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Swan Essentials SW2010W

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The Swan SW2010W is an affordable and simple washing machine. Whilst being easy to use and ideal for small families, it may be too small for some.

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    2 Reviews
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      26.06.2012 13:32
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      Affordable machine which does as it is suppose to do and what it claims. Perfect for small families


      After moving into our first home 2 years ago, I and my partner were in need of a new washer as the landlord's own was absolutely filthy I refused to use it! Just moving home and having a 1 year old to provide for at the time I didn't have a very large budget, so just a simple, affordable washer was all I was after. I finally came across the Swan SW2010 on the Littlewoods website for £200. The reviews were good and it seemed efficient enough for my small family, so I went ahead and bought it.


      The washer claimed to be kind to your clothes, bills and the environment. The washer is rated as A in energy use and wash. This means that it is friendly to the environment when it comes to energy use, the only other rating above it being A+, so I thought as well as being affordable, it will be friendly to my bills, as this is what it claims.

      The washer is 85cm high and 60cm wide, which to me meant nothing upon buying it, but to some people it would if you need it in a certain space.

      The spin speed for this washer is 1000, which I didn't know what was meant by this, so looking up on the internet I found out that you pay more for a washer depending upon the highest spin speed it goes, and I read that they begin at around 700, so I figured 1000 would be fine for my small family.

      The washing machine is only 5kg, and the reviews I read all stated that the washer is only ideal for singles, couples or small families. Being a couple with one small child, again, I thought 5kg was just ideal as I don't have that much washing with just the three of us, and if I do it's mainly my daughter's clothes, which let's face it are tiny and I could fit triple the amount of her stuff to my stuff in the washer we had, so again 5kg load was not a problem for me either.


      The machine only needs to connect to your cold water pipe like most machines nowadays as it warms its own water up. No need to connect to your hot water.

      The machine is very easy to use. The drawer opens just by a simple pull. There are 3 compartments in the drawer. One large one for powder and 2 smaller ones, which are usually used for fabric softener or freshener.

      There are 3 small buttons in the centre at the top of the machine which all have a little red light. The first is a play/pause button. This is used to start your wash once you have chosen which spin to use, or you can press to pause the wash whilst in use for you to change your temperature or end your spin early. If you do not press pause and turn the dial, the machine will not register it and will continue on the spin originally set.

      The second is a final spin option. All spins on this machine do a final spin, to shorten your wash or for some people to save energy you can press this button before the spin starts to cancel the final spin. The final spin is where the machine spins at its highest and fastest, getting rid of excess water. As I explain below, when you haven't used final spin, the clothes are always quite wet. The final spin helps to spin off all the excess water your clothes are holding.

      The third is extra rinse. You can press this button for your clothes to have an extra rinse at the end of the wash. I rarely use this as the wash the machine gives is generally very good anyway.

      To set your spin, all you need to do is turn the dial to whatever spin you want, the symbols for the spin options are very clear to understand and press play. I hate getting a machine with symbols of different things and having to refer to a manual to understand what symbol is for whatever wash.


      The machine has 13 different features/options to wash, these are:

      I never have and probably never will was on 90 degrees and do not know anyone that does. I know it is said to be used for nappies, dirty underwear, soiled sheets etc., but if you read online, most manufacturers advise against this. Plus it is too energy and money consuming, I would never bother with it. I have however washed at 60 with brilliant results, so even though I have never used 90, if 60 does a brilliant job I'm sure 90 does, but I just have no need for it.

      I haven't used 60 plus extra soak on my machine either, as again having used normal 60 wash, and that being perfect I haven't had need to. The option for extra soak is good, as this fills the machine and your clothes are soaked for a few minutes every now and then, but again normal 60 did a great job, an extra soak wouldn't make a difference to me.

