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Accurist LB1712B Silver Plated and Crystal Jet Charmed

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Brand: Accurist / Type: Watch

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    2 Reviews
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      16.02.2014 13:52
      Very helpful



      A lovely charm watch which looks beautiful with any outfit

      I was given some money off my lovely parents for Christmas and I always like to buy something that I can keep forever. I love all things sparkly and so this year I chose the Charms Beaded Watch by Accurist.

      About the product
      The watch is a beautiful cross between a watch and a charm bracelet. It is silver plated and it is decorated with silver, black and crystals. The watch is water resistant to splashes. The product is pricey costing around £150. It is available from a range of online websites.

      The face of the watch is black. It doesn't have any numbers on it but it has small shiny balls in the places where the numbers should be. The place of the 12 and the 6 is marked with a beautiful crystal. On the face of the watch, the Accurist name is written. Around the face, there is a black enamel ring which is decorated with stones. There are 8 almost heart shaped silver pieces which have three crystals encased within them.

      On either side of the face there are three beautiful charms. The first charm is the most pretty in my opinion. It is circular and completely encrusted with lines of silver and black crystals. The second charm is more rounded and is made of a shiny black enamel. Again there are some silver pieces on the black surface which have some crystals encased within them.

      The three charm, and the one that keeps them all in place is a lovely silver piece. It is shaped like a band ring and it is completely encrusted with more crystals. The band itself looks like that of a bracelet. It has a thin silver chain with lines going through it to give it movement. The watch does up using a clasp which is a little difficult to do on your own in the same way that a bracelet is. It makes the watch look really elegant and pretty.

      My experience
      I do need to a bit help to get the watch on which is the problem with clasps. Once on however, it looks really beautiful and even with the charms, it still looks dainty on my wrist. The charms stay in place nicely and the crystals sparkle a lot making this a beautiful watch for evenings out.

      The watch isn't heavy and the chain is neither too big nor too small for my wrist. It is easy to tell the time, even though there aren't any numbers and so far the time has been completely accurate. Even though there are a lot of crystals on this watch, they are fitted smoothly and there don't scratch your wrist at all. It really is an eye catching piece and I have many compliments about it.

      All in all, this is a really pretty and eye catching items. It is the perfect mix of a charm bracelet and a watch. The watch sparkles beautifully and it remains dainty despite the charms. It is a pain to put on but once in place it feels safe and secure. I love this watch. I think it is a really special item which will look lovely with most special outfits. Watch


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        29.08.2012 17:38
        Very helpful



        Modern, stylish, stunning!

        I was given this by my dad for my birthday last December and I am completely and utterly in love with it! My dad brought me and my two sisters up by himself and we are extremely close and having 3 daughters he knows what us girls like and don't like. My dad will pick out handbags and jewellery and get what we like just right. I'll have people comment on a handbag dad has bought me and they'll laugh when I tell them my dad picked it out for me!

        I used to be obsessed with anything pink but since I've gotten older I've tried to become a little more sophisticated. At the moment I'm really into black and silver and diamantes and this watch is me down to a T!

        On my Birthday my dad and sisters went out for a lovely meal in a local restaurant where my sister works called Mannings. I flippin love this restaurant but it's quite expensive and we only ever really go there for special occasions so as I'd had a lovely bunch of flowers and dad was paying for us all to have a meal out I assumed this was my birthday present. We were all having a lovely time eating and drinking when it was finally time for dessert. My dad with the help of my sister who works there had arranged to have my present brought out on a silver tray covered with a cloche! When the cloche was removed I was faced with a a square box all in white with a beautiful black and white swirly flower design on the right hand side of the box. At the top left written in black was the name Accurist so I knew immediately I was getting a watch! I hastily opened it to find the most stunning and sophisticated watch I have ever seen wrapped around a square black cushion. I have to say the presentation of this watch adds to the pleasure of receiving it. You can immediately tell this is an expensive watch just from it's packaging.

        This watch has a silver plated snake style strap with a lobster claw clasp which I do find a little difficult to put on and take off by myself one handed but I much prefer this type of clasp because it means the watch it held very securely on my wrist and there's no chance of it falling off. I've had bracelets and watches with that circular fastening that you just place a bar through and had have had them drop off my wrist many a time. I actually lost a lovely silver bracelet I had because of this. There is a small extender chain on this watch so it can be adjusted to suit most wrists. Being a bracelet style it's not designed to sit perfectly in place on the wrist and mine does move about a lot like a bracelet would.

        The dial is a lovely deep black mother of pearl and surrounded by securely set clear crystals. These are set very neatly in a circular band all the way round the dial. They're not just stuck on like some cheap versions and I've not lost one crystal since owning this. The hands on the dial are a lovely silver colour in keeping with the design and stand out lovely against the black mother of pearl face. There are two hands on this model for hour and minutes only so there is no seconds hand but I've never been bothered by this on a watch as it's not something I need. No numbers on this watch which some people don't like but I'm so used to watched like this it's not a problem for me. Instead for 12 and 6 we have a lovely sized clear crystal which again stands out against the black dial really well and has a lovely sparkle to it. The rest of the numbers are marked with smaller sized silver dots. The back of the watch face has a stainless steel case. I'm allergic to anything that isn't silver or gold and get a terrible rash but stainless steel doesn't bother me and I've had zero irritation or itching whilst wearing this watch. The actual watch face is 20mm in width and 9mm in depth so quite small but I find that's in keeping with the bracelet/jewellery style of the watch. It's battery powered with those small flat round silver batteries and has a Quartz movement. I haven't had to have the battery replaced yet and I've had it since December 2011. When fist setting the time it's very easy to adjust just like most watches you simply pull out the little thing (for the life of me I can't think what you call it lol) on the side of the face, turn it to set your time and push it back in to start the watch going again.

        Now onto the best bit, the charms!!!!!!!!!! It comes with 8 black and silver Pandora style charms that can be removed if you wish. You can take them off and change the position they're in or add more charms to the watch if you so desire. What's great is that it fits most Pandora style charms that have that circular hole in the center of them. There are soooo many cheaper but equally stunning charms available in all different colours and I've got loads that I can mix and match with this watch. Because it's black and silver any other colours match with it perfectly and I've often changed the charms or added a few coloured charms to the black ones to match my outfit and create a different look. What I also like is that because all the charms can also be taken off I can turn this watch from a more dressy evening watch into an everyday work watch so it's suitable for all occasions.

        As this was a birthday present I have no idea how much my dad paid for it or where he got it but for the purposes of this review I have researched it online and found it online and found it available in the following places:

        www.watchshop.com - £108
        www.firstclasswatched.co.uk - £96
        www.amazon.co.uk - £87.93

        It comes fully boxed in a beautiful presentation box, comes with instruction booklet and a 3 year guarantee.

        This watch is pure, style and elegance, suitable for young and old. I'm simply in love with it.


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