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Gucci Chiodo Collection

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Brand: Gucci / Type: Fashion watch

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    1 Review
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      21.12.2010 22:58
      Very helpful



      A stunning watch

      ~ Time ( for a ) Piece of Gucci watch making history~

      Believe it or not Gucci first began to produce their gorgeous watches as late as the early 70's. Even though the first Gucci retail store opened way back in 1938, watches were not on the Gucci menu until 1972. Gucci collaborated with a Swiss company called Severin Montres and began to manufacture a range of watches for the discerning man and woman about town, although the Gucci company did falter for a while , the watch making side soon took off and the products produced became highly desirable.

      Gucci decided to buy up Severin Montres in the 1990's and went on to re brand it as Gucci Timepieces, although this was soon renamed in 2002 as the Gucci Watch Group. This mega super duper watch producing brand has gone on to look after a number of luxury watch brands that include such giants as Gucci, Boucheron, Yves Saint Laurent and Bedat & Company and amongst the existing range of watches produced is the utterly delicious Gucci Chiodo that forms the subject of the review you see here.


      ~So gorgeous I had to make time for this!~

      There is something so very alluring and gorgeous about some of the glorious timepieces created by Gucci, so that once you place one of the range of watches onto your wrist every other non Gucci watch you look at seems to pale into insignificance. As I gazed at the counter awaiting the help of one of the sales assistants I looked down at the counter glass and there was the Gucci Chiodo watch smiling at me in that, 'hello look at me aren't I really lush and gorgeous' kind of way that sets your pulse racing......Oh dear.........

      If ever there was a very elegant and well turned out, modern yet classic timepiece, then the Gucci Chiodo watch has to be one of that select bunch of watches that feels like more than just an ordinary watch and as such I really love wearing my Chiodo watch on special occasions, as it sets the tone for me. The watch comes in a number design of options, with the variations all based around the same type of bracelet with a slightly different watch face and whilst this may seem somewhat limiting in terms of how different the watch can look, in reality it does make a substantial difference to the whole feel of the watch.

      For a better more detailed view of the Chiodo watch that is the subject of this review, with a moveable zoom option, a visit to the Gucci online site at: http://www.gucci.com/uk/styles/237948I16308160# will give a much more realistic idea of how lovely this really is in the flesh.

      ~The watch as you wear it~

      The Gucci Chiodo watch has a very nicely made watch bracelet that not only looks great but also feels good when worn on the wrist. The bracelet is very light and fits with ease, yet has a very strong and durable feel at the same time. The links of the bracelet are well formed and they allow the watch to sit at just the right angle when in wear, leaving the dial exactly in the centre of the front of the wrist where I want it to be for ease of use when telling the time. The material used to make the bracelet is stainless steel which has been polished to perfection and has no rough edges to it that could catch on clothing or skin, it is also very easy to clean or polish should it need a quick spruce up. The Gucci double GG logos are used on this watch at the front gripping the watch case and on the back of both bracelet ends and are used in a subtle way that ties in well with the whole design which I feel this gives a lovely finisih to the Chiodo watch.

      The clasp that the watch has in order to fit it securely is classed as jewellery type clasp and the way it works is very easy to get to grips with. To attach the watch open the clasp and then place the other side of the watch bracelet over that and into the groove that has been made for it. For those with thin wrists there is the option to fit the other side of the bracelet clasp into a second groove next to the first one, that will enable the watch to give a closer fit to the wrist if required. I was informed that this feature had been included as in summer a watch needs to fit more loosely due to the fact that when we get a little warmer with the rise in temperature, our wrists and fingers can become over warm and increase a little in size. With the extra fitting the watch can be adjusted for winter or summer wear without having to remove any part of the lovely silver toned watch bracelet and this is a very thoughtful feature. The clasp is finished at the front edge with the Gucci name which makes it seem all the more special and well thought out.

      ~Is it a good choice?~

      This watch comes with either a black dial, a plain white dial, a white dial with diamonds or the mink brown dial which is the colour on my watch face. I like the way the dial colour on the watch sits so well in the watch case and seems to make the sections of the watch stand out well when it comes to telling the time. Regarding colour and design, the mink brown colour against the silver watch has plenty of depth and texture to it that does not interfere with how clearly it displays the time when in use. One thing you need to used to iss the slightly off centre way that the watch face seems to sit in the case, as although the watch hands sit securely in the centre of the face the design has a slightly off set appearance. This off set design does make the watch stand out compared to some other Chiodo collection watches from the range and I think it really adds to the lovely design.