      I am a care assistant and as I work with people with MRSA, blood and other bodily fluids, I have to wash my work clothes on 60. Again, if 60 are ideal to kill MRSA, then there truly is no need to wash at 90. 60 do a lot of damage to your bills as it is! My whites stay bright white when washed at 60. If I am not washing my uniform with whites I usually just shove them in a 40. Of course, a few kitchen towels, underwear and socks and the odd white top of my daughters were beginning to fade. I washed these on a 60 and they came out bright white. I couldn't actually believe the difference; it looked as if I had bleached them. This takes around 2 hours for a wash.

      The average temperature most of us wash at, this takes around 90 minutes. My clothes are always clean afterwards, the only thing that doesn't wash off at 40 in this washer is tomato sauces such as Bolognese and lasagne, as any mother knows all baby food. I either have to use a stain remover spray or wash at 60. I go for the cheaper stain remover spray and the stains wash out easily at 40.

      Economy wash
      This again, takes 90 minutes, but is only cold water use. It does a faster spin and extra rinses to ensure your clothes get a good wash without using any heat. I use this a lot of the time on clothes which aren't really dirty or stained. Clothes come out smelling fresh and looking clean, so it obviously does the job, and being only cold water, it is totally energy efficient and friendly.

      Quick wash
      This is a 30minute 30 degree wash which I use mainly when I have piles of washing when I haven't got round to it. All washing powders advertise their products work better at 30 nowadays anyway, and again, I see the same quality was as a 40 was when using the Quick Wash, plus my washing gets done a bit quicker. I also use the quick wash on a half load too.

      60 Synthetics
      40 Synthetics
      I only use 40 synthetics on my partners work clothes as they are waterproof and if washed on a cotton spin it ruins the waterproofing. His clothes are never dirty, but like the other washes they come out smelling and looking really clean.

      Delicate Wash
      Ideal for silks, it is just like a hand wash. Very quick wash at 30 degrees.

      Woollen Wash
      Just like a Delicate Wash, you are advised to wash woollens on a woollen wash to stop them from shrinking. I only own one proper woolly jumper at the minute, at least until xmas time so I just wash it with my other clothes, but this option is handy of you own a lot of woollens as there's nothing more annoying than shrinking your favourite jumper!

      Sometimes, if a wash finishes and I've been really busy; after a day or two sat in water you know it can start to smell musty. If I've forgotten my washing due to work, I just put a bit of powder in the machine and do a rinse, which takes around 10 minutes, and my clothes are freshened up. This can be used for clothes which just need freshening up, such as a clean item just dried but smells of smoke or something, then this 10 minutes option is ideal for that.

      Final Spin
      The only reason you would use this is if you wanted to stop a wash early. If you just drain your clothes still hold a lot of water so doing a final spin does a really quick spin to rid the clothes of excess water before draining them, and then you can stop your wash early for whatever reason.

      Again, as above, you can use this to end a wash early, but I always find I need to do a final spin before draining early as just draining doesn't rid the water your clothes are holding it just rids water from the bottom of your drum!

      The washer also has a programme interrupt feature, which means you can stop a wash halfway through to add something to it, say if you've missed out a sock you dropped on the way to the washer. To do this you have to pause your wash, do a final spin, or drain, then you can open the washer to add the item. Now, I see no use in this as you have drained your water so therefore need more powder and plus it takes about 5 to 10minutes to drain and wait for the door to unlock, so I would just say either leave the sock for a new wash, or hand wash it, it is a lot quicker.

      The washer is not noisy at all although some reviews from Littlewoods said it was a little noisy. When I go in my kitchen I can hear the washer and tell that it is ion use, but only due to a small whirring sound. It is a little louder when on the final spin as it is at its spin maximum, but 1000 isn't that fast compared to a lot of washers nowadays, so again it is just a whirring sound. The only time it is noisy is when I am washing shoes or a similar heavy item, as obviously these bang around the washer so it is expected. My kitchen is through a hallway then a dining room, so even if it was loud, it wouldn't bother me one but, but for people whose washer is close to where they generally spend their day a noisy washer is not a good one, but as I said, this washer is not noisy. It isn't silent, like I said just a whirring of the drum spinning.


