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Brand: D&G / Unisex

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    1 Review
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      14.04.2011 11:23
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      My favourite watch

      As you can probably tell from some of my previous review it is well established that I like my watches and my collection in now quite numerous.
      When I have some spare money I can't seem to walk past a shop without one catching my eye in the window and this is especially true when I am on holiday and I feel less guilty about spending money on frivilous things.
      My favourite d&g watch was bought when I was on holiday in sunny Spain but the fact that I bought it in Gibraltar meant that it was significantly cheaper than if I had bought it in the UK or mainland Spain so I felt like I had got a bit of a bargain with it.

      The watch is made by D&G Time which is one of the secondary lines of Dolce and Gabanna and the model number is DW0063.
      It is made from yellow leather with two bands of black leather running down the length of the strap, the square face is made from a yellow stainless steel and the covering of the face is made with a scratch resistant mineral glass.
      It works by a quartz movement battery and the face has an analogue display along with three very funky but not all that useful chronograph circles which do seconds, minutes and 24 hours.
      The side of the watch has the winder and two stop and start buttons for the chronographs.

      The watch comes in a rather funky shiny silver box and inside this is a blue leather pouch with a draw string cord for storing the watch. The pouch is made from soft leather and isn't some cheap throwaway storage solution and is good quality and will help protect your watch from getting scratched and damaged.
      There is also a guarentee card inside which needs to be atamped by the vender for it to be valid and an instruction booklet which explains the different features and how to use the watch.

      The watch is extremely comfortable to wear and although it looks quite chunky and solid it is very light on the wrist and you soon forget you are even wearing it.
      You needen't be worried the watch won't fit your wrist because the strap has 8 different slots for securing it. I use the middle slot and my wrist is about normal size so it should easily fit the largest and smallest of wrists with ease.

      The leather was a little bit stiff and uncomfortable when I first got the watch but this soon softened up within a few weeks and now the watch is probably the most comfortable one I own. The only problem that I have with it is that because the face is on the large side and it is raised from the band I find that it get's easily caught on the cuff of jackets but that is the only problem that I have had with it so I can't complain.
      I have found it to be excellent quality and the watch is still looking good even though I have owned it and worn it regularly over the course of the past 2 years since getting it.
      It is supposed to be water proof to a depth of over 30 metres and whilst I have never actually tested this out I have got it wet from splashes and in the rain numerous times and it is still functioning perfectly.

      As for the chronograph feature of the watch I like the look of them as they add an extra dimention of interest to the face but to be honest other than using the stop watch a couple of times they never really get used.
      They are handy to have though and if you do want to use them then it couldn't be easier with the start and stop buton on the side of the face.
      I find telling the time on the watch is pretty easy but I do miss the numbers 1 to 12 as this watch only has a few actual numbers and when I'm in a rush I do find it annoying having to stop and double check I have read the time correctly. The fact that the face is quite large is good for being able to see from a distance as I hate having to put a watch right up to my face because the hands are so small.

      I love this watch and am glad I bought it. It won't be to everyone's taste because of the colour but that is exactly what drew me to it as it was so vibrant in the shop window. I find it very comfortable to wear and it is certainly striking and loads of people have admired it when I have it on. Admitedly not all the comments have been positive and my mum for instance thinks it looks like a watch you get from those machines at the fair. I don't personally see this and think it looks expensive but then again I know how much watches cost. The colour may fool people into thinking it is a cheaper watch than it actually is but up close there is no mistaking the pure quality of the watch.

      The materials used in it's construction are excellent and you can see that it hasn't just been thrown together. The mineral glass has been excellent at repelling scratches and to my eye I can't see any yet even though it has been worn countless times. The same goes for the yellow stainless steel outer case which is also still pristine.
      Although it is supposed to be unisex I definately think it is more of a man's watch solely due to the colour combination of yellow and black which just seems more on the masculine side to me and also because of the size of the face seems bigger than any ladies watches that I have seen.
      The colour is ideal for those people like me who like to stand out as you certainly won't fade into the background whilst wearing the watch.

      The D&G DW0063 is still widely available online and in the shops but prices do range and it's rrp is £195 but can be bought quite a bit cheaper than this is you do some searching. For the price I have to say that I think it is well worth it because of the excellent quality. In fact I have been so happy with it that I am planning on buying it again in a different colour which should tell you how highly i think of it.


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