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Flik Flak Powerpuff Girls FAC26

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Brand: Flik Flak / Watch for: Kids

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    1 Review
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      20.05.2011 01:02
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      A brilliant (if character-dated) clock

      Before I begin this review let me get one thing straight; the Flik Flak Powerpuff Girls watch is actually a clock, I know because we've had it for ten years and it's still going strong! I have just run upstairs to check the model number and it is indeed the FAC26, as far as I know Flik Flak never actually made a Powerpuff Girls watch - and I should know as I spent the whole of November and December 2001 searching for one for (then) five year old Charlotte who was completely obsessed with the phenomena that were Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles.

      You can tell just by the look of the clock that it's made by Flik Flak; the chunky design and vibrant colours make it stand out from any other clock designed for children, it even looks the part now mixed in with the more modern gadgets the kids' own. If I mix my girls' names up in the review it's because over the years they've all owned this same clock, it currently sits next to three year old Hollie's bed and she loves it even though she's never seen the Powerpuff Girls on tele - it's just occurred to me to get it up on You Tube for her later, it's just the sort of thing she'd love!

      You can see part of the clock above, what you can't see is the sweet moulded 3D picture of the three Powerpuff Girls which juts out to around the same dimensions as the half which houses the clock face. The depiction of the characters is spot on, I wish the piccie showed the full clock as I can't even begin to start describing it for the average consumer who has never heard of the Powerpuff Girls. Just Google Powerpuff Girls and find an picture of the three in a kind of Red Arrows pose with the middle Girl slightly higher and in front of the other two, it's probably an image that will immediately come into the mind of Dooyoo'ers with the same age daughter as me!

      It looks great though, the child-orientated blue and pink colour scheme looks as great now as it did when I first bought it. The colours of the Powerpuff Girls are just right and breaks the blue up to make it a good unisex clock. The clock face itself is definitely designed with girls in mind, but the overall effect (with the part you can't see) would be fine for boys too - David will no doubt end up with it when he's bigger, but then he had a pink Moses basket and plenty of dresses to wear when he was born (it's a long story) so is probably not the best example.

      There's no alarm on this clock, the pink button you can see above the face is actually a switch to activate small green LED lights above each number. These still work and it can be useful (or at least fun) for children when they are old enough to be able to tell the time in the dark - or not, as bizarrely the hands of the clock don't light up so it's slightly senseless to illuminate the numbers! It's a nice effect though; Alice in particular loved the clock when it was lit up, the button has always been responsive and despite being switched on and off literally thousands of times over the years none of the lights have blown.

      The clock works using three AA batteries, I use cheap throwaway Poundland batteries in this and they last for months. It's usually five minutes slow, there's something about this clock and it's lost the same five minutes ever since I bought it - something that doesn't bother me as I'm not the most time-conscious person in the world, and has definitely never bothered the kids. I doubt they've noticed!

      I remember paying £25 for this clock in Littlewoods in Birmingham. This was ten years ago and twenty five quid was a hell of a lot of money to spend on a plastic clock. Yeah, yeah, I'm well aware I sound like my mum when I say that but it's true. Then you could get a (bang on toddler-trend) Teletubbies or Tweenies clock for about a tenner, dammit a LIVING ROOM clock wasn't as expensive (for the time, remember) as this.

      The bad news is I don't think they're readily available now. You know what, since I saw this empty category I've had the sneaking suspicion that I requested the product donkey's years ago and never got around to writing about it. In those days suggesting products and not writing about them was frowned upon so sorry Dooyoo, but I got here in the end!


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