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Brand: DKNY / Type: Women

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    3 Reviews
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      27.10.2010 11:33
      Very helpful



      A cute D themed watch by DKNY


      When I was at sixth form I worked at H Samuel jewellers at the weekends to earn some money. When I left, I was no longer entitled to the 30% staff discount so it pained me to go in there and buy their products anymore. Instead I went in search of a way to still purchase the items that I wanted but at a lower price. Basically I still wanted to be able to afford to feed my watch addiction without paying full price which is when I turned to amazon.

      *About DKNY NY4249 Watch*

      DKNY NY3384 is yet another elegant, bold design by DKNY. This Ladies DKNY watch features a White Dial, polished Stainless Steel casing and bracelet. It has 30m Water resistance. All DKNY watches arrive with a manufacturers 2 Years, packaging and instructions for adjustment and use.

      *Price and Availability*

      DKNY NY3384 is available to buy for £82.00. This watch has surprisingly jumped back up in price as I purchased this watch at, wait for it, the ridiculously low price of £33.66. I'm not sure which price you'll be stunned by. I think that at the current selling price, it is marked significantly higher than it is worth but at the price that I paid, it is a complete and utter bargain.

      This DKNY watch can be purchased at H Samuel or Ernest Jones as well as numerous alternative jewellery stores. You can also buy it online at www.amazon.co.uk and usually for a slightly cheaper price. The best piece of advice that I can give is to try before you buy. Sometimes a watch looks gorgeous in a picture or in a shop window but looks very different when it comes to having it around your wrist.

      *My Opinion*

      The packaging: I totally adore the packaging for this DKNY watches. It is the same, although slightly slimmer than others that I have had in the past. Usually they are very big but this was more compact. It is a clear, pearly white in colour and square. It is easily opened and closed to access the watch. Inside this deluxe box is a lavish black velvet cushion which has the watch wrapped around it. The packaging team for DKNY deserve plaudits because even before you see the watch, you have the feeling that something special is in the box.

      The face: The colour of the face is a white but as it is mother of pearl is has a pearly sheen. The shape of this face is a D. The size of the face is 2.5cm in diameter including the stainless steel casing. I find this to be a large size however due to the watch as a whole being quite chunky, it actually works. There are just the numbers, 9, 6 and 3. Where is the 12? Well this is replaced by a small crystal instead. I prefer this personally, to having lots of numbers making the face of the watch looked cramped. The numbers on the face of this watch are silver coloured and the perfect size for the size of the face. The hands on the watch are also silver but it doesn't have a second hand. This doesn't bother me too much at all though.

      On the side of the face is a small stainless steel bezel. This lets you to change the time as and when required. It is the perfect size as it isn't too fiddly to use but it also isn't so big or sharp that is catches on your clothes.

      The strap: The strap of this watch is very unique. The strap of this watch is stainless steel. It is in my eyes definitely more of a strap than a bracelet. Keeping with the D theme, the bracelet is form by D shape links all the way around and these are joined by rectangle shaped pieces. This style is certainly different but I can't say that I was entirely taken by it. The D shapes alternated having the flat edge a different side each time. I found the strap to be quite chunky and for me this didn't quite match the cute face.

      The links: The links (which are on most DKNY watches now) are something that I think is excellent and really cannot praise enough. And it has been something so popular that other brands have now started to do. You are able to remove them and replace them yourself. This means that you don't have to go back to the jewellers to have linked removed or put back in before you can wear your watch, you can do it yourself instead. Many people find this particularly useful when it comes to winter as many people find that their wrists shrink in size and their watch feels lose and it slipping around your wrist and is therefore uncomfortable.

      Is the watch comfortable to wear? If I am completely honest then I would say that it is ok to wear but not the most comfortable. I think that this is because of the D shapes on the bracelet of this watch and the fact that they can catch you quite easily.

      Is the watch waterproof? No, this watch is not waterproof however it is water resistant to 30m. This means that you can use this watch in the water for example light swimming, washing up, when in the bath etc but there will be no deep sea diving in it. At least not if you want it to work afterwards.

      The fact that it is water resistant is both good and bad. Good as you can use it in the water however bad because the fact that it is water resistant means that it needs to be sent away for a new battery when this runs out and this is something that can be rather pricey. If you decide to have it done in somewhere like H Samuel there and then, the seal will be broken.

      What I like about this watch in particular is that it is great for day and night wear. It's chunky style means that it is perfect on your wrist while the sun is out yet the glitzy face means that it doesn't look out of place on a night out on the town or for a meal with your man.

      DKNY NY4249 comes with a 2 year manufacturer's warranty. This is great because if you happen to have any mechanical problems with the watch, you will be able to get them fixed without having to fork out lots of money. This is only a manufacturer's warranty though so take care of your watch as it doesn't cover accidental damage.

