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Flik Flak Mad. Pirouette FTN013

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Brand: Flik Flak / Watch for: Kids

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    1 Review
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      05.12.2010 17:43
      Very helpful



      A gorgeous watch if you can find the one with the meal Arabic looking face

      My daughter had this Flik Flak Mademoiselle Pirouette watch bought for her one year. I'm just trying to think how long ago it was, it must be at least five years old because I remember her being quite small when she received it and she's eleven now! Of course, she uses her phone now instead of a watch but while having a sort out today I found it and thought I might as well review it!

      It's a very pink and girly watch but the appearance of it is quite grown up. The plastic strap is a pretty pink colour and decorated with white heart outlines, there's a silhouette of a ballet dancer printed onto the strap on either side of the watch face but it's all done quite tastefully (for a kids watch!). The strap is nice and flexible, Alice wore it constantly for months when she first received it because the timing ('scuse the pun!) was perfect as she was just learning to tell the time. Despite this it's still in excellent condition and touching the strap now I can tell it would be a comfortable watch to wear due to the softness and how supple the plastic is.

      Apologies for big descriptions, but Dooyoo haven't put a photo of the watch up so I'll have to tell you how gorgeous the face is. It has what I'd call a slightly Arabic look, I don't mean it's full of henna'd motifs but the design reminds me of a magic carpet! It's a spiral red, blue, green and purple pattern which covers the whole face and ends up as a heart where the two hands join in the centre. I really like it, the fact that the watch casing itself is metals means they've been able to get a nice shine to the colours and this helps to take away slightly from the otherwise complete girliness of this watch!

      The watch came packaged in a sweet but very small jewellery box, Alice still has this too although it's looking a bit grubby now. The box is padded and has a fabric finish, this has meant it's attracted the grime over the years and with no way of washing it the corners are showing the fingerprints a bit! It's never been really practical as a jewellery box anyway as half of it is made up of the non-removable velvet roll which held the watch when it was new, and the other half contains four ring holders. At six (or even now at eleven) Alice doesn't own many rings, her jewellery collection consists of cheap necklaces and cheaper bracelets so she definitely doesn't need so many rows of cushions to hold her rings! And neither will many small girls!

      The watch has always worked well, when I found it today the battery had obviously died but I popped another one in and it's ticking away here now and keeping perfect time. I can see my three year old claiming it as she's bored of her Thomas LCD watch now, giving the watch an even longer life span than I thought it would have. There is a long row of holes punched into the strap so it will fit children with a wide range of ages, the buckle is also simple to work but holds the strap closed effectively.

      Unfortunately this watch has been discontinued in most places. Since writing this review I can only find it on one US online store, costing $38.75 (not including delivery). The watch is a different design though and looks much more of a cheap version, if you're still interested however the website is here http://www.squiggly.com/us/en/swatch /mademoiselle-pirouette-ftn001pack.htm


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