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Dolce & Gabbana Night & Day DW0129

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3 Reviews

Brand: Dolce and Gabbana / Watch for: Women

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    3 Reviews
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      03.11.2010 15:27



      if it wasnt brought for me i wouldnt pay the price for it but i am glad i have it.

      my ex partner brought me this watch from beaverbrooks, just over two years ago.

      I cant wear strap watches as the straps irritate my skin so this kind of watch was perfect for me.

      not only is it a watch but you can use it as a braclet to accessories an out fit with.

      its got a tiny little latch for easy opening and closing which is a nice change from trying to get a little bar in a tiny whole on your own, cause lets face it its hard work.

      it is most likely you will find when you buy it you will need links removed as its pretty big, i find i can slip it on and off my wrist so easily i dont need to open and close the latch.

      there is only one thing i dont like about the watch and silly as it sounds i struggle to tell the time on it, it has the usual four lines to tell you 12, 3, 6 and 9
      but there isnt any numbers so you pretty much have to guess if its twenty past or twenty-five past kind of thing. but to be honest its such a beautiful piece of jewellery that who really cares lol.

      buying it new from a store you will pay about £160, i suggest people to look around online first cause you will proberly get it alot cheaper. only problem with that is if there is a problem with it you cant just pop back to the store and fix it, ive never had a problem with it and i dont have good track record looking after thing so its down to whether or not you want to take the risk.


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      15.08.2010 22:22
      Very helpful



      A good quality watch from D&G

      ~*~ My D&G Watch ~*~

      I absolutely love designers. Designer shoes, designer clothes, designer bags... I could happily spend all day walking around Selfridges or Harrods stroking the soft leather Chanel's and trying on Louboutin's. Not ever purchasing anything, of course, but one day... Designer watches, however, is not something I've ever been into. Or watches in general for that matter. I think I kind of like living my life not knowing what the time is, work seems to go quicker that day, and if you dont know what the time is, whats the point of rushing home when you might actually be early?

      This watch was a present from one of my best friends. Personally, I would have preffered a nice bottle of champagne but this is what I got. And it's the thought that counts, right?

      ~*~ The style ~*~

      The watch is stainless steel and the (what would be a) band is made up of lots of circles, and also the 'D&G' logo outline, which is also decorated with crystals. On the watch face (which is also shaped like a 'D', there are lots of crystals outlining it and another quite large D&G logo. You definitely wouldn't have a problem guessing the designer of this one! There are no numbers on the product, which I like in a watch, I think it looks more stylish.

      The box that the watch comes in is quite impressive - elegant, sleek and classy with leather inside which makes it perfect as giving as a gift. I was really excited just feeling the box as it really does feel luxurious.

      ~*~ The price ~*~

      The average price is around £129 for one of these. At the moment there are a couple on Ebay for a bit cheaper (around £100). You can pick one up from most jewellers (online is probably the best bet) as well as from Amazon.

      ~*~ Everything else ~*~

      The watch comes with a free 2 year guarantee which is very handy if you are a bit of a clumsy one (like me!). I've had a quick look around the internet and it appears that the guarantee differs depending on where you purcahse the watch from but some sort of guarantee is, well, guaranteed - the minimum I found was one year.

      The watch is apparently water resistent to 30m, but I haven't tested this out yet and I don't think I will be! It weighs 56 grams and has a maximum strap length of 21.5cm.

      ~*~ My overall opinion... ~*~

      The watch is.... well, it's OK. It's not something I would have chosen myself - it's a bit too bling for me. I like the design of the watch band, the circles make it a little bit different and I like that. However, I think the 'D&G' logo is a bit too big and makes it a bit too showy.

      The watch is adjustable and fits me nicely, the only thing I would say is that it does feel a bit chunky on my wrist (even though it isn't at all) which may be something to do with the design and circles. As far as time keeping goes, it's perfect. I've had a lot of watches that lose time every week or so, but I've never had to reset this one, so I can't fault it there.

      Overall I think the watch is good, but just not to my taste personally. It's a good design and durable, and the overall package with the gift box and warranty makes it a little bit special. If you like jewellery that is a bit 'bling-y' then this may be one for you!


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        30.07.2010 16:13
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        see review

        Before moving to Italy my mum gave me a great present - the Dolce & Gabbana Night & Day DW0129 watch. She said that I needed it to blend in with the Italian lifestyle and stressed just how big D&G was in Italy. I actually didn´t believe it nor did I care much for my watch in the beginning - until I realized that the whole inner city of Milan is covered in D&G. It seems as if the brand would sponsor the city and force people to wear their stuff. Please don´t get me wrong, I really like Dolce & Gabbana, it´s a great label with fantastic stuff and after a few months in Milan I was one of the converted ones. Although I never was covered head to toes in D&G stuff I did wear it a lot - wallet permitting of course.

        I was very grateful that my mum gave me this watch and I really appreciate it that she spend so much money on this little bling bling item. She bought the watch for around 150 pounds which is still the price if you want to buy it now. Realizing that 150 pounds for a watch is a very, very high amount of money I would never buy it myself; as pretty as the watch is and as good as the quality is it is not really worth the money. You do pay a lot for the name and with Dolce & Gabbana being a famous label you can expect the rather enormous price tag.

        ----- My experience -----

        The analogue display is powered by a high quality quartz movement and shows hours and minutes but not seconds which seems to be fairly standard for D&G watches. The display is shiny white with a small D&G logo in the middle and 3 silver markers to indicate 12, 3 and 9 - 6 is respectively represented by the brand logo. The only point that I do not like is that the display is rather small and it can sometimes be a bit hard to differentiate between the hours - made even more difficult by the very short clock hands. The dial is big-ish and easy to use.

        The most prominent point about the Night& Day watch is the stainless steel strap. To the flattened site of the display is the D&G logo covered in brilliant clear stones. On the other side is a circle, again covered in these little stones. Those little strass-stones really convinced me. Many of these faked stones look incredibly cheap but these here seem to be very high quality and sparkle a lot. I used to wear my watch a lot and never lost any of the stones. The other rings that form the strap are just plain stainless steel which is highly polished and look great. Being steel they do tend to scratch a bit after prolonged use but that is something that you get with almost every piece of jewelry. The strap is closed with a secure clasp and here you really do feel the quality of a big brand; I never once feared that I would lose my watch even on a big and drunken night out.

        ----- Would I buy it again? -----

        This is a great watch that fits perfectly to very chic outfits, be it a classy style in the office or a party night out with my friends. The sparkle of the stones is great and makes wearing a bracelet in addition to the watch totally pointless - more bling is usually not needed. I always that the feeling that the Night & Day was a bit too much during day time, certainly too much for school or university. This is obviously only my style and not being a girly girl I prefer a bit understatement during the day to sparkles and glitter.

        The watch comes in a very nice Dolce & Gabbana packing with and instruction booklet and a 2 year guarantee. Also the watch is water resistant up to 30 meters, but honestly, this is not a watch I would wear while going swimming or while being at the beach.

        I would not buy this watch again, not because of the quality - which is great - but simply because it is much too expensive. However, if you like D&G and money is not an issue I am sure you will love your Night & Day watch!


        Thank you very much for reading and rating my review!


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