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Argos Boys' Adventure Kit

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Brand: Argos / Type: Adventure Kit

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    1 Review
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      20.02.2013 14:35
      Very helpful



      a wonderful present option

      The Argos boy's adventure set is actually a watch set and was bought for my son because of the watch the adventure pack was an added bonus and would be for any young child. My son's daddy is in the army so you can imagine anything green and army like is a big hit for him. But this set doesn't just have to be for army fans but for any boys who enjoy adventures and being in the outside. With the watch, backpack and many accessories and a great price tag it would make an ideal present for a young boy and would be sure to light up their face when opening it. All children like to wear a watch as they see adults do but once it's on their wrist and they have checked the time for the one hundredth time boredom sets in! This set resolves this problem with lots more added fun.

      *****The contents*****

      As I have mentioned this is actually a watch set, the watch being the main product and the rest just been accessories. It is found in the watch section of the Argos catalogue so when buying this product you should bear in mind what you are actually buying and any accessories you get with a product are just extras and you shouldn't expect very high quality. That said you do expect a certain level and I feel Argos deliver this.

      The watch is a camo style watch with what my boyfriend would call combat 95 coloured strap! In other words the dark green camo army personal used to wear! It has an analogue clock face which claims to be easy to read. All the numbers are present on the clock face and there is a black rim around the outside with 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 marked out in the correct places. The clock face is cream with silver hands and a very small thin second hand too. It has a quick release nylon strap with a velcro fastening. The watch is an easy to use simple watch for young boys or girls too if they like that sort of thing.

      The watch comes in plain dark green backpack. The backpack has one over the shoulder and round strap with a simple black clasp to fasten it. It has one large zip opening, a side zip opening which is smaller and a very small zip opening on the front. The back pack is quite small and doesn't really hold a great deal. It measures roughly 30cms by 24cms and 10cms in depth. It is a great size for my five year old son. Within in the backpack are a number of accessories to help your child on their adventures. There are a set of binoculars which can be adjusted to focus slightly, a whistle with a compass face on one side of it and a temperature face on the other, a compass fob clip, glow in the dark dog tag necklace and some small adventure cards. There are a number of cards with different information on them that you might need to know if you are out on an adventure like the Morse code, step by step guide on how to try a reef knot, navigation by the stars etc.

      *****Our thoughts on the product*****

      I was instantly pleased with this product it was fun and useful and lit my son's face up on opening it. I was pleased to see the watch was analogue I know we use digital more in this world these days but I still think it is important learn to tell the time first. My son hadn't started to tell the time before this watch was bought for him but since he has received it he has been learning and we are really getting there. My son is five years old and is quite small for his age we have the watch on the tightest it will go but it is still a bit big on his wrist and does swivel round quite a bit. This doesn't bother my son he just loves it but does mean I am a bit more reluctant to him wearing it all the time. It will certainly grow with him and last a very long time the watch easily fits round my wrist too. As I have been able to try the watch on myself I can say it is very comfortable to wear and even though the strap does look a little bit rough it isn't in the slightest when worn. This is where the accessories lose points with me as the backpack is quite small and if bought for an older child I don't feel it would be much use. The strap on the back is adjustable so would fit a bigger child but the size of the actually backpack would be little use and on a very tall child would even look a little silly. That said it is perfect for my son.

      My son loves everything about this product, he was initially very excited about his watch and still loves to put it on when he isn't at school but he has great fun with the accessories. Everything that is provided in this boy's adventure set is great for your child's imagination. My son is a very creative child anyway and has a fantastic imagination so you can imagine what fun he has with his binoculars and compass. As his dad is in the army he knows about dog tags and proudly wears his around the house pretending he is in the army. He is a little bit young to be able to read the information cards alone but it is something we do together and yes he has been tying all the scarf's he can find around the house in knots! He hasn't quite mastered the reef knot yet!


      I personally feel the watch is well made and will hopefully last my son a long time. The accessories are of reasonable quality too the backpack does feel a bit plastic and the zips are a bit stiff but overall it is a great set. It is currently available from Argos in the watch section for £14.99 and at that price I say it is a bargain. For my son it hits full marks great price, great product just bear in mind the accessories are more suited to children under ten I would think.


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