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Whirlpool AWO/D 4505

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    4 Reviews
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      20.08.2011 09:40
      Very helpful
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      • "Ease of use"


      A decent washing machine.

      It's not often that I do the washing. Rather, it's not often I'm allowed to do the washing. I have a tendency to make mistakes when I'm doing the domestic chores, for example I've shrunk clothes when I put them in the drier, "over ironed" clothes (i.e. burnt them), and my favouite mistake, I used bleach on the bathroom floor instead of floor cleaner. Those were all long ago in my childhood but my mother believes I still can't work a tumble drier or iron some clothes, so only lets me do the housework when she's ill or busy doing something else, and only when my sister is at school.

      The few times I have used this machine, I have found it quite easy to work and it required very little effort or knowledge on my part, which is great as I don't really want to have an in depth knowledge of how to use a washing machine and I don't want to have to read the instruction manual.

      I have to say, I can't fault this machine's performance. It is built to wash clothes, and that is exactly what it does. I get my clothes quite dirty and some of the stains will never come out, no matter what I do, but it does pretty well at cleaning most of the time. I much prefer it to the alternative, which is taking our clothes down to the local river to wash them.

      I never have to wash any delicates or anything like that, but I have a couple of expensive shirts which my mum always washes for me and they always come out fine. I've also got some silk ties which get a good wash every so often and they also come out fine. I'm not sure which setting my mum uses but there are plenty on it and there's something there for almost any type of clothing. When my shoes get particularly dirty, they're also washed in the washing machine (separate from clothes, of course) and they come out gleaming. We even wash the dog's soft toys in the washing machine, which she has a habit of dragging through the dirt or covering them in saliva.

      ==Ease of Use==
      As a 18-year-old guy, I'm not a huge fan of doing the housework, unless there's something in it for me (usually money). I might be gay but we're not all fairies who prance around the house doing the chores. I'm actually quite lazy and will usually give up on the housework quite soon after starting it if I get bored. However, I almost always get the washing done before I surrender to boredom. The controls are really easy to work, and they explain exactly what each setting on the dial does. We use the new gels for the washing, which you just pour into the cap then sit in the washing machine and turn it on, but when we were using powders, tablets and fabric conditioner, I knew exactly where to put everything without having to ask my mother. The one thing I'd like is for it to tell me when it's done, like the tumble drier. It makes a loud buzzing noise to tell me everything's dry.

      The machine does tend to move around a little while there's a load on, but I've noticed no damage to the exterior from it coming up against the adjacent cupboards. The door, buttons, dials and the drawer for the powder and fabric conditioner are all in good condition and none of them are falling off or damaged. The one thing I have to say against it's durability is the fact that the drawer, despite having loads of soap based products in it all the time, gets quite dirty, and there are residues forming on it.

      This is definitely not a quiet model and when it's on, the noise can be heard throughout the whole house. I use the attic as a library (as I've too many books to keep them downstairs), and so I'm often up there, and I can still hear the washing machine up there, two floors above it.

      ==Value for money / How much did you pay?==
      I asked my mum and she thinks the washing machine cost £299 when we got it about three years ago. It was brand new, and I think it was one of the newer models. Just now it's available from homegoods.co.uk for £265.19 with free delivery. In my opinion, that's quite good value for a washing machine, as I had a look today and they can be a lot more expensive. I saw one for just under £2000 in Argos that didn't even seem that special.

      We've had no leaks at all with this washing machine, and there have been no electrical faults so I can only assume it's a safe appliance. As with all appliances, it'll eventually break down, but there's no signs of that happening yet.

      ==Any repairs?==
      There's been no repairs, but it has been serviced. We had a new kitchen installed a couple of years ago and had the washing machine serviced at the time, as it was the company we'd bought it from that was doing the work. I can't remember who it was we bought it from now, but it was a local company and I know they are now no longer trading.

      ==Would you recommend this to a friend?==
      Overall, it's a decent, easy to use machine that requires very little maintenance but is a little noisy. I'd recommend it to anyone who leads a busy lifestyle as you can just shove everything in, hit the start button and leave it.


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        08.12.2009 11:00
        Very helpful



        A reliable machine that can cope with heavy use.

        When my old washing machine gave up the ghost I very quickly went out and bought the first model I was shown by the salesman. This whirlpool model cost £239 form my local independant retailer and comes with 12 months guarentee and the option of paying extra for an extended warranty for 8 years for spare parts and others.

        The washing machine is white in colour and easy to clean. There are no crevices where kitchen grease accumulates and is difficult to reach.

        Unlike the Dooyoo picture this model has one central dial which has cycle options all the way down the left and the right of the dial until the 5 o'clock and 7 o' clock positions. The dial is off and at a neutral position in the 12 o' clock position.

        The cycle options on the right are: Drain; Spin; Gentle Spin; Rinse and Spin; 30 degrees; Handwash ; Cold; Wool; Quickwash.

        On the left there are nine temperature options which range from 30 degrees for delicates to 95 for cotton.

        Although the dial can physically twist all the way around I was told not to do this by my installer who said he'd seen many models break through doing this. He told me to stop at the last position on each side of the dial rather than pass through the six o' clock position.

        There are also four buttons near the dial. The Start button begins cycle. The Reset button cancels a cycle before the end. There is also a Cold Wash for washing at 20 degrees for selected cycles and a Spin Reduction button for delicate clothing.

        When the washing machine is set to a cycle position a green light alerts you of this. There are also green lights to indicate whether a cycle is in progress and whether the door is open. Confusingly, the Door Open light blinks before every cycle and can cause some problems when you first start using the machine - you have to wait till it blinks out and then the cycle starts.

