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DKNY DKNY ladies' watch NY4624

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2 Reviews

Brand: DKNY / For Women / Display type: analogue / Clock Mechanism: Battery (quartz)

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    2 Reviews
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      03.01.2013 17:27
      Very helpful



      A stylish watch with modern twists.

      Keep time in style with this watch made by DKNY.

      The strap is made from stainless steel. The dial is on a black background. There are two hands on the watch which are also made with stainless steel.

      It fits like a bracelet, a little loose on my quite thin wrist, but I don't believe the band will fit a larger wrist. I twist it round to see the time. The DKNY logo is etched onto the front surface below the rectangular clock face. The bracelet has a clasp just as looks as if it is a piece of highly polished jewellery.

      The watch was a given to me. It comes with a two year guarantee from the manufacturer. The watch came beautifully packaged in a logo marked box.

      The black contrasts with the stainless steel that it is set into. There are no numerals at all on the timepiece which I find frustrating. When I check the time there is a pause whilst I guess where the hand is pointing. Sadly there is only one line marker on every quarter. This DKNY watch is even water resistant up to 30m but I have absolutely no intention of testing this out. It has been fine in the face of our British rain. These previous points, and the stretched triangular face on a black background, combine to provide the wearer with a modern look.

      Please note this watch should only be purchased for people who have slim wrists.

      I find it light on my wrist but a little heavier than when I wear a real bracelet. It looks quite elegant and I am delighted that someone would be so kind and generous in buying this watch for me. Had I been selecting a watch I would not choose this one for me. Please don't misunderstand; this is a stylish product and I'm sure good value for money. It's just that my personal preference would be not to have the DYNY logo so bold on the front of my watch. I would also prefer a dial with numbers so that I don't have to hesitate when checking the time. I enjoy wearing it. A watch doesn't have to be only functional as a timepiece but can also double up as an item of jewellery. I like to have a few watches to accessorise with and bring around the changes. It is a stylish watch. Four stars would be in line with my personal preference but I give five for the sake of other perspective owners because it is of good quality and a comfortable watch to wear.


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      09.12.2012 21:26
      Very helpful



      An excellent purchase with my Clubcard vouchers!

      I am perhaps a little bit obsessed with the time. Since my 9th birthday I have had 2 days in my life when I haven't worn a watch. I look at my watch at least every 15 minutes, I think perhaps more out of habit than actually wanting to know the time as if someone asks me the time after seeing me look at my watch, I still have to look again. I very rarely take off my watch, I sleep in it, wash up in it, shower in it...without a watch I feel panicked that I will be late, and I HATE being late. As a child a digital watch was essential, as I needed to know the exact time to the second (and I went through a phase of phoning Tim the Talking Clock every day), but as I reached my teenaged years I decided that analogue watches were more ladylike, and as a result am not so exact, although do tend to have it set around 2 minutes fast. My favourite watch was a Calvin Klein watch which I wore from my 18th birthday until I was about 24 (I intend to review at some point), but I have to say that I have become quite attached to this DKNY watch.

      ---Needing a New Watch----
      Prior to this I was wearing a Fat Face watch I bought at Euston station in January 2010. It had only ever intended to be a stop gap measure (I had a lost previous and more expensive D&G watch in the snow - I did actually get it back and it was still working...but had had enough of it by then anyway and saw it as some sort of sign for time moving on), so when the battery went, rather than replace it I decided to get a new watch - I also had Tesco Clubcard vouchers which needed using up. I wanted something that I could wear every day, whilst still looking reasonably classy and girly!

      ---Buying the DKNY NY4624---
      I bought this watch in April 2011, using Tesco Clubcard vouchers (£10 in Clubcard vouchers gets £30 in Goldsmiths vouchers). I bought it from the Goldsmiths website, and had it delivered. I 'paid' £69 for it which is slightly over the odds (although I think is the actual current rrp), however Goldsmiths isn't the cheapest of jewellers. I bought it there solely because I needed a new watch and wanted to spend my Tesco Clubcard vouchers which were due to expire!

