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    2 Reviews
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      24.04.2012 04:49
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      Simply Brilliant.

      Having owned this washing machine for eight years now, I think I am able to give it quite an indepth review.

      I bought this washing machine from a catalogue company and at the time I paid just over £400 for it.

      I had previously bought cheaper models and after much research I happened to come across some information which praised Zanussi appliances highly.
      I knew then I wanted a Zanussi washing machine, there were a few models in the catalogue but I wanted a silver washing machine and this was the only silver Zanussi washing machine available so this was the model I got.

      I remember it being delivered very quickly but the delivery company and in all honesty I really couldn't wait to get it in and unpacked.

      My previous machine had been an Indesit make and this had lasted approx 10 months before leaking all over my kitchen and ruining my flooring and then also refusing to drain and open! I plumbed this in to the cold water supply and got it into action straight away.

      The machine only uses the cold water supply.

      As my previous machine had broken I had a nice pile of washing that needed to be done, I had 2 young children and inevitably they got messy!

      The machine has a big 6kg drum so I was able to do a good load of washing straight away, I was in love already!

      ~ Looks/Appearance ~

      After taking off the packaging I was very pleased with how the machine looked asthetically, it is very easy on the eye and looks very sleek with it silver colour, the majority of the machine is metal with only the top section where the powder drawer and buttons are being silver plastic. The door is placed in the middle like most washing machines and the handle of the door is concealed in a cool curved plastic circle, there is no visable door clip.
      On the drawer is instuctions for each of the temperatures on the dial and what the button functions are. There are 5 buttons across the top in a row, and then 2 dials, one for the RPM and another for the temperatures.

      The buttons are for ~

      * Options
      * Pre-Wash
      * Half Load
      * Start/Pause
      * Delay Start

      Above these are little green lights which indicate what buttons you have in use.
      Next to this is a series of 5 green lights with the chosen time of delay, 8 hours, 4 hours or 2 hours and then a light to indicate that the machine is Washing and another that lights when the load has come to an End.

      The first smaller knob lets you choose the spin, 100, 500, 700, 900 1200 or No Spin. I generally leave it on 1200rpms.

      The next knob has a series of variations available, Delicates, Synthetics, Cottons, Special and Wool, each of these has a variation of temperatures available.

      Again I mostly use it on 40 degree Synthetics.

      ~ Function/Use ~

      Having used this on a daily basis (more or less) and numerous times a day for 8 years I have to honestly say that this washing machine is excellent. It has never failed, ever. I wash everything in it, the drum is a brilliant size and it will wash a large(ish) rug with ease. I separate my laundry by colours and I try and get a large load to put in and along with Ariel washing powder my laundry always come up like new. The only problem I have ever experienced with this washing machine is with the fluff filter, on two occasions this has gotten full and this does stop the machine working, but it is very simple to clean, by simply opening the kick plate and unscrewing the filter, you can then rinse this under the tap to give it a clean. Easy!

      ~ My Thoughts ~

      If I could sum up this washing machine with just one word I would simply say Surperb!
      After 8 years of use this machine works as good now as it ever has done. It does have some cosmetic scratches on the top due to removal men being rather rough with it but this does nothing to take anything away from the machine. I have always been surprised by just how quiet it is, even when spinning at top speed it doesn't make hardly any noise apart from a light whirring sound.

      It has never snagged any clothes (unlike my last machine) and clothes always come out fantastic.
      The brief instructions on the door make it easy to know what temperature to put the machine on depending on the laundry type, I have only ever used a few of the cycles and some have never needed to be used, but it's nice to know that they are there, just in case.

      At the moment I am having to use the machine on a 90degree wash for my little ones baby grows, I think along with using Ariel this really helps with getting any food stains out of his clothes and they still look great.

      Every now and again I like to run it on empty to give it a good clean out and this does help keep the machine smelling clean. I have never experienced any problems with nasty whiffs, but I think this is probably due to the machine being used numerous times everyday.

      The washing powder drawer comes out very easily for washing with a simple push of a button right at the back of the drawer. It has a space for you to put powder for a Pre-Wash, a space for the washing powder and a space for fabric softener.

      Overall this machine has given me eight years of brilliant washing and I am hoping it gives me a lot more.

      Having looked online I can see that this is now available from around £237, it is worth this and a lot more!

      Thanks for reading :o) x


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        04.05.2006 10:42
        1 Comment



        If you want a cheap machine, this is ok. Simple to use. Long cycles due to cold fill only

        I received this machine from Zanussi as a replacement for the previous model ZWF1020, no longer in production. I had numerous problems with the previous model just 3 months out of its manufacturers warranty (ripping up clothes, failing to spin, electronic front panel failure) and after some wrangling with Zanussi customer service they agreed to replace it with this model, for a contribution from me of £72.00. They have since refunded this money, plus all my repair costs, so I effectively have a brand new machine for no extra outlay. It appears to be identical to it's predecessor, so only time will tell if this one has a lifespan of only 15 - 18 months. So far, the buttons on the front panel have become very stiff to use, and the spin cycle is incredibly noisy, but it does wash clothes witout shredding them into tiny pieces, so that's a bonus.

        On a good note, I have to say that customer service were excellent, and although I was without a washer for 3 weeks, they did eventually sort it out very amicably, and to my satisfaction.


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      • Product Details

        Washer, Efficiency: AAC, 13.22 lb / load, Features: Delayed Start Timer / Short name: Zanussi ZWF1021

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