      ~A little more about the Gucci Chiodo~

      Q) What is the watch bracelet made from?
      A) The Chiodo watch has a stainless steel Gucci/ GG theme, linked bracelet with jewellery clasp

      Q) Could I fit a safety chain to this watch?
      A) Yes you should be able to fit a small slim safety chain to the G shaped ends of this watch

      Q) What type of watch case does the watch have?
      A) The Chiodo watch has a very stylish and durable stainless steel case

      Q) What colour is the watch face?
      A) The Chiodo has a black or golden mink brown dial designed to look slightly off centre in this model

      Q) What type of movement does the Chiodo have?
      A) The Chiodo has a super silent quartz movement

      Q) What is the watch glass made from?
      A) The Chiodo benefits from a durable scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass for greater protection

      Q) Is the Chiodo water resistant?
      A) According to Gucci the Chiodo is water-resistant to 3 atm/ 100 feet/ 30 meters

      Q) Does the Chiodo come with a manufacturers warranty?
      A) The swiss made Chiodo has a 2 year warranty although you can take out further insurance

      Q) Can I give my Chiodo a quick clean and polish up if it gets grubby?
      A) Yes, polish off finger marks etc with a jewellers soft cloth that will not scratch the watch

      Q) Can I replace the watch battery myself?
      A) This is not advisable. Take your Chiodo to an authorized Gucci watch retailer

      ~A gift box fit for a Queen~

      All I can say is wow, there are fancy watch boxes and then there are Gucci watch boxes! When you get your hands on your first Gucci watch you really are spoilt with the way they are packed and presented. Gucci watches come in fantastic looking lush and impressive metallic toned boxes fit for a queen and they are 100% lush. Honestly the Gucci gift boxes are stunning and they are a wonderfully presented way to protect the watch and impress the giftee if you are buying one as a gift, or yourself if you are splashing out to spoil yourself in a naughty but nice way.

      The outer box is in an almost bronze toned brushed gold colour and the Gucci name sits right in the centre and in my opinion its enough to make you drool with excitement if you are given one of these boxes. The presentation and packing of the watch is very impressive, although I must mention that the outer box is rather bulky and will take up rather a large amount of room which makes it unsuitable to place inside an existing average sized jewellery box. The outer box has an easy to use flip top to it and once you open that there is a smaller brushed metallic box nestled within that which holds your watch. I feel that this clever presentation gives a wonderful air of luxury without being naff or over the top and makes the watch inside seem even more special.

      ~ How the glam box protects the watch!~

      I like the way the thick side walls of the outer box give plenty of protection to the inner watch box and I feel this is very well thought out. Its rather nice to see that both protection and presentation have been thought about, as the watch has its own smaller box within the outer casing that works well. The inner box comes apart to reveal the Gucci Chiodo watch sitting on a soft bronze/ beige toned peach skin cushion base which keeps the bracelet in good shape and I would recommend you store your watch on the cushion, within its special box when not wearing it. This will ensure that your watch stays at its best when not on your wrist and holds is intended shape for as long as you have it.

      Underneath the inner box there is a small hidden compartment which contains a small thick square shaped bronze gold booklet and even that has its own little bronze toned Gucci box to make it feel extra special. This contains your watch instructions which come in many languages which means you should find one to suit and should have been stamped and dated by the seller of the watch. If it has not been stamped then I would suggest you return to the original store and ask them to date stamp it and fill in the details which include your watches serial number. I feel this should not be over looked as the watch does come with a 2 year guarantee. This may not be valid without the booklet being filled in correctly so its best to check that from the outset.

      ~Final thoughts and rating~

      You can insure the Chiodo watch if you feel it will benefit you and can expect to pay around £55/ £60 for 3 years worth of insurance that includes various covers that may help protect your watch fully during the period of cover.

      Over all I feel the Gucci Chiodo is a very special watch that is classic and timeless with a beautifully proportioned design to both the watch face and the bracelet. I also feel that if you are not keen on close fitting linked bracelet style watches, you may be more suited to a looser fitting watch instead, although from my experience most of the Gucci watches did seem to offer a rather snug and secure fit. The Gucci Chiodo watch is still widely available to buy and in my opinion should only ever be bought from an official Gucci stockist. There are fakes out there and if you come across the watch being sold for next to nothing in an unknown store then the chances are that its not a real Gucci watch. My product rating for this watch can be no less than a full 5 star rating as it exudes class that I feel sets it above many other watches you can buy.


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