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    2 Reviews
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      09.01.2008 21:39
      Very helpful



      Not good!


      Oh god, where do I start.
      I could summarise with the word 'pants' and save myself a lot but I suppose to improve the review rating I should elaborate. If you were just after a quick insight - you have it now and you can, I promise, stop reading. Go type in Zanussi or something.

      Installation was simple with a little know-how and the manual was sufficient. If I remember the correctly the delivery man from argos was pretty helpful.
      This 'machine' has a 1500rpm spin, variable. Being a boy, I don't get why you would want a variable spin. Hmmmm - today I think I'll have wetter clothes so they take longer to dry. I know - I'll turn the spin down. I'm sure there is a reason but it's lost on me.

      It has an 'A' energy rating - possibly better if you turn the spin down :-) But no other energy saving settings.
      Operation is fairly simple. Turn it on - choose your wash -press the start button. No complaints there but hey - it's a washing machine, not the space shuttle.

      There are plenty of different settings for different washes. I use easy wash - 40C always. No matter what I wash. As it treats all materials with indifference it really doesn't seem to matter. This setting doesn't actually destroy anything. However, plenty of other settings are available for the adventurous and the playful. Fill your boots.
      So far all fairly normal stuff. Then the grumbling begins

      Firstly - it breaks. As in, bits fall of it. So far the washing powder tray door front and the main loader front door catch. And you cant put them back on! I now open the damn thing by flicking the locking mechanism with a knife. A man came once and I asked how much to replace the catch. He said he didn't know - we'd have to replace the whole front door.
      Next, remember how I mentioned the different wash settings? Well, you really will have to remember them. The decal has long since wiped off. Yes, the marking on the machine has vamooshed. Not due to an overuse of acid I hasten to add. Evil water and flash did the job.

      Now - this machine cost £260 about 18mths ago and you'd think you'd still be able to get into it and be sure you weren't boiling clothing to death would you not?
      Anyway - did I mention that it doesn't actually wash. No? It doesn't actually wash. It's no state secret that my feet aren't nice. I'm not hung up about it. They just aren't and that's the way it is. A good washing machine might help that I suppose. If I had one. The washing does smell better. Just. Only just. And I know it's probably the washing powder or conditioner or something but I've tried them all and it's no good. To make me feel a bit better it does the same thing to my wifes washing and she actually smells quite nice. It's a weird thing but everything smells sort of guffy. Like a wet dog. Have you ever seen that episode of The Young Ones where the washing machine spits Neills socks out. Well it's a bit like that only more spiteful, lulling you into thinking that today, just today, it'll work.

      To summarise. Quite a vindictive review of a poor, bland product. I can't imagine there is a machine of similar price that does a worse job. Avoid it like the plague.
      Oh, and it's pretty noisy!

      Available form all good stores without a returns policy.



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        11.10.2006 15:48


        • "Ease of use"


        money well spent for me

        After my trusty whirlpool machine could service me no more i had to look out for a new model , what with my ever growing family and my ever growing washing pile i needed a machine that was going to be not only reliable but available as soon as possible..Having a young family and no machine to keep up with the laundry is a very hard struggle..

        I spent ages trying to find a machine that was economical to run but also effective at cleaning the clothes I came across this model and was not quite sure what to expect but in all honesty its been a very good buy..

        It was ordered online on sunday and with me by the thursday and the rest is history.

        For the grand price of £210 i got great value for money.With todays ever increasing awareness of energy saving this model is fairly good it has an Energy Efficiency rating of A along with a Wash Peformance rating of A and finally a
        Spin Peformance rating of C.

        The machine is a cold fill only model but you will find the majority on the market now are..It is capable of a 5kg washing load and also comes with the following features

        Quick Wash

        Pre Wash


        Woollen Wash

        Auto Adjust LoadHeavy soil wash to clean even the dirtiest clothes

        Door safety lock

        Automatic water level control

        Out of balance spin protection

        No spin option

        Servis is a brand thats been around for some time so if like me you are on the lookout for a new machine then maybe give this a look..You never know you may just like it..


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      Short name: Servis M6011W

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