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Calvin Klein Ladies Trend Watch

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Brand: Calvin Klein

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    1 Review
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      06.01.2013 14:31
      Very helpful



      The watch I used to wear and love!

      This review is a bit of a blast from the past as I don't wear this watch anymore and haven't for years. However, as I came across it in my old jewellery box, and since it's still available to buy all these years later, I thought it deserved a review! As I have said in my review of my current watch (a cheaper DKNY watch), I am slightly obsessed with the time and have only had 2 days since the age of 9 when I haven't worn one. I eat, sleep, shower and breathe in my watch.

      I saw this Calvin Klein watch advertised in a magazine probably about a year (or even two) before I actually got it, for my 18th birthday in 1999, and it was one of those things which I absolutely KNEW I just had to have as I was in love with it at first sight, but couldn't afford as it cost £150. Also, as a wearer of CK One perfume, I thought it would be great to have a matching watch. In the end it was a present from my very generous sister and brother-in-law, even more generous because they also got me a Furby. I was VERY lucky on my 18th birthday!

      I wore this watch constantly for 6 years. At this point it had broken (slightly - could have been fixed I'm sure) and needed a new battery, and rather than repair and get another new battery, the time had come for a new watch. However, this has been my favourite watch to date...it was followed by a D&G watch which was more expensive and didn't last at all, so I don't like to think about that one.

      ---The Look---
      This watch is officially called a Calvin Klein Ladies Trend Watch (model K421160). As you can see from dooyoo's picture, it is made up of links which form squares - the diameter is 82.5mm. It is made of stainless steel and has a jewellery clasp which is very secure when fastened, so you won't lose it. The size of the watch can be easily adjusted to fit different wrist sizes (with links being taken out), however I would strongly advise getting this done at a jewellers, as I believe that mine might have broken due to me trying to adjust it myself.

      This is a lovely looking watch, it is feminine but not overly so, and suitable for wearing at day and night. However, I think it is more an everyday watch, and you might want something a bit more shiny for special occasions. It is a simple watch with no frills or second hands. It has a mirror dial, with 4 dashes around the face, and the CK logo under the one at 12'o'clock. In my opinion it is a very tasteful watch.

      There are a couple of other variations to this watch. In fact the one pictured by dooyoo has a black face while mine has white. There is also one with a diamond studded bezel. There is another one with a white face with four diamonds where mine has the metallic dashes. Obviously these vary in price, and diamonds do make it more special, but the overall look is basically the same and I think I prefer the plain look.

      ---Wearing it and things to know---
      The watch is water resistant to 30 metres. I always thought that this meant that it was ok to wear when swimming and the like. In retrospect I don't think that I really should have. I was happy to swim on holiday (so, not that often admittedly) whilst wearing this watch, although did notice that the inside of the watch face would steam up slightly, and this would take a couple of weeks to return to normal. Should I have a similar watch again I would not wear it when submerged in water, but still be happy in the shower and doing the washing up.

      Due to it being what I thought was properly water resistant, when the battery needed replacing (twice during the 6 years I wore it), I had it sent off for the battery to be replaced and it to be properly sealed again. I believe this cost about £10 a time. Knowing what I know now, I could've just bought a replacement battery myself and had a friend fit it, which would've cost about £1.

      The watch is very light and comfortable to wear, and easy to forget you're wearing it. For review purposes I've just weighed it, and found it is just 51g, compared to the 80g of my current watch.

      With all the separate links to the watch, I did find that wearing this watch constantly, occasionally I did need to give it a bit of a clean, especially on the back where there could be a build-up of dead skin - eugh!

      As mentioned at the start, one of the reasons that I stopped wearing this watch was because it had broken. I think that sounds worse than it is. One of the links is slightly loose (possibly I had removed one) and breaks off quite easily. I am sure that this could be fixed properly if I had wanted it to be. Otherwise the strap remains in good condition, although it has scratches on it, as it has a matt finish, these do not show up unless you look closely. However, the watch face has seen better days as it's quite scratched, but worse than that the white inside seems to be pretty dull, possibly as a result of getting it too wet at times.

      Writing this review has got me all nostalgic. As something I wore constantly for years, I went through a lot whilst wearing this CK watch. ...university, first job, marriage, move to Cumbria...ah, the memories (not all good mind)!

      I have found it on the Internet in various places, ranging from £140 up to £260, so certainly shop around. Calvin Klein do make lots of lovely looking watches, so even if this one doesn't take your fancy, there might be something else that does. Calvin Klein watches come with a 2 year guarantee which seems pretty standard.

      I would certainly recommend the watch. However it won't last forever, and time does move on...but maybe in the future I'll get another CK watch and it might well be similar to this one!


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