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Casio G Shock GE-2000

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Brand: Casio / Watch for: Men

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    1 Review
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      14.02.2008 16:02
      Very helpful



      A watch to last a lifetime - well-built, all the features you need, easy to use and looks good

      With a temporary basic watch at the time, I was in search of a good one to last me years, and boy did I find it! My G-Shock watch has lasted me 4 years so far, and is still in stunning condition and works like a dream. Made by Casio, they are some of the best quality watches that you can buy, and don't come at an expensive price either! The watch is very well-built and durable with the ability to be under a pressure of 20bar, which is 200 metres! I doubt you will ever dive this far as you can only dive a maximum of 30 metres with extensive training, so this watch can be worn anywhere.

      It looks really cool like most G-Shock watches do. That's why it says 'G-Cool' just below the clock face. It has a kind of bulky appearance but is very comfortable to wear. They are available in different 2 tone colours. Mine is black and grey with red and turquoise buttons too. The strap is made of leather with a material strip along the outside where the holes are.

      It has a stainless steel back with the rest being made from strong leather, steel and an extremely strong wire runs through the sides of the straps to keep them in place. The quality of this watch is excellent and mine hasn't broken at all. The leather on one strap to one side has started to wear away, but considering I have had the watch for over 4 years, you would expect some damage from wear. I have worn it almost every day for four years, so that is over 1400 days.

      The screen itself is split into three sections. The top features the date and day along with symbols to tell you if the alarm is set or the hourly beep is activated. The bar separating this from the middle part has all the symbols along it that are shown when using the watch. The middle section features a digital clock with a 'P' to one side if it is the afternoon. The seconds are also shown for ultimate accuracy as well as the hour and minute obviously. The bottom section is just for show really and isn't useful. It features three circles with sections around them that go on and off round in a circle as each second goes on. It makes it look cool and complex, but doesn't do anything apart from illustrate what second you are on using three circles. It makes the face look more active and exciting though.

      It is very easy to use with 4 different buttons. One button on the right side is pressed and used to change the time zone. This watch has a feature of world time, so you can scroll through every time zone and leave it on which ever one suits you. It is very handy for travelling, as all you have to do is scroll through the time zones until you reach the one you want. They are often labelled with 3 letter symbols such as BKK, which will stand for Bangkok's according time zone. If you are in GMT+1, then it will show PAR to signify Paris.

      The watch is easy to set in the first place. You hold down one of the buttons to get the display flashing. You then use another button to change the time, whilst using the mode button to move to the next digit to edit. You can go through everything from the hour to the minute, second, day, date, month, year, time zone and choose whether daylight saving time is on or off. Apart from that, you use the mode button to scroll the modes and the other ones have similar functions throughout each mode.

      There are several modes:

      Lap Times

      The stopwatch, lap times and countdown are all linked and work very well if you do exercise that you time yourself on. The watch has 5 alarms that you can set to different times. You can also choose to have an hourly alarm signal on or off. If this hourly alarm is on, there will be a double beep on the hour to notify you, which I find quite useful. The watch also has a light blue backlight that is very useful when it is dark and you need to see the time. By pressing the button, the backlight will come on for a few seconds.

      Overall the watch is very accurate and well-built. The quality is excellent and it can probably undergo a lorry driving over it. You can have it under a pressure of 20bar, which is equal to 200 metres. It is very easy to use, comfortable to wear and has a large variety of useful features - Highly recommended.

      You can buy the watch for around £99 although the RRP is £119.99. For this price, it may seem expensive but will last you a lifetime and is of excellent quality with all the features you need.

      Thanks for reading,

      - Recon -


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