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Diesel DZ1091

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Brand: Diesel / Watch for: Unisex

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    1 Review
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      08.04.2010 01:32
      Very helpful



      An excellent watch.

      After a long thought process about what I wanted as a main present from my girlfriend for Christmas, i finally made the decision that i wanted a watch. Originally I wanted one with a metal strap, then decided that leather was more suitable and we kept looking round different jewellers for suitable watches. In the end we found one in H.Samuel in Watford. Unfortunately they didn't have any of this particular watch (The DZ-1091), however it was ordered to their store in Bluewater to be picked up, whilst my girlfriend was visiting. The main specifications I wanted on this watch was to be analogue (as opposed to digital), with a numbered face and to be slightly different and noticable. I definitely got what I asked for there.

      *****The Product Appearance*****
      The watch has a square face, which is made of solid stainless steel, (as it says on the back). It is roughly just over an inch from top to bottom, as well as across the face. The stainless steel connects to the leather strap on each corner, as you can see in the picture, by protruding from the main body of the watchface, and is once again, geometric in shape. Although the watchface is square, it is not sharp looking, the edges are curved slightly and this makes it look and feel very smooth. On the bottom right of the watchface, where the stainless steel connects to the leather there is a very small, neat and precise engraving of the Diesel logo. This logo can also be found on the small dial on the right hand side of the watchface, that is used to change the time. (A feature i used last night to put the time forward an hour). This dial has small ridges spaced evenly around the circumference of it. When i was trying to pull it out to change the time, I found it to be very hard and couldn't do it. In the end i had to use my teeth to pull it ever so slightly, therefore enabling me to change the time. Once it was out the watch stopped and I could change the time, quickly, smoothly and easily.

      The leather strap on my watch is black. However I do believe that it also comes in brown. Along one side of the strap there are 9 holes, so that the buckle can go through and be fastened. This means that a variety of people are able to wear it as it is adjustable to many sizes. I have to have it on the tightest setting to prevent movement, and it is comforablt for me. The other side of the strap, sports 2 loops of leather, to hold any excess strap once the watch is done up. This means that it is a smoother loop around your wrist once it is being worn. One of the loops moves along the strap and the other is fastened next to the buckle. Again, with this being fully adjustable it means that there is more comfort for whoever is wearing it. Whether it be a larger or smaller wristed man.
      The buckle is again made of stainless steel, as engraved on the back. It is rectangular in shape, and is slightly wider than the leather strap, but not quite as wide as the watchface. It is quite thin, but seems as if it is very stable and secure to the leather strap the company name "Diesel" is engraved ontp the bottom edge of the buckle. It rotates fully and can rest on both the back and front of the leather strap, as can the stainless steel pin part of the buckle. It is perfectly sized to fit through the holes on the opposite side of the strap.

      Now, I have mentioned the watchface a million times already, but i haven't said anything about it!! Well here is the information I know you have been longing for.
      The watchface itself is obviously round, encased in the square stainless steel. There are no numbers from 1-12, however it does have the 24 hour clock denominations running along the inside of the lines. i.e. 13-24. Each minute is indicated by a small line, which is black, and therefore in keeping with the colour of the rest of the watch. Every 5 minutes there is a silver line which looks to be raised slightly, and these are bigger than the minute lines. Again, the colour theme is kept, as is the style. The part of the watchface that stands out the most is the number 3. It is on a slightly lower level that the rest of the watch, this is because it is 3D. It gives the watch a whole new characteristic and looks very stylish. I have never seen anything like this before. With just the one number being like this it means that the watchface is not overcrowded, or flooded with detail. However there is that extra something that gives it the difference that i was originally looking for. This lower section is divided by a black slope, with a silver line through it running parallel to the top and bottom sections of the watch, and the word "Diesel" in the middle. Again, this gives the watchface a bit of a modern edge. It looks very stylish. As you can see from the picture.

      Overall, the watch looks very stylish and modern, which is something that I like alot. With the black and silver colourway running through the whole of the watch it means that everything compliments everything else very well. 10/10 for looks in my eyes.

      *****Time Telling*****

      Obviously the most important aspect of any time telling instrument, is how well it tells the time.
      There is not much that I can really say about this, as a second is a second and a minute is a minute on any watch or clock. However, with this watch it looks as though the second hand finishes ever so slightly before each of the minute lines. (Which, as standard act as second lines aswell). This seems to me to be a manufacturing error, however, does not detract from the time telling at all. The minute and hour hands lie directly on the lines where necessary.

      The second hand is not a smooth movement like in some watches, it jolts and stops for each second and does not make any kind of noise.
      The other day, whilst I was at work, for some reason the watch had become 30 minutes fast. I have no idea how this happened, as I am sure i didn't change it. It hadn't happened before, and it hasn't happened since, but if it does become a regular occurance then i will edit my review. I thought that it should be put in, just as a prior warning. But then again, why would it just go forward 30 minutes by itself??

      (This has not happened again, so it must have been my fault somehow (April 07 2010)
      The time is visible from quite a distance and I do not have to squint or hold my arm up very far. I can just take a quick glance to view it. I think this is helped by the dominance of the number 3. This is good, because it means that you can just look at the time quickly. You can also view it in the dark/at night. This is because at the tips of both the minute and hour hands, there are glow in the dark strips. I have found that these have become more visible over time. This is a good feature, because if you have no other means of looking at the time. You know your trusty, clever little watch will not fail you.

      The leather is a bit hard at first, but as with all leather products, once it has been worn for a while it gets broken in and then becomes much more comfortable. At first the strap felt a little bit rigid, but now it feels perfect and is very soft on my skin. The stainless steel causes no discomfort and the watchface is just the right size so it doesn't aggrevate or interfere with my hand movements at all. As I mentioned before, there are different holes for the buckle, so this means that it is likely to be comfortable for everyone. This is the first watch that i have owned. (Since a talking Power Rangers one when i was about 8). At first it irritated me being on my wrist, but this is because i was not used to it. Now, I am so used to it like to wear it, as it has worn very well.

      My watch cost around the £80/85 mark i believe, but as it was a gift I cannot be certain. However it is currently retailing around $80-$100. I could only find it on American websites, and it seems to be hard to find. Perhaps E-Bay would have them. Either way, it seems as if the price has depreciated since I got it, however the pound is now a lot stronger against the dollar. Who knows. It was definitely well worth the £80ish that was paid for it though.

      After receiving a comment I decided to do some more in depth searches for a DEFINITE price for the watch. Here are my results
      Sold Out with a price of $85.
      Sold Out, with no price listed and no stock expected.
      I also searched ebay with no luck, however similar watches by Diesel were going for between £60.00-£75.00 on buy it now.


      Overall I think that this watch is suitable for the younger man like myself, however, I would also say that it is suitable for the older man aswell, as it looks stylish, is easy to view and it is likely to be comforable for everyone. It is a good timepiece and i am very pleased with it. If you want something stylish but still practical, then this is a good watch.

      *****Extra Information*****

      Brand Name: Diesel
      Model number: dz1091
      Part Number: aldz1091
      Dial window material type: Crystal
      Clasp: Buckle
      Case material: Stainless Steel
      Band material: Leather
      Band length: men's standard
      Movement: Quartz
      Water resistant depth: 30 Meters
      Warranty Type: Manufacturer's

      Also on Ciao.


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