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    2 Reviews
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      27.05.2008 21:59
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      A great reliable, easy to use machine for everyone with great features

      My Mum has this washing machine and I used it loads while I was staying with her. I was adament that I wanted the same one as it is so easy to use and can hold 7kg which is a lot higher than the usual 5 or 6kg.

      It heats its own water which is great,so if you run out of hot water you can't blame it on the washing machine!

      It has really simple easy to use button selection for selecting the type of wash , temperature etc, so no turning of dials or wondering if the letters match the programme etc, i little red light comes on for your selections, which you can cancel if you make the wrong choice.

      It looks really modern too, with the button selection and the lights instead of the old fashion dials which in the past I have had problems with them going wrong on washing machines.

      The first row is type of wash (cotton daily, cotton, synthetics, delicates and handwash). Select the one you want, and this will then determine the appropriate temperature, but you can change this if you wish.

      Temperatures are 95, 60, 50, 40, 30

      The next selection after temperature is the spin 1400, 900,700,500 and rinsehold. Again, this will automatically be selected for you based on type of wash you choose. It will pick the appropriate spin.

      You can also select it do do a prewash, intensive or extra quick wash ( although some are not available on certain wash cycles - it will just beep at you if not allowed) The extra quick mode is great as the washing still comes out just as clean, but saves time and water.

      It also has a super rinse and 40AA buttons. Not sure what these are though as never used them.

      Basically if you are unsure on how to use a washing machine, you cant go very wrong with this one. Select a programme and check that the temperature is what is says on your washing labels. If not,then re select and you should be fine.

      There are lights on the right hand side that light up with the progress of the wash, so you know when it's on the prewash, wash, rinse, spin or drain,and it has got a digital display timer on it that counts down so you know how much longer your washing has got to go - very handy!

      I love the fact that this has got a handwash facility as loads of my clothes are handwash only, and have used this lots. The clothes come out great, just as if you had handwashed them. No shrinkages or damages!

      There is also a delay time, so you can delay it for hours, so it washes in the night (or whenever)which is really handy.

      It is A rated for energy and efficiency, so it's doing it's bit for the environment too.

      The only disadvantage, well it's really just a bit of annoyance, is the fact that when it has finished it beeps three times, then three more times,then three more times. Not sure how many times, but by the time it has finished it has really got on my nerves. One set of beeps would be enough!

      All in all, this washing machine has lived up to my expectations and I am glad that I bought this model.


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        24.08.2007 09:50
        Very helpful



        Beeeeeeep, beeeeeeeep, beeeeeeeeeep. GRR!

        We bought this a few months ago when our old Zanussi packed up.

        Being a second (it had a dent on one side) it was discounted, and I can't remember how much it cost. We bought it from the man who came to repair the old one but couldn't (or so he said!).

        Personally, I think at 7kg maximum load, this was too big even for a family of four. All too often we have put a load in, only to find it only fills half the maximum, making us feel guilty about wasting electricity and water for half a load.

        This washing machine heats its own water, whereas our previous model drew on our hot water supply, leaving little for anything else while it was on. The new model is welcome in that it doesn't do that.

        The washing machine door is hinged on the left and has a large release button on the back of the large handle.

        At the side, near the top, it has a powder/softener drawer on the left, numerous buttons along the middle and a small LED screen on the right along with a set of small lights. For each setting, one button is used. Each time the button is pressed, the LEDs next to the settings light up in turn until you select the correct setting and stop pressing the button.

        Before setting the machine up to go, you need to press the on/off button. An irritating high-pitched beeping sound can be heard which will sonn stop. It will stop even sooner if you start to press the buttons, although every time you press a button, it beeps.

        The first settings button is labelled with different fabrics (cotton daily, cottons, synthetics, delicate, wool/handwash) which limits which settings you can use on the next button; this determines the temperature.

        Basically, the first settings act merely as a guide for the second settings. So if you have synthetics, you can still set the first settings to 'cottons', but that will enable the use of all the temperature buttons, some of which will be too hot for the synthetics. The available temperature settings are 95, 60, 50, 40 and 30 degrees centigrade (celsius).

        Once you have chosen the fabric and the correct temperature, you can choose, with the button, the spin speed (1400, 900, 700, 500 or rinse hold). We always keep it on 1400 and I don't know what rinse hold is.

        The next settings are prewash, intensive and extra quick, although you can deselect all of these. I am not familiar with the former two settings, but 'extra quick', as its name quite clearly states, shortens the length of the entire wash cycle to save on water and electricity. We usually always select this setting to keep the cycle time down to just over an hour. I would imagine intensive is the opposite of this, but we just deselect 'extra quick' instead.

        The next button has only two settings: super rinse and 40° AA. 'Super rinse' is self-explanatory, and I have no idea what 40°AA is (I don't think any of us know!).

        Which brings us to the start/pause button. When the washing has been put in with the door closed, and the correct amount of powder and fabric softener has been put into the drawer and you are satisfied with the settings, you can press the startpause button to start the cycle.

        You should have noticed by now that whenever a setting is changed, the LED screen on the far right displays the estimated cycle time, given the chosen settings. This is a very approximate time, but isn't too far off.

        Next to this screen are five other LEDs with a word next to each one: prewash, wash, rinses, spin, drain. As each setting is chosen, these change to show the stages the washing machine will go through during its cycle. So if you select 'prewash', the 'prewash' light will be illuminated on the right. I'm not sure which setting causes the 'drain' light to come on. Usually only the middle three lights will be lit up. Once the start/pause button is pressed, all but the first of these lights ('prewash' if you've selected 'prewash', otherwise 'wash') will go out. As the cycle progresses to different stages, the next light will come on, then the next etc., thereby showing you whereabouts in the cycle it is.

        You can choose to skip one of these stages by pressing the 'skip' button.

        The entire cycle can be paused which is useful if you've forgotten something (although if the machine is full of water, I don't hink you can open it).

        This washing machine seems to take a very long time per cycle compared with our old model, but that's probably because it's bigger, thus it needs more water, which therefore takes longer to heat up.

        The most annoying thing about this washing machine is the incessant beeping. When it has finished altogether, it beeps intermittantly to let you know that it has finished. This cannot be turned off and drives me absolutely mad! This thing on its own means that if I had the choice between this and a not-as-good, but non-beeping model, I would choose the non-beeping model without hesitation! It annoys me that much!


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      • Product Details

        Front Load Washer, Efficiency: A+A, 15.43 lb / load, Features: Delayed Start Timer, Colors: White / The Zanussi ZWF1437 Front Load Washer has a capacity of 15.43 cu / ft / Short name: Zanussi ZWF1437

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