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Brand: DKNY / Watch for: Women

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    2 Reviews
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      17.06.2013 15:05
      Very helpful



      A piece of attractive, delicate jewellery

      We all have our own little indulgences - be I chocolate, shoes, handbags - mine is watches. Admittedly, not always the cheapest of treats, but I just love watches and always have! One of my current favourites is this stainless steel bracelet watch by DKNY...


      The deciding focus in the most of my watch purchases is how they look. I am aware that the main function of the watch is to tell the time, but to be honest I think most of us view then as a fashion accessory rather than a practicality - I automatically reach for my mobile phone to check the time!
      This pretty watch is only about ½ an inch wide all the way round, the rectangular face being only marginally wider, so it has a very slim, delicate appearance, idea for slim wrists or to create a rather elegant feel. The face of the watch is simple and classy. A white rectangular face, displays only a silver minute + hour hand pointing to where the numbers would normally be, other than this the only marking on the white face is the DKNY silver writing at the top - very classy. The bracelet strap is made up of individual stainless steel links each separated by a centimetre long diamante strip which glimmers beautifully when the light shines on it. This is all held together by a stainless steel clasp on which is engraved 'DKNY'. The size of the watch can easily be adjusted without the need for a trip to a jeweller or any specialist equipment - the links can simply be removed or added by clasping/unclasping them.


      This is not a watch to be bought for its functions, as it doesn't have any! It doesn't display the date, have a second hand or have any fancy additional features. It simply has a button on the side which can be pulled out and rotated in order to alter the time if necessary.


      To be honest, I haven't found any. A wearer with a large arm/ wrist may find the watch a little small, but for me it is ideal. Also the lack of numbers being displayed on the face means that a hugely accurate time reading isn't really possible, but again, for this watch, this is unlikely to be a problem.


      The price of watches, as with any piece of jewellery, vary hugely depending on many factors such as the brand, features, the look of the watch, the material it is made from and even where it's purchased from.
      This watch cost me £108 from Ernest Jones store about 12 months ago. It came boxed, with a 12 month guarantee, battery fitted and was ready to wear, in perfect working order. I haven't had a moments trouble with it, and despite wearing it every day it is still in pristine, scratch-free condition, so I would say it has been very good value for money. In hindsight I do wish I had shopped around a little prior to buying it though - I have since discovered that I could have saved about £40 by purchasing online!


      In summary, I love this watch as a piece of attractive, delicate jewellery to wear as a pretty and lady-like accessory with the added bonus of telling the time!


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        16.05.2011 09:44
        Very helpful



        A pretty delicate feminine looking watch from DKNY

        Prior to my parents being very generous and purchasing me a gorgeous Gucci watch for my 21st I owned a number of watches, mainly because I had to replace them or had decided I no longer felt it was wearable. One of these has included DKNY NY3366 watch.

        I purchased this watch around 5 years ago from Ernest Jones and it was priced at £100. I would consider this to be not an expensive watch but fairly pricey and more expensive than a fashion watch.

        The watch is also available from H Samuels and other online jewellers.

        ***DKNY NY3366 Watch***
        The watch comes in a presentation box. This is a square white box which the top opens to reveal the inside of the box where the watch is. The presentation box is very attractive it is very simple with the DKNY logo written in silver font but is also made from hard plastic so is very durable.

        The watch is a very pretty, delicate, petite looking feminine watch. The face of the watch is rectangular about 2cm long by just under 1cm wide. The casing of the watch is a shiny white coloured silver. The face of the watch has a white background with very delicate hands to display the time. There is a third hand to count seconds however the watch does not have any numbers displayed on the face. The DKNY logo is displayed on the centre of the face in small letters.

        The watch has a bracelet strap. The links of the strap are also a white silver colour. In between each link is a strip running vertically with 4 diamanté's inside. This is in-between every link. The watch has a clasp which snaps shut.

        This is a very attractive watch which is very simple and subtle but looks like a very pretty feminine watch at the same time with the diamanté's on the bracelet.

        The bracelet of the watch is very comfortable to wear and does not irritate when you get hot or leave any marks on your wrist. I had to remove 2 links out of the bracelet in order for it to fit. This is very easy to do and the watch also comes with 3 additional links if you need to add links. The clasp is very easy to shut and can be done with one hand. My biggest criticism of the watch is the clasp. I have found the clasp to not be secure. On around 6 occasions the watch has fallen off my wrist whilst wearing it as the clasp has come undone. I have owned another DKNY watch and this has occurred with this watch also.

        The watch does not have numbers on the face. Personally I do not mind this and feel it would not be possible to have numbers on because the watch face is so small and delicate; numbers would spoil the design. However because of the lack of numbers and small face it does mean that it is more difficult to quickly glance down at your watch and read the time. You do need to look more closely, which can be a disadvantage if you are in a situation where you want to be subtle when you look at the time.

        My other criticism of this watch is that the face and casing of the watch face scratched very easily. I only ever wore this watch for usual everyday activities however after 6 months of wear it was excessively scratched, more so than other watched I had owned. The bright shiny casing showed up these scratches and you could also see scratches on the watch face. The shiny stainless steel appearance is very attractive and even after 5 years still looks a bright white silver colour and has not tarnished or looks dull. The diamonte details between each link have also stayed in tact and none of these have fallen out.

        The watch is also water resistant. I always removed if I was washing up or if I was going in the shower or bath however. There was an occasion where I submerged myself fully in the bath before realising I still had my watch on. It still worked fully after this.

        This is a very pretty and good looking watch. Because of its delicate features and appearance it is a very feminine watch which looks good on female wrists as it is smaller and not chunky or extravagant looking like many women's watches are.

        For a watch which costs around £100 I feel this watch does not represent good value. It would not be considered an expensive watch however I found the quality to be disappointing and what I would have expected from a fashion watch I would have paid around £40. The clasp did not stay shut which often resulted in the watch falling off my wrist. Secondly this is not a very durable watch and I found it to scratch very easily from everyday activities.

        In the past I have had other DKNY watches and have come to the conclusion that they are very nice watches however not really worth the price tag if you consider other brands on the market. If you are looking for stylish watch that you don't mind replacing, buy a cheaper fashion watch. If you are looking for a longer lasting watch it might be a risk buying DKNY.


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