash all to suit my time and the clothes I have placed inside the machine.

      There are a good variety of standard cycles attached to this machine, but never think it's as simple as turning the machine on and pressing start the first time you use it as it isn't.
      Due to the eco bubble technology you have the option of washing clothes from as low as ten degrees. I rarely go below the thirty degree line, but even this against my old model which was a standard forty degree; it's saving me both time and money.

      ** Ease of Use **

      The first time we used this machine, I'll admit it took us ages to work out the correct cycle to use and we did under wash clothes the first time around. There is a quick wash of just fifteen minutes, but really this isn't suitable for anything other than a quick freshen up.
      In simple terms, you really only need a couple of seconds to select the cycle you want to use, and once the machine is turned on and you know what you want, it's very simple to use.

      To set up your own cycle and change options then this will take slightly longer with more buttons to press and choose from. You do have the option to save your chosen cycle which will make the process a lot quicker on subsequent times using the machine.

      I found the buttons to be average sensitivity which is good when you have children around. I have found on one occasion my daughter pressed the pause button and then the cycle was messed up as we think it was paused for a long time, but there is the option to put child locks on the machine which is handy. We did look at washing machines that only needed to be brushed over where the button was before it was activated. These buttons are a lot sturdier and in my mind better made than those.

      ** Price **

      The average price of this machine is £319 which in comparison to what is on the market currently, this is in the middle range, but for the features you get with this machine then I think the price is very good.

      ** Overall **

      Since using this machine on a daily basis, I have been very pleased with it. I recommend you find the best wash cycle to suit your needs for the daily garments that seem to appear in the wash basket each time the machine is loaded, but for select items such as delicates and bedding etc. then it's great to use a custom setting on the machine.

      I have found the machine to be slightly noisier than I was hoping for but it's by no means loud when spinning, just not super quiet.
      If you're looking for a new machine then I think you could do worse than this one.


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  • Product Details

    Samsung WF0702WKE Washing Machine / Short name: Samsung WF0702WKE

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