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Dolce & Gabbana High Contact

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Brand: Dolce & Gabbana / Type: Touchscreen Watch

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    1 Review
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      09.08.2011 17:00
      Very helpful



      Lovely touchscreen watch by D&G

      Watches are something I've never really been into or purchased for myself as I generally refer to my phone when I need to know what the time is or I will just ask someone else. I knew that if I was ever going to buy a watch it would simply be as a fashion accessory and would never be a necessity for me. I saw an advert for the new touch screen High Contact watch by Dolce and Gabbana, otherwise recognised as D&G, in Cosmopolitan magazine. My initial reaction was that it was a statement piece of jewellery instead of a watch used simply to tell the time.

      --- DOLCE AND GABBANA ---
      D&G are a widely recognised and well known Italian brand who produce luxury clothing and accessories. They can be found along with the likes of Louis Vuitton and Mulberry in shopping areas with designer stores. The brand originated in Milan, Italy by the designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabanna. Their items can usually be found on, or in the arms of celebrities, their ranges of luxury products being anything from a handbag to sunglasses. They may also be recognised for their fragrances which have been released more recently and are widely available. Their collections will often be found as concessions within large department stores like Selfridges and Harvey Nichols. In America they have a number of boutique stores scattered around as well as in Asia and Brazil.

      --- AESTHETICS ---
      The High Contact watch is the latest addition to the D&G Time collection, joining a number of classic and iconic pieces. For me, it caught my eye as it is something I would not expect from a brand like D&G - it seemed too quirky and a bit 'out there' compared to the watches they normally make. If they were trying to appeal to a different market they certainly did well! The watch comes in a number of different colours including pink, white, orange, black and blue but I chose white, the same as the one in the picture. It came in a cube shaped box that was white with D&G printed on the front in black. Inside there was a leather type box which held the watch inside it and could be done up and undone with two toggles that should be pulled together. The watch itself is quite chunky and feels quite heavy when you hold it in your hand. The face of the watch is touchscreen which is why it is so much larger than most other watches. The strap is soft and feels comfortable on the wrist with a number of holes so you can make sure it fits properly.

      This watch, like D&G in general, isn't available in many high street stores. You may find it in department stores that tend to stock their products such as Selfridges and Harvey Nichols, as mentioned above. I have spotted them in a number of jewellers in cities such as Nottingham and Manchester, so if you're going to buy one I would definitely recommend ringing up the shop to check they have it in stock. They are also available online, from D&G direct and a number of other websites including eBay. I purchased mine from London Time in the Westfield Shopping Centre in London for £145 and that price seems quite standard. I don't think the price is outrageous considering the manufacturer of the product.

      --- HIGH CONTACT ---
      I have seen all of the colours that the watch is available in and they all look really vibrant and bright, no wishy washy colours or anything that looks half done. The time is digital and set in the middle of the face which on my watch is white and the time is in black so its contrasts well. The time is available in a 32 different zones which can be changed using the touchscreen buttons. There are 4 different sensors around the watch that need to be pressed in order to activate the touch screen. There is light, mode, set/reset and start/stop. To unlock the watch you have to hold the 'light' sensor and drag it around the side of the screen following the arrow until you reach set/reset and it will beep. A 't' symbol appears on the screen to let you know that the watch is unlocked, but it automatically locks itself again after 10 seconds if it doesn't sense any further activity. It is relatively easy to make the watch function properly once you get your head around it, to set the time you press set/reset and swipe your finger from top to bottom until you have the city you want the time for, then press mode. You also have options to change the time in terms of hours, minutes and seconds as well as the date and year. There is an alarm function, that allows you to set and confirm a specific time that can be activated or deactivated thereafter. There are a number of other functions such as a timer and a stopwatch but I don't really use though as I don't have any need for them.

      --- OVERALL ---
      As complicated as it may sound, this watch is actually really straight forward to use. I was a little bit confused by it at first and even after having it for a few weeks I haven't used half the functions that it has but I just think it looks really nice as a fashion accessory. I have received a number of comments from friends, and even an absolute stranger in a restaurant telling me that they really like it and asking where I got it from. It really makes a statement due to its size, and as it is the first touch screen watch by D&G, possibly isn't something people are expecting to see. It is still relatively new as it was only released a couple of months ago so I don't know anyone else with one and I haven't seen anyone else wearing one when I have been out and about either. The touch screen feature definitely adds something new and different that many other brands are yet to develop so I think this is a great and innovative idea from D&G. I will give this product 5 Dooyoo stars and I highly recommend High Contact to anyone who is looking for a statement watch to catch some glances!


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