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Accurist LB1391

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Brand: Accurist / Watch for: Women

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    1 Review
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      09.10.2010 17:23
      Very helpful



      A beautiful watch from Accurist which won't break the bank.

      I do like to wear a watch, so when I sadly lost my Footprints in the Sand watch I decided I needed to buy another as quickly as possible. It's surprising how much I relied on my wrist watch and I felt absolutely lost without it. I was actually rather shocked at the price of decent ladies watches these days, but when I saw this beautiful Accurist watch in Ernest Jones for £87 I adored the design and bought it there and then.

      The photograph above does not do justice to the stunning appearance of the watch, it is designed with two rows of crystals along the bracelet style strap which glint and glimmer in the most subtle of light. The face is mother of pearl which also adds a delightful shimmer to the overall appearance of the watch.

      The strap is the self adjusting type, which basically means that it has a level of stretch to it so that if your wrists are chunkier than the norm you will still be able to wear it. Unfortunately, if you have slimmer wrists then you may need to take it into a jewellers to have links removed as it's not possible to do this yourself due to the design of the strap. I find it very comfortable to wear, the stretchiness of the strap does not affect the wear of the watch in any way - I mention this as a previous 'stretchy' watch I owned was appallingly uncomfortable due to the fact that each time I moved my hand or arm the strap would open up slightly, leaving me with trapped skin! This does not happen with this Accurist watch, thankfully.

      Around the face are set more crystals of the same quality as those used on the strap; these are somewhat smaller and I think the contrast between sizes of the crystals is used to excellent effect, adding a completely different dimension to the appearance of the watch.

      This is a battery powered watch, which is wonderful for me as my previous few watches have had a wind-up feature - and, of course, I would often forget to wind it and then be asking around for the time when it wound down and stopped. Since owning the watch I have not had to replace the battery, but this is to be expected really as I have only had it for around four months.

      Setting the time initially was a simple experience, the dial itself is very responsive and once set I have found the watch to keep perfect time. Never has it lost or gained so much as a single minute, this in itself is somewhat of a novelty for me as my last (beautiful) watch would regularly lose four minutes and while this doesn't sound much I did find it extremely irritating at times.

      The watch face shows only one number in numeric form (the '12') with the other numbers being represented by small black stones. This is fine for me, however, if you are planning to purchase the watch for someone with poor eyesight then perhaps this would not be ideal due to this. Aside from this, the watch face is very easy to read as the hands are a dark colour which contrast beautifully with the mother of pearl finish.

      One other thing worth mentioning is the fact that the crystals do not run the entire length of the strap; they travel from the watch face to roughly halfway around on each side, with the remainder of the strap being made up of simple silvered links. This does not detract from how pretty the watch looks, but it may be something you want to consider as this was certainly not apparent from the way the watch was displayed in the store.

      Despite the fact that this watch features a stretchy strap, there is also a clasp. This forms my one and only criticism regarding the watch as it's very stiff to open, even after almost daily use for the past four months. I have arthritis in my hands and do struggle with the opening of the clasp due to this stiffness - even on occasion having to pop round to my neighbour to ask her lovely husband to open the watch for me. Again, this is something to consider if you are planning to buy this for an elderly or infirm relative.

      Overall, I am more than happy with my purchase of this watch. It's attractively designed with an extremely feminine appearance, yet the addition of the crystals do not leave it looking ostentatious or too flashy for everyday wear. I was slightly nervous when I bought it as I thought that over time I mind find it a little too 'dressy' to be worn everyday, but this is definitely not the case.


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