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    1 Review
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      24.08.2009 22:04
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      Give your clothes a good servis wash

      I, like most people have a washing machine and, like many others, it is always on the go due to my delightful little cherubs who think nothing of dirtying their clothes even as they are putting them on.

      So, like a lot of others, I tend to go through washing machine like a 'Stoneham' with the munchies goes through mars bars.
      Anyway, as I had tried many 'branded' names, which all failed me in the end, I stumbled upon my latest washing machine which is made by a company I was not too familiar with called 'Servis', and, up to now, this 'Servis' machine seems to be standing up to the constant abuse that I am throwing at it.

      ** TECHNICAL BITS...

      * White casing being 600mm wide by 530mm deep by 850mm high
      * Front loading washing machine with a 4.5 KG load capacity.
      * It has 7 'normal' setting and 9 'delicate' settings (16 in all).
      * A 900 rpm spin speed.
      * 'B' Energy rating

      This 'freestanding' washing machine gives you many options, which can all be achieved by turning the 'dial' on the top right of the unit, these options are...

      * In 'normal' mode
      90° 60° 50° 40° washes, a quick wash, a rinse and spin plus many others

      * In 'delicate' mode...
      60° 50° 40° and a 35° and a delicate spin for woollen items

      It has three stopping points which are situated at the end of certain cycles.
      Also, on the front of the machine there are two buttons, one for rinse the other for a half load.
      Plus, the drawer for adding your powder/liquid, with separate sections for conditioners and the like is on the top left.
      All the cycle options are given in symbols which are clearly laid out on the front top, above the dial.

      ** IN CONCLUSION....

      It does exactly what it is meant to which is to wash your clothes and get them clean, although the washing powder does have a lot to do with how clean you clothes get.
      This machine, like many others, washes in cycles and spins the clothes at the end of the wash, a full wash taking about 90 minutes.
      The machine does sound a little load, especially when on a spinning cycle, but as you can leave it in a room and close the door to dull the noise this is not a real problem. Don't get me wrong, it's not like it sounds like a 747 coming in to land on three engines, it is more like Charles Lindbergh's 'Spirit of St Louise' as it takes to the skies, only with a few less stutters.
      The door is of a good size, being 400mm in diameter, opening up to leave a gap of 280 mm so you can, if you're like me, shove a big pile of washing in in one go.

      This machine, like all washing machines, is very weighty indeed and will take at least two people to move into position, (so don't try and lift it up on your own as you may pull your back out... believe me), but once plumbed in it doesn't need to be moved at all.
      When in use it does tend to vibrate somewhat when in a spin cycle, especially the fast spin, (but for women, and some men, this can be a little bit of fun on a boring day full of chores, if you know what I mean..????), although if the machine is sat on a level floor the vibrations are limited to a bit of a wobble and shake.

      Anyway, as I said earlier, it has several cycles for different types of materials and washes required so there is something for everyone regardless of how delicate you knick knacks may be. I do tend to do most washes on the 60° colourfast cottons which goes through a few cycles including rinses and spins, taking about an hour and a bit to complete the wash from start to finish.

      I do know that there are many washing machines out on the market at the moment, many with higher spin rpm than this one, but the Servis does come at a good price and does treat your clothes with sympathy, getting them clean without any damage, although my socks do still seem to disappear into the unknown leaving me with odd socks all the time.
      And I know Servis isn't as well known as the like of Indesit or Hotpoint, or even Zanussi, but the Servis machine I have been using has not let me down in the couple of years I have had it running, and I do mean running, especially with my kids.
      I have never had to have it repaired as yet, (touch wood), the motor bearing up well under the pressure, which with my luck with washing machines is a god send.

      I can't remember exactly how much I paid for this a couple of years ago but I recall it being around the £150 mark, although a quick search around I have found it in the price range of between £140 and £200, so as I always say, it is better to shop around for the cheaper prices.

      In all, for a washing machine it does a great job in washing your clothes, (but for a television it falls a little flat as there is never anything on worth watching). So if you're on the hunt for a new washing machine then take a look at this one and compare it to some of the more expensive ones, you'll be glad you did as you may save a few quid in the process.

      Servis may not be best name on the market but that's probably why you can get reliability at a good price.


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      Short name: Servis M2410

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