      The drawer is very easy to take out to be able to wash. I know from experience having been a home carer and using many, many washing machines that if you do not clean your washer draw then it gets mouldy and nasty behind it. It simply clicks out and all you need to do is rinse the drawer with warm water or wipe it down. Again, use a damp cloth to wipe inside the machine where the drawer goes as this is where your unseen mould can gather. The drawer then simply clicks back in when you shut it back into the machine.

      I have a dog and have to wash blankets quite regular which gather up her hairs. She is a short haired dog but moults a lot all year round. After washing her blankets, hairs gather on the screen on the door, I simply have to wipe with kitchen roll to get them off. If the machine gets a lot of them inside, which it does when I was her blankets on summer, then I just do a rinse on the machine and it rinses out the hairs stuck around the drum. I also take out the filter which screws off, with the help of a man, and check regular for anything getting in there. A regular for me is my daughters hair bobbles and hair grips which get caught in her tops when removing from her, or pennies! If you don't check this at least every few months then the washer will begin to knacker up.


      I did have to call the manufacturers once after a year of owning the washer, when moving into my new home, as my kitchen flooded and my washer was flashing its little red light. Looking in the manual it meant it couldn't drain, so I called for help. The guy who came was very friendly and simply had a look and explained it was actually my sink blocked up with fat. So, not being a washer problem, he just advised me how to keep it clean inside as to prevent it actually being the washer blocked up next time it happens. He advised me to check my filter once a month and wipe out all dog hairs, and do the rinse, which is what I already did. So, being the manufacturer's repairman, I was very pleased with his service and advice.

      A month later the drum wire came out, and again the repairman simply fitted it back in and he actually explained I can do it myself and shown me how. It was just a simple slide in behind the rubber edging. He explained it could be done by overfilling the washer, and to be careful of this. Again, very friendly and helpful advice.

      I have owned this washer now for 2 and a half years and the only problem I have had is the wire coming out, which simply fitted back in, and it has never happened again.


      The machine is said to have child lock. Now most machines open with a small lever behind the door 'handle', which is out of sight of children. My daughter is three and she doesn't know how to open the door. Luckily the door doesn't open when in use anyway and takes a few minutes after use to unlock, so she would never be able to flood my kitchen!

      She can, however, and does this many times upon following me to make a cup of tea, open the powder drawer when the washer is in use. I know this won't do any harm but I wouldn't like her putting her hand in or sticking anything in the drawer. Luckily she is never in the kitchen alone for this to happen, but children are so quick that you never know! It would be good for the drawer not to open when the washer is in use, but do any washer drawers lock? I don't know. Maybe it's something they can work on!

      It came with 1 year manufacturer's guarantee; to call them you need the purchase date and any information from when you bought it such as a transaction number for them to confirm the date. When I called I had owned the washer over a year and they still came out for free. It may just be who I dealt with on the phone, so don't think they will do it for you and be disappointed if they don't!


      Being a small washer at 5kg, it is ideal for singles, couples and maybe 1 child families like mine. I am currently pregnant with my second and will have a lot of extra washing so I will have to see if it can keep up with a bit of extra work, and if I have needed to buy a washer with a bigger drum, but until then it has been perfectly fine.

      It washes perfectly, any harsh stains such as tomato sauces which are a pain, or red wine and mud etc., can be washed out on a 60 wash, or a 40 with a stain remover. It is very simple to use, as I said above the symbols for the washing options are easy to understand for the simplest of people. It isn't noisy, never had any problems or breakdowns up to now, which I was expecting the washer to knacker up before now being so cheap and simple, but as you have read there has been no major problems.
      When I do a few washes on 40 it doesn't put a dint in my electricity bill either. It claims to be rated A in energy efficiency, and I believe it really is. Even when I do a wash at 60, some people I know who are on pre pay meters like me, such as people at work who wash their tunics on 60 say they notice it takes about £2 - £3 off their electric after a 60 was during the day. I noticed mine took under a pound; this is probably due to the energy rating as well as my electricity provider.

