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Asos Leopard Print Boyfriend Watch

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2 Reviews

Brand: ASOS

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    2 Reviews
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      31.10.2012 13:21
      Very helpful



      nice leopard print watch from asos!

      I used to wear watches all the time about 5 years ago and if I left the house without one I would feel naked! Then one day I lost one of them and the battery had died in the other and being the lazy person that I am I never got back round to fixing it or buying another one. For some strange reason I decided that I would start wearing one again (in the hope it would make me a more punctual person lol) and browsing on asos as I do in between reviewing I came across the leopard print boyfriend style watch and since it was only £18 it seemed a good deal and represented good quality so into the saved items list it went. I watched it for almost a month or so in the hope it would go into sale or down in price, but it never did so alas I surrendered and it migrated into the shopping basket, I paid for it and eagerly awaited it's arrival.

      It came packaged in a small black box and inside the box it was neatly secured around a cushty little silk black pillow looking very elegant indeed! I like this storage as it looks more expensive than it actually is and when I take it off at night I can pop it back into the box so I know I won't misplace it!

      The watch itself is not as chunky as I would have imagined, considering it is a "boyfriend style" watch but this is good as I have pretty skinny little wrists and I wouldn't want this to look to large and hideous on my small framed arm lol. It has a faux leather strap which looking at and feeling it you can 100% tell it is not real leather but I don't mind this too much as I knew what I was paying for. The face of the watch has a gold detail around the rim with gold hands and 3 internal little watch faces which if I am honest I have no idea of their use or how to change the time on them! The actual watch part that I do use, only has the number 12 at the top and has small square dots going around which would be where the 1,2,3 etc numbers would be to tell the time. For me telling time on a watch is easy so doesn't really pose too much difficulty but for those who have trouble this may be a pain!

      It has a belt buckle type clast with 7 holes which makes it easily adjustable for people with a slightly chunkier wrist or smaller. This is made from stainless steel which I think means it won't rust as easy which is good not that I plan on washing the dishes with my watch on or anything! Wearing the watch it is comfortable but I do feel that it feels odd and the side rubs against my skin slightly but this could be a factor due to me not having worn a watch for a good few years so I anticipate as time goes on I will get used to it!

      Overall, I feel this is a good standard watch which looks attractive, slightly glam and isn't too expensive so may make a nice christmas/birthday present to a girl who likes leopard print!


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      21.10.2012 03:37
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A great watch from ASOS at a great price.

      ~*~*~ ASOS Leopard Print Boyfriend Watch ~*~*~

      ~ What is it? ~

      The Leopard Print Boyfriend Watch is simply a chunky bezzled type watch. It has a more masculine feel to it than your usual girly watches.

      ~ The Look ~

      When I happened upon this on www.asos.com I was instantly struck by how cool it looked, at the moment I am loving leopard print, in fact I ordered a nice loose jumper from New Look earlier in a leopard print. So it really grabbed my attention when I first saw it.
      The watch has a leather look leopard print strap, the face of the watch is leopard print and everything else is polished gold metal. The watch has a simple look to it, it has the number 12 at the top of the clock (of course) an that is the only number available, the rest are marks by a simple gold block, on the bottom half of the face are three dials all finished in the polished gold too.

      The strap is nice and thick which I was pleasantly surprised about, the watch online looked quite red in colour but I can tell you that when it came it was browns and tans not red which pleased me. It is quite a true leopard print.

      The back of the watch is stainless steel and is marked with the ASOS logo.

      ~ Was it what I expected? ~

      No, it was better than I expected as even though I did initially like it I did wonder about the redness of the colours however when it came it was so much more nicer. The three dials on the face of the watch do not do anything and are simple a decoration but they do look the part!
      The strap is quite thick and feels strong. I have had watches in the past where the strap has ended up being really feeble and snapping yet this feels of good decent quality and I am very pleased with it.

      ~ Overall opinion ~

      Even though I knew this watch was based on men's watches I didn't expect it to be as big as it was, the bezzle of the watch is really thick and chunky and I really do like it.

      I have a few watches and do not wear a watch on a daily basis, I treat them more like jewellery and wear them when I fancy it, so this is not something I do wear all the time but when I do wear it I feel it looks and feels a lot more expensive than the £18.00 I paid for it. The gold of the watch really dazzles and shines and makes it look quite special and even though I thought I would feel like i could be wearing my hubbies watch it doesn't feel too butch at all.

      I think I would have preferred for the hands of the watch to be all gold but they have a white area on them, this is just me picking a fault with something.

      I am glad I went browsing, I only came across it as I had money in my paypal account that *needed* to be spent and I knew that ASOS accepted paypal, I looked through the sale and bought a vest and nail varnish and then went clicking through all the different sub catergories and found this in Accessories under Watches. This is priced at the lower end of the watches available as they go from £12 to £479. It just caught my eye and I wanted it.

      This watch can be dressed up or down and is perfect for any occasion I think, maybe not your wedding day but still it adds a bit of funkiness to a LBD (Little black dress if you didn't know) and also adds a bit of bling to more boring outfits. I particularly like wearing it with my red skinny's, oversized white t-shirt and white pumps, it's adds a nice touch of glamour!

      I like how it really stands out on my wrist, I think I have quite small wrists and I do think this makes the watch look bigger on me than it actually is but I do really like it.

      I have only owned it for two weeks but I have had no problems with it at all and I really love this and am glad I added it to my little watch collection.

      Thanks for reading :o) x


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