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Technolec TFL1005W-U

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    1 Review
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      26.03.2012 18:54
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      A basic washing machine (that won't break the bank) from Technolec.

      I have a slight addiction to doing clothes washing... if there's enough for half a load in the washing basket then I have to put it into the washing machine. When I was an University I was in a league of my own, most students used to put off washing and wear even bikini bottoms when they ran out of clean knickers (that's true!), but I used to be at the laundry area of my halls every single week without fail! When I moved into my own house a couple of years ago I was really looking forward to doing the washing and was keen to get to grips with my new washing machine. Now before you start thinking I'm some sort of fruit loop I do have a completely normal job and social life, my addiction to washing is just one thing to keep quiet!

      The Technolec TFL1005W-U is a fairly standard washing machine in that it doesn't instantly dry or iron my clothes sadly. It's white in colour with a round door in the centre that opens outwards and a control panel running across the top of the front panel for easy operation. In terms of size it again seems quite standard, it's 85cm in height, 60cm in width and 55cm in dept. We didn't have a problem fitting it into a unit within our kitchen at all. Overall it's quite pleasant looking really, if it's possible for a washing machine to be described in such a way. It didn't really stand out in the show room but it isn't one of the higher priced or higher tech models that are available, I just wanted something that was easy to operate really!

      The washing machine came with a manual that was easy to understand and, in turn, meant that the washing machine was easy to operate as well. There are a range of wash programs available (which vary depending on the temperature required, the materials being washed and the desired intensity of the wash) which are clearly documented in the manual and selected by using the dial on the right hand side of the control panel. The digital display allows you to see which program has been selected and also the time it will take for the program to complete. Different programs cause different lights to come on, such as quick spin, etc. so you can see prior to the wash and during the wash what you have actually selected within that program.

      Once you're happy with the program you've chosen you simply turn the washing machine on using the "on / off" button which is just to the left of the dial on the control panel. The washing machine kicks in within about ten seconds and you can hear the water filling up steadily. You can also choose to delay the start of the wash using the delay start timer which allows you to choose anything from half an hour to twenty four hours. This is ideal if you want to set the wash up but you don't actually want the washing machine to kick in until the evening for example. It's really easy to operate and I've never had any problems with it not coming on, again the digital display allows you to see how long it will be until the machine comes on.

      During the wash itself the machine makes some noise as you would expect, it's arguably noisier during the spin cycle at the end of the easy wash. The manual suggests the noise can reach up to 60dBs which I presume is quite standard as it never sounds any louder than other washing machines I've heard before. The digital display allows you to see how many minutes are left until the wash is finished as well. In terms of water consumption it's recommended that the machine will require 0.95 litres of water for a typical 60 degree watch. I always presumed that washing machines used far more than this so I'd say it is quite economical in terms of water usage, especially if you're on a water metre. Obviously some programs use more.

      In terms of energy used it's classed as rating A for overall energy efficiency, however it's also classed as rating B for wash performance and then rating C for spin efficiency. Overall it's classed as consuming 49kW (I presume this is just averaged out over the different programs). This was rated on a scale of A to G where A is the best from what I can gather. Personally this doesn't mean a lot to me but I do know that the use of my washing machine doesn't noticeably affect my energy bills, one month when we were away for three weeks our bill was only £17 cheaper than the month after. The best wash to use if you are concerned about energy usage is probably the quick wash which runs for only 34 minutes so much be pretty economical.

      So what else can I tell you? Well there are 11 programs on offer in total depending on your particular washing need. These include a silk wash which is an extra low temperature wash with gentle washing for delicate items and also a wool wash for washable woollens. There's a low temperature wash for lightly soiled items which saves both time and money as well as a pre-wash option for those items that do need a more intensive cleaning. In addition there's a memory function which remembers the programs that you use most and when the machine has finished it makes a beeping noise to let you know it's ended. It has a 1000 rpm spin speed and it can hold up to 5kg of items prior to washing, the machine lets you know when it's full as well.

      I personally think the Technolec TFL1005W-U is a great washing machine in terms of affordability, performance and robustness. It was one of the cheapest on offer in the show room at the time of purchasing (it currently retails at £179.99 according to United Utilities) so this did worry me initially. However I've had it now for nearly two years and haven't encountered a single problem in that time so it's very reliable. I'm happy with the range of programs it offers, the energy it uses and the clean clothes it produces. In fact there's absolutely nothing I can fault this machine on. So if you are looking for a washing machine that won't break the bank, I'd recommend the Technolec TFL1005W-U and am giving it 5 stars!

      Thanks for reading.


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