      When the watch arrived it was slightly too big, so I took it into my local Goldsmiths (which no longer exists) and they removed a link for me so that it was a better fit (still slightly loose how I like it). I think my wrists are about average in size, so I imagine that those with bigger wrists might struggle with fit a bit, so I'd advise trying it on before buying if possible.

      ---About the watch---
      The DKNY NY4624 watch comes with a manufacturer's 2 year warrantee. It is made of shiny stainless steel, which fastens with a jewellery clasp. As you can see in dooyoo's picture, it says DKNY on it under the face, so I guess won't be suitable for those who don't like brand names on things - I have to admit that I do like them! I am however NOT going to regurgitate some pointless information here about the DKNY brand. The dial face is black, and there are four dashed index markers (so you can tell the time!), and hour/minute hands. There is no second hand, nor more specific marks - this watch is for the general time rather than being to the second! Officially the watch is described as having Quartz movement, mineral glass and a fixed bezel. Unofficially and in Mary-speak, there are no exciting flashy bits - there is simply the bit which you pull out in order to adjust the time which is easy to do.

      Although I'm not going scuba diving, I do need a watch to be able to withstand encounters with normal amounts of water i.e. washing up, showering, and generally being out in Cumbrian weather. This watch is water resistant up to 30m (3 ATM). My research on the Internet seems to give conflicting messages as to how water resistant this actually is. I don't have baths, and only swim on holiday (in which case I did make a point of taking my watch off, when with previous watches I haven't), but otherwise I'm not worried about it getting wet.

      This watch is great as it stays shiny and doesn't need cleaning. But then, I suppose I do wear it in the shower every day! The main problem I had with my previous watch was that it had a leather strap which was starting to wear (and smell at times) - with stainless steel you don't have to worry.

      ---New Battery---
      I have to admit that I was slightly shocked when my watch stopped after wearing it for only just over a year. With a previous watch which was more water resistant and more expensive than this one, I had that sent off to have the battery replaced in order to have it properly sealed again. My boyfriend told me that this wasn't necessary, and I followed his advice (with some trepidation). He ordered a new watch battery (at the cost of about £1) and fitted it himself which was slightly fiddly, and probably not something I'd have been able to do myself. I was so chuffed that he managed this without breaking it (I really need to have more faith!), and that I saved money not having to go to a jewellers. And better still that the watch still works perfectly even when getting it wet.

      --Showing the signs of wear and tear...a little bit anyway---
      This watch is very shiny, and as a result it does show up the scratches. Admittedly I have been wearing it constantly for 20 months (aside from the week I was waiting for new battery), and realistically I do put it through some abuse. If you were more careful then it would stay in better condition. However, I would say that for what I put it through, it is still looking pretty good, and I will be happy to continue to wear it for a long time.

      My previous watch (before the Fat Face stop gap) was a more expensive D&G watch (also bought with Clubcard vouchers converted to Goldsmiths vouchers) which really didn't last well at all. I am much more pleased with this purchase, and will definitely consider a DKNY watch again in the future (and currently I'm very tempted to get some DKNY perfume to wear with it!), although might be tempted to go for a more expensive watch that will last me many years (or even for life, who knows) rather than just a few.

      I really like this watch, and feel that it's a good price for what it is. Obviously even better still was that I bought it with my Tesco Clubcard vouchers, so it effectively cost me nothing (unfortunately since I mostly shop in Asda these days, my days of lots of vouchers are no more). I have a friend who has the same watch - it was one of the first things that we noticed when we met each other, so clearly it indicates good taste! It's perfect for everyday wear, but also still looks ok when dressed up for a special occasion.

      It costs around £50 to £60 (type the model DKNY NY4624 into a search engine) which I think is a very reasonable price for what it is (even if I'd have used real money rather than vouchers!), and I'd recommend this as a nice watch, giving it 4 out of 5 stars.


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      Manufacturer's Logo: yes / Display type: analogue / Style: fashionable

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