      All in all I would recommend. It is affordable if you are on a budget, it is just very simple to use and it does what it is supposed to do!

      It comes only in white. Littlewoods have stopped selling but I found it on very.co.uk for £179, so it is now cheaper!


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        06.05.2011 19:42


        • "Ease of use"


        A lovely little buy, particularly cheaper from Ebay. A simple and efficient machine.

        Where did I buy this washing machine and how much did it cost?

        I paid £139 for this machine originally for myself on the basis that if it wasn't going to be suitable, then it would definately be suitable for our severely disabled friend that we are responsible for. I visit through the week and weekends as my partner and myself are his carers. When the machine arrived we fitted it in, tested it out and I fairly soon realised it wasn't exactly what I wanted as it was too slimline to fit in the space available. It would have driven me nuts being too small. Thats the first pointer - its definately slimline and designed for a smaller kitchen.

        Not recommended therefore if you have space for a larger machine. It didn't have a big enough drum for my family of 5 (it is 5kg and I prefer 7kg but I was hoping at the bargain price, it may be suitable for us) Not to worry though as the friend I care for (as in help with his daily tasks care for) was in desperate need of a simply and efficient machine, and being as myself and partner do most of his washing for him, we gave it to him as a gift from us. I would like to point out that I feel having bought the item myself, being responsible for contacting the insurance company regarding any breakdown, and more than anything, using it every weekend and my partner using it through the week, I am fully equipped to write this review.

        Originally on buying this item I was attracted to the price from Ebay. Other bonus' were that it was I was rated an A for energy and wash and the Eco logic system saves water time and energy. The rating for spin is C.


        It's a pretty straight forward machine, which is another reason why it was suitable for our friend. Physically he isn't really able to struggle with it but has managed to put a couple of washes on himself. The good thing about this machine is its fairly simple to use, so with his added learning difficulties, this is again ideal. This would also be fantastic in my opinion for an elderly relative perhaps who doesn't like the fuss and complications that comes with modern technology. There is a selection of 15 programmes but I have taught my friend to use the quickwash only. I must say this is NOT a good enough wash for heavily soiled items though, but its fine and very good for lightly soiled items. It only takes 15 minutes. Very economical. Another good feature is that the soap drawer pulls out easily, although I must admit my friend with his disabilities has had problems pulling it out himself. It's easy for the able bodied though, as is myself, and definately at the easier end of the scale of the manual pull out drawers for those who find that task difficult. My friend would benefit from a press of a button and it popping out, so its definately something to think about if you would struggle with this kind of task.

        Like i've mentioned, the quick wash is useless for heavily soiled items. I have to wash a large quantity of soiled items for my friend in this machine and the hotter washes are the better options. I'm very pleased with it beacuse they spin almost dry and it's a quiet machine when its running. I sometimes forget its on and forget to hang his washing out before leaving. The childlock is a great option as well as I sometimes have my toddler with me on our regular visits.

        With a 5kg drum, its more than adequate for a single person, couple or couple and child. What is also good about it is if the washer is only half full, it automatically cuts the length of the wash in half, saving electricity, which lets face it, in these times, is needed!

        Some of the washes are cotton, synthetic, wool, eco and quick wash. You can interrupt the programmes and add washing if you find something that needs popping in, even after its already started.

        Would I recommend this machine?

        Most definately. Especially to those that don't like complicated machines. My severely disabled friend has had no problems with it at all in comparison to his last machine which he couldnt use full stop. That in itself is a success for him and us as we have been hoping at some point see him able to at least get one or two washes on himself per week.

        With this machine he can just about pull the soap drawer out (although admittedly it is a struggle for him) and he has successfully managed to switch the machine to a quick wash which has made me really pleased. My partner and I use this machine every day of the week for generally one load a day. There have been no problems at all with it and its so far been very good value for money.


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