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    2 Reviews
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      07.08.2011 10:25
      Very helpful


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      I am new to the Zanussi brand, I usually stick with brands I have heard of but I heard many good things about this particular washing machine and so was keen to try it. I am glad I did as it is a super machine which works really well and is well worth the money that I paid for it. I highly recommend it to you.

      I was quite alarmed by the price of £400 but from my experience with large electrical items like this if you pay that bit extra then you generally get a machine which is much better in quality and I am pleased to say in the case of this machine it certainly is true.

      The washing machine is white so it goes well in any kitchen/laundry room and is front loading so it is easy to get your clothes in and out of unlike the top loading ones.

      When I first got this home I was rather afraid of it as the programme setting is done through a computerised screen and I doubted my ability to be able to work out how to make this machine work but the instruction booklet was very straight forward and programming the machine itself is actually so simple that even someone as hopeless as I could work it out (I don't even know how to get a DVD player to work!)

      There are many different cycles on this machine. When I had my other washing machines I just tended to stick to the same old setting, "Numer 5" and actually there has been psychological research carried out which shows that people tend to just stick to the same washing machine cycle as they're afraid to try anything different. With this machine I do actually use other settings as I understand what they do and how they will benefit me.

      The cycles are great- there is a special one which is called "Super Rinse" which I use when washing the grandchildren's clothes. This ensures that the washing is rinsed thoroughly to help remove all of the washing powder which can really help people who have allergies and sensitive skin. It is such a good idea. Perhaps my other machines have had something similar but I've never been aware of it?!

      Another cycle it has is a special nigh time cycle where it will wash but not spin so that it creates less noise. That being said though this machine isn't that noisy. Some washing machines can create lots of noise but I've found this one to be quieter than the other machines I have had before and never really notice this one.

      It can spin up to 1,600 which is great, the more spins it does the dryer the washing is so the less time you have to spend drying it. It's fantastic!

      The cycles vary in length but the machine computer display will show you how long it will take and you can alter this if you think it's going to take too long you can subtract various things like the amount of spins so it will be shorter. I really like the fact you can plan ahead with this, knowing how long it will take is such a useful factor which I never realised I lacked on my other machine until I had it on this. Now I really rely on it! There is also a time delay too where you can leave it up to 9 hours before going on, I sometimes choose this when I load the machine before bed and make it so it comes on first thing in the morning.

      It holds a lot. It is 8kg capacity and takes huge loads. It will take your duvet too and even has a duvet cycle wash so you can clean your duvet without having to take it down to the laundrette!

      The shortest cycle is 30 minutes but most cycles take around 45 which is super fast, my old washing machine was double that! It has a cycle which is AAA energy rated too so even though you are not taking as long washing the clothes it doesn't impact upon the amount of energy you are using- this surprised me!

      Another 'green' fact is that Zanussi have a special feature- it can calculcate how much water is needed per wash. This means that it will only use the essential amount so it won't use excess water. This is great for your water bill and also shows how clever the machine is.

      Oh it also has a child safety feature where the door won't open unless the cycle is finished- this will stop water spilling out onto the floor!

      I am very happy with this machine. My clothes come out very clean as you would expect and hope from a washing machine and the fact that the cycles are so straight forward and easy to programme means that I do actually use them and it does make washing a variety of items much easier.
      For £400 it is worth the money. I highly recommend this machine.


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        14.11.2005 01:29



        Quiet & efficient. Exactly what you expect from your washing machine without the high prices.

        I bought the silver version zwf1430s from comet and thought it was great. My old machine was only a 900 spin & this is a 1400 spin so my clothes are much drier. With young children, my last machine was disappointing as most stains were not shifted but the zanussi does the trick! The digitalised programs were a bit scary at first because I was used to the the old dial system but now I've got used to it, I havent looked backed since buying this product.I would definitely recommend this product.


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      • Product Details

        Front Load Drum Washer, Efficiency: AAB, 12.13 lb / load, Features: Electronic Touch, Digital Display, Delayed Start Timer, Fuzzy L. / / Short name: Zanussi ZWF1430W

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