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Gucci 109 G-Square

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2 Reviews

Brand: Gucci / Watch for: Women / Clock mechanism: Quartz

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    2 Reviews
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      08.03.2009 12:46
      Very helpful
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      Fantastic product - would highly recommend!

      I was bought this watch for my 21st Birthday and have worn it every day for the past year! I absolutely love this watch, it goes with everything and looks quite simply but yet very classy. I have the pearl face which looks great, quite subtle too which i like. Mine has the gold gucci logo on the face and fixes at the back with the horse shoe buckle. It looks like a bracelet when on and I always wear it as a fashion accessorie with my best dresses etc, it goes with most outfits too. I do sometimes find it a little hard to tell the time though as the face only has the hour and minute hand and no numbers or anything and as the face is so small it is a little confusing, but then you do get used to it. I would say it is more about the look of the watch anyway, it just looks great so personaly thats all im bothered about! It does scratch quite easily though, and mine has taken a bit of a beating but has come out very well! It does have a lot of scratches but you cant notice them at all unless you look very hard! Its a good watch and i can see it lasting for a long time. I would definintely recommend, I wear mine every day and think its great!


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        04.09.2008 01:45
        Very helpful



        A great dress watch, but not so good for everyday wear............

        For as long as I could remember I have wanted a Gucci watch, and for my wedding anniversary my husband treated me, mush to my surprise. I couldn't believe that he had actually bought me this stunning watch, all my birthdays, Christmases and anniversaries had all come at once.

        I have not got the 18K yellow gold one that is advertised here for 1, 258, 98, but I have the gold plated one that is a lot cheaper in price and looks just as great. I didn't even know they did a pure gold one until this advert.

        I have always been under the impression that these were Gucci dress watches and they came in stainless steel and gold plated metals, the thing that adds the value is the face of the watch as these can be standard black, white and even a mother of pearl face.

        THE WATCH

        My watch is the 18k gold plated version with a black face and gold Gucci logo on the face. It is basically a bracelet with a horse shoe fastening buckle, I find this bracelet style is perfect for me as it sits on my wrist without it slipping down onto the top of my hand.

        The face is black and has a rather small Gucci printed on it in gold, the down side to this watch the hands. It only consists of two hands the hour and the minute hand, this can take some getting used to if you usually have a second hand.

        There are no numbers on the face, so it can be difficult to tell the time. When I first got this I was always an hour ahead or behind and I found myself having to look and the time twice, just be sure.
        I have to say I am now used to it and I can tell the time correctly.

        This watch does take a battery, but it does appear to have a winder which can be misleading so be sure not to wind it up as you could break it. The winder is used to set the time, you just need to pull it out wind it to set the correct time then pop it back in, it is as simple as that.

        So if the watch stops working then take it back to the jewellers and they can replace the battery for you.

        Every Gucci watch in unique and comes with its own authenticity number, this is located inside the watch behind the face. Here you will also have the make and model number of the watch and Swiss made. All of this information is etched into the back of the face.


        The watch has two adjustment settings, and nothing can be removed to either enlarge it or decrease the size, so it was important to get the correct size as there is not much scope in the size department.

        You can buy this model in different sizes, petite being the first and will cater for those with small and normal sized wrists. If you always have to get watches adjusted when you buy them then this is the size for you.

        The other size is regular and will allow the watch to fit normal to larger wrists, if you never have to get watches adjusted then I would recommend this size as you can have it on the tighter fastening, and then still have room to expand the size if needed.

        Both of these watch sizes have two adjustment levels but there is only half a centimeter in it, so it can be very tricky. If you buy the watch from a reputable jeweller then they will change the sizes if needed.


        All Gucci watches come with their very own unique serial number and authenticity card, making every one different. If you ever get one of these be sure to buy it from a reputable source, as there are many fake replicas around at the moment and I have to admit some of them are very good copies, well they appear that way until you get close up.

        With a genuine Gucci watch your will receive a certificate of authenticity and a credit card style authenticity card, I am not sure why maybe Gucci expect you to carry it in your wallet to show your friends it is real.


        Well what can I say this is just a stunning as the watch itself, the watch comes in a big posh padded Gucci box. It is black leather with the legendary Gucci logo embossed on to the lid.

        Inside the box is velvet in grey, it is very cushioned to protect your watch when not in use. When I first got it I did not even want to wear it as it looked so nice in the box I didn't want to ruin it.

        If the box was not enough you get an outer sleeve to protect you box, crazy I know but it did look really good. Then to top it off I got a dark brown heavy duty carrier bag with cord handles and Gucci ribbons all over it.

        I have since sold the watch box on ebay and got 32.90 for it and I even got 11.52 for the carrier bag. So if you do buy one the bare in mind that you can earn yourself nearly 45.00 pounds just from the packaging.


        This Gucci 109-g comes in many styles and colours, you can buy stainless steel with a white or black face, and you can also get the gold plated ones with black or white faces.

        A new range has come out, with mother of pearl faces in pink, blue and cream these are very nice but they do cost more that the slandered ones.


        Depending on where you go to buy these the price can vary, but not buy a great deal so it is worth shopping around, the best place to start is the Gucci.com web site.

        You can expect to anywhere between 395.00 and 595.00 pounds, depending on the type of watch and where you buy it, sorry I cannot be exact with the price as this was a gift and I dont know how much mine cost.

        MY OPINION

        Well I have to say I truly love my watch and I am sure I will for years to come. The box and packaging was also fantastic but I did sell this on, as I wear the watch daily and the box was just sitting there.

        I wear the watch every day and I have done since I got it, yes there are a few surface scratches on the face now but it still looks great, although not as shiny as it was.

        I was very disappointed when I learned that this was not water resistant, but I always remember to take it off when washing up.

        I had to go and get it looked at in the first two weeks of having it, I assumed it was water resistant but it wasn't, but lucky for me this was covered under the two year warranty I got with it.

        At first I found it very hard to tell the time, it is not that practical in that sense but is looks great and that is all that matters, but if you are a time watcher then maybe this is not for you.


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