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Diesel DZ4073

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Brand: Diesel / Watch for: Men

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    1 Review
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      13.03.2012 15:12
      Very helpful



      A really good looking and comfortable watch

      I honestly have more watches than I know what to do with and continually buy new ones. I think a watch is a great way for a man especially to be able to express their individual style and make a statement. Of course they also come in handy for telling the time but that is a given. Even though I have tons of watches there are only a few that I repeatedly wear time and time again as they go with absolutely everything I own and can be used for any occasion. My Diesel watch is one of those.

      ~~~~~ Diesel DZ4073 ~~~~~

      The Diesel watch that I wear most often is the DZ4073. It is a double banded leather strap watch with an unusual hexagonal face.
      The strap is a traditional leather black strap with a clasp fastening so no links to worry about. Underneath the main strap is another wider leather strap to give which gives it a more unusual look and just makes it look a bit funkier than a plain blacked strapped watch might look. The straps are joined together by two chevron pieces and have some heavy stitching which again gives it a modern unusual look. The face is a hexagon shape and is made of a chunky piece of stainless steel along with the hands being enclosed with a chunky piece of glass.

      The watch is a basic wind up action and has no fancy features such as a stop watch and instead is all about style. The watch is waterproof up to a depth of 5 metres but this is about it as far as features goes.
      It is powered by a battery which is housed in the back of the face casing and this is something I found a little disappointing with the watch. Usually I find that watch batteries last me quite a while before needing replacing especially if they aren't powering an LCD screen or anything. With the battery on this one I needed to replace it after about 9 months so I'm not sure if I got a faulty battery or if this is something to do with the watch. Replacing the battery wasn't that easy either and I ended up having to take it in to a watch shop for them to remove the casing and fit it for me.

      Now I am a sucker for nice things and the packaging with the watch is almost as nice as the watch itself. It comes in a white leather (faux I think) box with a perforated lid. Inside the box is fitted to a white perforated cushion. There are also the instructions and the warranty which lasts a year. It is all very fancy looking and adds to the feeling that you are purchasing a quality item.

      ~~~~~ Wearability and comfort ~~~~~

      One of the reasons that I wear this watch so much is because of just how comfortable it is on my wrist. Even though it looks quite solid and chunky it is actually really lightweight and the large leather straps really cushion the watch against my skin. I can wear it for prolonged periods of time without it chaffing or feeling uncomfortable.
      Although it isn't really a sports watch I have worn it to the gym before a few times and again the wide leather straps make it ideal for this as it doesn't sip around on my wrist with sweat.

      I also find the style to be really practical. It is the type of watch that not only looks funky enough to wear with jeans and t-shirt but it is also sombre enough that I can wear it with a suit and tie if I need to.

      ~~~~~ Price and availability ~~~~~

      I paid £80 for this watch at the airport a couple of years ago. I really didn't think this was a bad price for a Diesel watch as they are usually a lot higher than this and the other Diesel watches I have bought have all been over the £100 mark.
      Because Diesel is such a fast moving fashion brand with new lines out what seems like every week the watch is hard to come by and although you won't find it widely available a few online stores still seem to be stocking it and of course you could always pick it up on ebay.

      ~~~~~ Recommendation ~~~~~

      If you are looking for a good looking men's watch then this should be right up your alley. Not only is unusual enough to make it stand out and give it a distinctive edge but it is also not so in your face that you couldn't wear it to work as well.

      It is also the most comfortable watch I have ever owned and other than the battery not lasting very long when I first bought it the watch is really well made and put together. All the stitching around the leather strap is still tightly in place and the leather itself still retains it inky black colour with no fading. The glass face does have a few scratches on it but this is to be expected considering just how often I have worn the watch since I have had it.

      Over all I would have to give this watch 5 stars due to not only the fact that I wear it constantly and find it incredibly comfortable but I found the price even though expensive was good for a Diesel watch because although you are paying a premium for the name you are also paying for the extra quality that you are getting with buying a designer brand over a high street one.


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