        There are also indicator lights which alert you to any problems with the washing machine. These are to the left of other lights so can not be easily confused. There is a Clean Pump light and a Water Tap Closed light which show any malfunctions.

        The washer is front loading and the drum is actually quite small. In my guide to washing loads in the Instruction manual it says 5.0 kg is the top weight for cotton loads. I often find it's a tight squeeze for an armful of clothes. If you overfill the washer by accident the clothes do not spin properly and come out sopping wet. You have to remove some then spin again in this instance.

        Cycles vary in time but the Quick wash takes about 45 minutes and does the job for me most of the time. Some of the spin and drain cycles only take ten minutes. There is a feature where the door stays shut up to a minute after the cycle ends.

        I find the door easy to open and close and it has a child safety feature on it too. There is a front drawer for placing your detergents which has different compartments according to pre-wash desires. The biggest compartment is not suitable for liquid as it has holes in the bottom. I reccommend using a dosing ball inside the drum for liquid detergent.

        The drum has drainage holes at the front of the drum around the rubber seal which tend to become dirty with grime over time. I find it necessary to clean this inside part to avoid the holes getting blocked and drainage suffering. There is also a filter part on the outside of the washing machine which can be opened to clean.

        The washing machine comes with a comprehensive guide to using it and to how to wash your clothes according to the care labels.

        I have no major problems with the machine other than the overloading issue which is easy to do. I use the washing machine for about 15 loads a weeks and it has really withstood this excessive use. My clothes come out clean and with no damage caused by excessive spin or anything like that. Overall a reliable machine that can cope with heavy use.


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        10.10.2008 10:02



        This is rubish as anything i have one, first of start to tear my clothes than now water pump....I would not recomend to anyonedell245@hotmail.com


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        22.04.2008 12:38
        Very helpful


        • "Ease of use"


        About as good as any machine out there in its class.

        ~ Whirlpool ~

        Whirlpool as a company began in its own right around 1950, and quickly established itself as one of the leading manufactures of Washing machines and later other household products. In this review, I am looking at the AWOD 4505 Front loading washing machine.
        I had a Servis machine, and nothing but trouble from the moment we bought it. I have eventually relented and bought this Whirlpool as a direct replacement, costing £185-00 on offer from Co-op direct.

        ~ First thoughts ~

        Well, this is a budget end machine, yet despite having paid less than the Servis it replaced overall the quality of this machine is second to none. I did know a little about the overall machine since my parents and sister both have Whirlpool machines that are also from the budget end of the range, both now 5 and 7 years old respectively, and both machines still going strong.
        It was this longevity of their machines as well as their own comments about them that made me look at this as a direct replacement.

        It sits nicely under the countertop, although a little higher than the Servis, it doesn't cause any problems and if anything it seemed more 'solid' already just sitting on the floor before it was even levelled off properly. We could never get the Servis to sit on the floor without some slight movement, and again the difference was immediately apparent.

        One thing I didn't know when buying was the warranty you can get with it, and normally I wouldn't take out a policy on any extended warranty, but Whirlpool offered an *8* year (yes, eight year) warranty for parts for just £25-00! Okay you still would have to pay for labour, but its pretty impressive to find a budget machine with such good warranty on its parts.

        ~ Controls, dials and use ~

        Dials and controls are all very easy to use, and firm under touch. It doesn't feel at all flimsy, especially when you consider the cost of the machine. Your really do feel its far more expensive than it actually was. When comparing to the previous machine we had, you really do notice a difference in quality. Whereas the dial on the old machine never felt quite solid, this one does and turns smoothly.
        All numbers and programs are easy to read from the front fascia, and again it was only a matter of minutes working out what wash programs you have available to you.

        The machine does get quite heavily used, and so far its been nice and quiet in operation, again compared to the old Servis it replaced the noise levels are dramatically reduced.
        It has an anti-crease spin facility that the Servis didn't have, and the clothes certainly do seem to come out much less creased when using a program that triggers this particular aspect of the wash.

        There is also a warning light which will come on if the machine needs servicing, or if the filter needs cleaning out. It also has a warning light if you turn it on and the water doesn't begin to fill. This happened to me on one occasion where we had to turn the tap off under the sink where the water hose was connected, and had the light not come on, we might not have realized what the problem was immediately.
        Another area that has a warning light is if the door isn't quite shut. Again the previous machine had no warning lights of any kind, so this has been an added bonus.
        The only downside I can find is that when you use the quick wash, the clothes aren't quite as dry as other wash options, but that is all I can say that is remotely negative.

        I suspect you would be hard pressed to find a better machine not just at this price, but in some of the price ranges above it!
        So far we've now had this machine for just over 12 months and I'm as happy with it now as I was.

        ~ Final thoughts ~

        Its not the best rated machine out there, but overall it isn't too bad. Its not got too many features, but to be honest we find it has just enough for us. After all, how many of us tend to use more than one or two different washing programs? If you've got a small family perhaps with a lot of washing, this machine wouldn't really be good enough because of the 5kg load, but for one or two people households this is an ideal machine, not only in terms of cost, but ease of use, reliability and features it has.

        I only wish I had bought this first and not the Servis! 5 out of 5 stars from me, even though its not a machine with anything more than basic features.

        ~ Now for the boring bit - its specifications. Skip if you wish ~

        · Loading type: Front loading
        · Washing capacity: 5kg
        · Spin speed: 1200 rpm
        · Energy rating: A+
        · Wash energy rating: A
        · Spin energy rating: B
        · Design type: Freestanding
        · Width : 59.8cm
        · Depth: 58cm
        · Height : 85cm


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      • Product Details

        Front Load Drum Washer / Efficiency: A+AB / 11.02 lb / load / Features: Electronic Touch / Colors: White / Short name: Whirlpool AWO/D 4505

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