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Brand: DKNY / Watch for: Women

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    1 Review
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      15.03.2012 09:54
      Very helpful



      A lovely watch from the DKNY range.

      I own several watches, most of which are for 'daytime' or 'everyday' wear, although I do like to own a few watches that are intended only for special occasions. One such 'Special' watch that I own is from the well-known DKNY brand, also known as "Donna Karan New York."

      I will admit to being quite oblivious to the watch's name/model number being DKNY NY4513 when I purchased it, mainly because I selected the watch on how it looked rather than what brand it belonged to. I purchased the watch second-hand and paid around £50, although the full price for the item is in the region of £80 - £120 which is fairly expensive I must admit. Stockists online include www.amazon.co.uk and watches2u.com, where the watch is currently on sale at £103.49. I do think it is worth shopping around as I have seen prices vary quite substantially.

      The watch was supplied in a simple white presentation box, but without the usual manufacturer's guarantee. There seems to be an identical watch - or at least very similar - by way of model number DKNY NY4708, and I am not sure what the main differences are between the two. This 'double identity' as it were was discovered by myself when it came to suggesting the product to be added to the database in order to review it. Anyway, back to MY watch.......

      The whole watch is a lovely silver tone, which is fairly subtle and not overly 'brash' looking. With a silver strap and matching silver tone face, the overall look is quite sleek and sophisticated without being too 'bling' for my own tastes. The oblong or rectangular face gives the watch a very feminine design, and the detail on the strap adds a bit of glamour in my opinion.

      It is easy to tell that care and attention to detail has been given to the design of this watch. Firstly, the analogue display has a modern look to it, thanks to the omission of several of the numbers on the oblong face. Whilst the 3,6,9 and 12 are all displayed, the other numbers are missing which gives the watch face a sort of 'minimalist' look to it. The numbers that ARE displayed on the face are easy to see and enough space has been provided between the digits that it is very easy to tell the time, even though there are no 'dashes' or other indicators present for the missing numbers.

      The watch strap is made of stainless steel and feels very sturdy when it is being worn. Being a sort of 'bracelet' style, there is a clasp at the rear which allows the strap to be opened and secured safely. I have never experienced any problem with the clasp loosening or opening whilst the watch is being worn and it feels very secure on my wrist. Furthermore, I do not find the clasp overly 'fiddly' to open and secure by myself, probably because most of the other 'dress' watches that I own have very similar - if not identical - clasps to the DKNY watch, so I am very used to removing and replacing my watches by myself and find it only takes a moment to release or close.

      The main detail of the watch - in my opinion at least - is in the way the manufacturers have presented the DKNY branding. This logo and name appears on the face of the watch and is positioned in the centre near the top - underneath the 12, in fact. The branding and logo is also detailed on the watch strap itself however, and it is this detailing which provides the most eye-catching detail of the watch.

      The letters DKNY actually make up the watch strap at the top part, with the D letter being joined to the watch face - this description is helped with the picture at the top of the review page here. As expected, the rest of the letters are attached to the D and all have a very chunky design, that is striking and eye-catching whilst being in keeping with the overall design of the watch. As all four of the letters are covered in tiny little crystals, there is an element of glamour to be found in this detailing and I find that it adds an eye-catching design overall.

      If the reviews I have read online about this watch are to be believed, then I can expect some of the crystals to become loose due to wear and tear over time. Personally, however, I have not found this to be an issue with my own watch as yet, and all of the crystals remain intact to date, although it is fair to say that I am not the most careless person when it comes to caring for - and storing - my jewellery items.

      The time is very easy to set or adjust thanks to the little dial at the side of the watch face. This pulls out and turns easily, allowing the hands on the watch to be adjusted accordingly.

      One aspect of the watch that I must comment on is how it does not irritate my sensitive skin. To be fair, I hadn't really expected to suffer from any irritation given the watch's brand, and subsequent price tag, but several other watches that I own have caused irritation by way of the metallic material that the reverse of the watch 'head' is made from. This tends to differ from the material of the strap on several other watches that I own and it often causes an allergic reaction to my sensitive skin. Thankfully, in the case of the DKNY watch, I have suffered no such irritation and the materials all appear to be fairly gentle.

      I was advised at the time of purchase that the watch is 'Splash proof' or 'Shower proof' but as it is very much an item that is worn by myself on special occasions only, this theory hasn't been tested by myself, and it is not really the sort of watch that I would wear when swimming or doing the dishes, I have to confess.

      Overall, I am pleased with my DKNY watch and have nothing negative to report with either using or wearing the watch. I would definitely make a future purchase from the DKNY brand as I am pleased by the level of detail and the lovely design that this watch displays. Whilst I would agree that the watch carries a higher-than-average price tag, I think that in this instance it is justified, though I am very happy with my second-hand model and have no complaints whatsoever!


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