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Gucci Twirl

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Brand: Gucci / Watch for: Women

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    1 Review
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      20.11.2010 23:45
      Very helpful



      A classy little watch

      ~Give us a Twirl ( A Gucci Twirl)~

      I have had a number of very nice watches over the years, some of which have been bargain buys and others that have been a cut above the rest and are more than just a little bit special. Gucci have a lovely range of watches for both men and women and although they may not be the cheapest thing in the world to buy, they are an investment time piece that not only keep great time but also look fantastic and make a statement. The Gucci Twirl watch has been copied to some extent by other watch makers, with similar designs appearing by brands like Guess, who are another maker that I have experience of. Even so the Gucci Twirl does win over in terms of style and nothing can beat having that Gucci quality, as well as the having the iconic brand name and logo plastered all over the watch strap , as it certainly lets everyone know what you are wearing.

      ~ A whirl around the the Twirl~

      Gucci make a number of Twirl watches and they do vary slightly. I feel that The Twirl in all its forms is a very attractive and easy to wear casual watch that makes a statement. You can buy an option with a slightly different material and metal bracelet to it and that looks rather nice but does lack a little finesse to my mind. I feel that the simpler design with smaller Gucci logos on a stainless steel bangle is more classy and subtle and thats how I like it. When you have a watch like this you don't need it to be loud, with bright colours or designs and this one is a nice compromise that does say 'hello I'm Gucci' but is not tacky or loud in any way.

      The idea of the Twirl watch is very clever and I was impressed with it. I found it allows you to wear the watch as a watch or as a slave style bracelet. I do feel that I prefer it as a watch as its more functional, although it does look very nice as a bracelet too. All you need to do to convert it from one thing to the other is to flip the actual watch face over and hey presto it becomes the other item. The actual bracelet stays the same whatever you do with it and I feel it looks alright as a bracelet, although I do feel that the watch option is the true winner.

      The Gucci Twirl comes as either a large or small bracelet and by that I refer to the width of the bracelet part not the size of the watch bracelet as it fits around your wrist. The larger version is the one shown here and that is very wide and is more like a slave bangle with a watch face in it. The smaller version is the one I have and that is a slimmer watch with less of that super chunky feel to it that is easier to wear. I am glad I didn't end up with the thicker watch as it would have been too wide for me to get along with.

      These types of bangle watches can be a problem for some people, as they do tend to be very fitted around your wrist. I found that it took a very long time for me to be able to wear the watch comfortably for long periods of time without having to remove it due to feeling rather constricted. I would say that if you are the kind of person who isn't comfortable with such a fitted bangle type watch then this one will not suit you.

      ~What are my options?~

      The colour options for the face of the Gucci Twirl watches are either in a light mink brown which I feel is gorgeous and a mother of pearl fresh white, which is simple and less of a statement. Both are nice and its more a matter of choice as to which you choose, as I wasn't given the option I ended up with the white faced watch and I feel it does look very nice. The watch case is stainless steel and it flips or rotates when you want to swap from watch to bangle. You cannot do that when you are wearing the watch as the fit is too snug and it would be impossible to turn the watch face over when the bracelet of the watch is done up.

      The design that is used for the Twirl watch is modern and sleek, with the main nod to it being a Gucci branded watch being the double G logos that are used all over the bangle, amid small dotted cross hatched patterns. I think this is very well done and is just enough to add definition to the Twirl without being too over the top. I like the way that the watch face sits in the centre of the solid bracelet at the front, yet the rear links allow the watch to have a little movement to it as you wear it. This does add a good degree of comfort to what might have been an overly constrictive design otherwise. For those with lots of pennies to spend there is also a version of the Twirl with diamonds around the watch face which looks lovely, but will double the price you pay.

      The clasp of course has more of the Gucci double G design on it and although it holds firmly in place, I feel it would have been better to have had somewhere to fit a safety chain to it. I wouldn't say that the clasp is too easy to open when you take the watch off which makes it fiddly, but it could catch if you were unlucky and cause the watch to come off. As it is you cannot fit a safety chain and this does make you rather aware that there is no safety net when wearing the watch. It is something that I feel may put some watch buyers off. On my Gucci Chiodo watch I was able to get a slim safety chain fitted which makes me feel more confident when wearing it, so I do feel its a disappointment that the Twirl does not allow for that with any ease.

      ~A Quick Time Tour of The Twirl~

      Q) Whats the bracelet made from?
      A) The Twirl has a stainless steel GG themed bracelet with a jewellery type clasp

      Q) Could I fit a safety chain?
      A) It would be difficult to fit one to this watch

      Q) What type of watch case does it have?
      A) The Twirl has a stainless steel rotating case

      Q) Does the Twirl have any extra features?
      A) The Twirl has GG themed engraved case back that rotates and turns the watch into a bracelet

      Q) What colour is the watch face?
      A) The Twirl has either a white or brown dial

      Q) What type of movement does the Twirl have?
      A) The Twirl has a quartz movement

      Q) What is the watch glass made from?
      A) The Twirl benefits from a sapphire crystal glass for greater protection

      Q) Is the Twirl water resistant?
      A) The Twirl is water-resistant to 3 atm/ 100 feet/30 meters

      Q) Does the Twirl come with a manufacturers warranty?
      A) The swiss made Twirl has a 2 year warranty

      Q) Can I give my Twirl a quick spruce up if it gets grubby?
      A) Yes, polish off finger marks etc with a jewellers soft cloth that will not scratch the watch

      Q) Can I replace the watch battery myself?
      A) Not advisable. Take your Twirl to an authorized Gucci retailer and get it done.

      ~ How do you rate the choclate free Twirl then?~

      Things that I like about the Gucci Twirl are the fact that the watch glass is made from a very good quality scratch resistant sapphire crystal. This looks like normal glass in every way, but it will help to protect your watch glass from scratches and marks and is one of the high quality details that I feel sets the watch apart. The watch face is very minimal and you do need to adjust to that if you are used to having numbers or numerals on your watch. It doesn't take long to get used to and I feel that the watch face is too small to put numbers all over it and spoil it. There is also no minute hand on the watch to spoil the look and the movement is so quiet that you do tend to keep checking if its working at first due to that.

      Gucci say that the Twirl is water resistant to 3 atm/ 100 feet/ or 30 metres and will require a new battery in time and you should only ever take it to an official Gucci recognised fitter so as to keep the guarantee intact. The Gucci Twirl watch has the Gucci double G logo all over the back so that it looks just as good when worn as a bracelet and it has performed well at both keeping time and looking good when its being worn as a piece of jewellery. As far as rating the watch I feel it has a style that really makes stand out and will go with a variety of outfits. It really does exude class and exudes quality and I feel it has to be a 5 star watch .


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