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    2 Reviews
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      03.04.2011 17:19



      An okay washing machine

      The Whirlpool AWG 5122 is a run of the mill washing machine. It's design is generic - front loading and white with a a pull out tray at the top to put your environment destroying detergents in.

      It also comes with a wide range of settings - most of which are completely useless. The worst offender being the eco setting which I challenge any user of this washing machine to use and wear their clothes afterwards. It's about as effective as going outside in the rain. Only use if you hate the planet and wish to destroy - because it will inevitably lead to an extra cycle on a normal setting directly after.

      The number four setting on this machine is particularly effective although for the amount of power and water it uses, it better be. I use only eco balls with my washes and they always come out fine. With some washing machines, you may be able to get away with stuffing the drum. Not with this one - so be warned. Your clothes will not be clean if you put any more than two thirds of a drum in.

      When we first moved into our house (which came with the washing machine) it did take quite some time to work out how to use it. Several days in fact. First you have to twist the wheel to the setting you require - then you have to press a button with a tick and finally the power button. Really there should only be two buttons! The power and the setting! It can be rather tedious.

      The selling price is cheap - but really, spend the extra money on a more energy efficient model and save yourself some long-term money.


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      22.05.2009 18:32
      Very helpful



      do you mind a machine that takes its time, but does a reasonable job?

      Last Bank Holiday I purchased a washing machine, Whirlpool AWG5122, at my local Currys shop for a cost of £219.99, £60 less than the original price.

      General information

      Brand name: Whirlpool

      'Whirlpool is the number one household appliance brand in Europe and has been selected as a Super brand in the UK (2008/09).'(statement from the UK website of Whirlpool).

      Model: AWG5122

      Maximum dry laundry capacity: 5kg

      Recommended loading: 4.5kg

      Recommended wool loading: 2kg

      Maximum spin cycle (rpm): 1200

      Size: 8451x5959x5441mm (hxwxd)

      Exterior Colour: white

      Washing Method: Drum

      Control Panel:

      1. Detergent drawer

      It is on the left side and has three separate spaces for prewash detergent, main wash detergent and fabric conditioner. On the front cover are listed 12 washing programmes.

      2. Programme knob

      It is in the centre of the control panel. You can select the programme with which you desire to wash. You have a choice of 12 programmes plus rinse, spin and drain cycles.

      3. Spin speed selector

      It is to the right of the programme knob. You can adjust the spin speed from 0 and 1200 rpm.

      4. Start/pause and cancel button

      5. Washing operation light with Delayed Start Timer

      6. Three function buttons: rinse hold, intensive rinse and delayed start.

      These three function features are on the right hand side of the control panel.

      Energy Consumption per Wash: 0.95 kWHrs;

      Water Consumption per Wash: 12.94 Gal.

      Energy Efficiency: A

      Wash Efficiency: A

      Spin Drying Efficiency: B

      What I like?

      The machine does wash clothes very well.

      It just needs a cold water supply and heats water by itself.

      There is a pump filter hidden behind the front kickplate.

      What I dislike?

      It takes too long to complete a washing cycle. For example a standard cotton wash cycle at 40 degrees will take 135 minutes. It's really snail paced; almost double the time of my old machine. Maybe that is why it washes clothes so well.

      The washing machine seems to have problems with very small items. Twice I have had a liner sock stick to the door without being washed.
      It is very annoying and could be dangerous if the sock falls between the door and the drum.

      When I bought the machine I thought I could use the delay start timer. I could load the machine before going to bed and let it start during the cheap electricity period. However I found the noise of the spin cycle too much during the night. I live in a small flat and I don't want to receive complaints from my neighbours so I abandoned the plan.

      If you ask my opinion about this washing machine I will ask you do you mind a machine that takes its time, but does a reasonable job?


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    • Product Details

      Short name: Whirlpool AWG5122

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