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Fossil ES1570 Metal

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Brand: Fossil / Watch for: Women

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    2 Reviews
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      16.07.2010 21:58
      Very helpful



      A good all round watch

      I have had several watches over the years, some of the cheap and others slightly more expensive. A couple of years ago I needed a new watch due to the strap on mine keep breaking so for Christmas my fiancé bought me a new Fossil watch.

      The Packaging
      The watch came very nicely presented in a small square tin with an almost old fashion style picture printed on it, the lid pulled off to reveal the watch displayed inside within a velvety surround (I cannot remember the colour of this) All the certificates of authenticity we also in the tin with the watch. I thought the was quite an unusual but effect way of presenting the watch, certainly different to the usually boxes they come in. I particularly liked the idea of the tin as it was pretty enough to keep out on display to store the watch in when not wearing it.

      The Watch
      The strap and area surrounding the watch face is made of stainless steal (shiny silver in colour) The strap is made of several small links joined together in a chain effect, on one end of the strap is a small clip with the word Fossil engraved into it, this opens and hooks through the link on the other end of the strap and clicks shut inorder to fasten the watch. The clip used to fasten the strap may be a little tricky to open for some people, I have found this to be the case when wearing false nails, however the watch strap does fasten very securely and I have never had any problems with it coming open. One this I particularly like about this watch is that the links on the opposite end to the fastening clip are removable meaning this watch would be suitable for people with any size wrist. The total length of the watch including the face is approximately 18cm, however I have taken about 3 links out of the strap due to it being miles too big for me so I would say that with all the links in the watch is about 21 - 22cm. The strap is quite thin however being made of stainless steel is is very strong, as I said mine is about 2 years old now and I have never had any problems with the strap breaking. The fact that I have had to take some links out means that if a link was ever to break I do have some spare ones which is quite handy.

      The watch face is square shaped and covered in glass, with the face itself being shiny pink. The watch does not have numbers going all the way around the face, it only has the numbers 3, 6, 9 and 12 personally I do not find this a problem through when looking at the time. The numbers and the word Fossil (also written on the face) are silver in colour to fit in with the theme of the watch and stand out very slightly from the face, the watch hands are also silver. There is a small pin on the side of the watch to alter the time, also quite small it is very easy to turn and not at all fidderly. The size of the watch face is approximately 1cm across and 2cm in length, although it is quite small I find it very easy to see the time. Personally I like the fact that the watch face is small as it means it is not bulky and does not get in the way, I wear mine for work or when going out, it is a watch I would say is suitable for any occasion.

      Although it does not look it this watch is also water proof, it can be worn in water 30 metre/ 100 feet deep, although I have not actually tried this by wearing for swimming I have got the watch wet without any adverse affects. The water depth is engraved on the back of the watch, along with the Fossil symbol, the word Fossil and the material of the watch (stainless steel). This area of the back is removable and where the battery is kept. I have had the battery changed once since I have had the watch with not problems what so ever, I do advise that the back is removed by a professional inorder to change the battery as it will need to be put back on correctly inorder for it to remain waterproof.

      I am not sure where the watch was bought as it was a present, although I do know that it was purchased online for approximately £50 to £60, unfortunately I cannot comment on whether this is an average price for this watch, but personally I wouldn't say that this was an overly high price for the watch. I could certainly recommend this watch to any woman, it is suitable for everybody, very hard wearing and attractive in appearance. I would buy another Fossil watch in the future.

      Hard wearing
      Reasonably priced (I think)
      Strap can be adjusted in length
      Not too bulky

      None that I have found


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      04.04.2008 09:53



      Good as gifts

      I was bought a Fossil watch as a present for my 12th birthday and it was my first ever proper watch.
      It was beautifully presented in a tin gift box and is a very pretty watch.
      The silver chain is adjustable with removable links so can be adjusted to fit large or small wrists. It does up with a secure clip which ensures it does not slip off your hand accidently.
      The watch face itself is a shiny blue colour and it has the word 'Fossil' written across the top between the 10 and 2 numbers.
      it hasa second hand and a small date box that updates itself automatically so you do not need to fiddle around with it.
      I have had onnly one problem with it where it stopped working and despite having the battery replaced, it did not start to work again. Fortunately it was still covered by its insurance so was sent off to a workshop and it came back good as new.
      The watches range from £50-150 so they make good presents.


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