      Longevity of the product: DKNY N4249 will last you either until the battery eventually runs out or until the design of the watch doesn't look stylish anymore because in my opinion this is definitely a fashion watch. If you are careful and take care of this watch, it will last you as long as you want it to be keeping time on your wrist. And to keep it looking as sparkly as when you bought it, you can clean it easily using a jewellery cloth. This will get rid of any dirt and leave it looking lovely.

      *Would I Recommend This Watch?*

      Are you looking for a watch with a funky and unique design? Are you also looking for one with a glitzy face which is prettier than practical? If so then I would definitely recommend this glitzy timekeeper. I think that this watch is the perfect present for a friend, especially if you get it at the low price that I did. Is it limited to a certain age group? Yes, I guess so. I think you will probably find ladies aged 14-50 wearing this watch because (without offending anyone) I think the glitzy face and lack of numbers will prevent anyone older from being fully satisfied but I might be wrong.


      I bought DKNY4249 from amazon due to its unbelievably low price and I did think it was a nice watch and good value for money but it certainly isn't my favourite. However my friend took a shine to it so I gave it to her. I have so many; I don't see the point in it sitting in my jewellery box gathering dust. And it actually looks better on her anyway.


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        27.08.2010 23:04
        Very helpful
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        A GORGEOUS DKNY Watch

        This is my going out watch for when I'm wearing something smart, I don't always bother wearing a watch but have got a few that have been Xmas and birthday pressies over the years. My ex gave me this and it's about the only thing I've kept that come off him, I just think it's a gorgeous watch that goes soooooo nice with everything I wear because of the bracelet style of it.

        It's quite a chunky design and is made of stainless steel, it looks like silver though and has kept a lovely shine even though I've had it for about 2 years and have never cleaned it! The links are all D shaped and fit together nice, this isn't one of them bracelet watches that is jangling all over the place everytime I move my arm..... and I'm glad about that because another dressy watch I've got does my head in because I can feel and hear it tinkling all the time!

        The face of the watch is in a D shape as well, it's lovely and chunky and stands out good compared to the links of the bracelet. The face itself is white but it's got a pearly look to it, there isn't much detail on the face and only numbers 12, 3, 6 and 9 are shown. Actually, 12 isn't even shown as a number because it has been replaced by a crystal. These are stainless steel as well and stand out plain on the shimmery face of the watch even though the numbers are quite small. The hands are plain shaped but they're easy to read because the big hand is obviously longer than the small hand so no squinting to read the time and you will be able to see straight away what time it is.

        The DKNY initials are on the face of the watch just underneath the hands. I know DKNY isn't everyones fave label but this is still a gorgeous watch and the initials don't stand out or make the watch look cheap or anything like that. Actually I think it makes the face look pretty cool!

        The watch is very comfortable to wear, it's hard to say if it's going to fit EVERYONE but it's fine for me and I've got quite skinny wrists but my mum has got more average sized wrists for a woman and it also fits her..... she probably wears it more than me because she definately goes out to nicer places than me! I think this watch goes wicked with a little black dress, but I've worn it clubbing when I've wanted to dress up jeans and a simple top.

        I've always thought this watch keeps brill time, I've never known it lose or gain time and for the price I would expect that. I'm one of them people who never needs to know the EXACT time and kind of rely on knowing that it's ABOUT 9pm or whatever..... that means I never notice all that much how accurate my watches are, but this usually stays in sync with the clock on my phone so that's good in my opinion!

        The watch costs £82.00 on Amazon, that's expensive I know and especially for me because most of the rest of the watches I've got cost less than £25.00! I don't think I'd want to pay that myself but at the same time this watch is definately worth it.



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          16.08.2010 00:55
          Very helpful



          Stunning watch just not my fav brand

          I would never buy dkny clothing , perfume or jewellery its not because i don't like it just not my best fashion label.

          I got this stunning dkny watch for my 21st birthday for my grand parents.
          I didn't know how much it cost but it is on amazon for £82.00 witch i find a little steep.

          The watch come in a smart dkny box with a guarantee.
          It is a bracelet styled watch with links in the shapes of interlocking D all the way around. It is stainless steel witch i was also surprised due to the price i thought it would have been silver.
          The watch has a big face in the shape of a D as well, inside it is pure white with only the numbers 12 , 3 ,6, and 9 has the dkny logo on the face and the hands are just plain silver.

          The watch looks nice on and the picture does not do it justice. Sadly i have only used the watch twice and it is back in the box with a dead battery must get it replaced.

          Lovely looking watch just rarely used but i still recommend it but for dkny fans.


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