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Guess W65006L2

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Brand: Guess / Type: Mini triangle ladies watch

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    1 Review
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      13.01.2011 15:00
      Very helpful



      A stunning watch

      ~Guess what? This watch is super blingy!~

      The GUESS Mini Triangle Watch I have was rather an impulse buy as I saw it by chance and thought it was rather nice. The watch has a very striking looking watch face complimented by a well made watch strap and clasp and whilst it has a rather blingy and sparkly look to it I feel it sits comfortably between being a watch that a man or a woman could wear if bling is your thing. Blingy watches such as this one have come more and more into fashion for men and women to wear and so I felt the watch was well worth reviewing here on Dooyoo. A product suggestion was made as the watch was not listed and as it has now been added to the database I am able to share my thoughts about my GUESS Mini Triangle Watch.

      When buying a watch I always look for something that not only stands out in terms of how it looks, I want a quality watch that is built to last and will work hard when I wear it. So far my GUESS Mini Triangle Watch has been a nice little watch to own and as it sits in the mid to lower price range for a watch I feel I can wear it without worrying about my investment all the time. GUESS make a good number of variations of this particular watch with a number of colour options that make the watch face look slightly different although the shape and design remain the same. The watch strap that came with my watch is in a nice sleek looking mock croc leather and it suits the theme of the watch face really well, the other versions that I have seen have watch straps which coordinate equally well with the colour and theme of the watch and vary greatly.

      ~Come with me to the dark side of the moon~

      When I purchased my sleek black GUESS Mini Triangle Watch I recall taking it home to show everyone and as soon as the watch was out of the box someone piped up that the watch reminded them of the Dark Side of the Moon album cover design. Ever since then I call this my dark side of the moon watch and it always brings a smile to my face when I wear it as the pretty triangle detailing on the watch face does indeed have a similar look to it. The detailing on the watch face is really nice and so far all the lovely blingy crystals have remained in place with no losses at all. The outer edge of the watch is one gorgeous mass of sparkly splendour and the whole effect when the watch catches the light is very nice indeed.

      The face of my GUESS Mini Triangle Watch is in a sleek dark and moody black that goes so well with the rest of the watch and it makes it easy for me to tell the time as the silver watch hands really stand out against it. It did take me some time to get used to the fact that the watch has no numbers on it at all, although I can see why numbers have not been put onto the watch dial as that would compete too much with the blingy triangular central design the watch has. I feel that the watch is well made as it is finished with matching silver toned detailing such as a well made watch clasp and I am very pleased with how the watch looks and performs.

      ~Wearing the watch~

      When I want to set the time on my GUESS Mini Triangle Watch it is easy enough to do with minimum fuss, as I just need to pull out the side pin, twist it lightly to set the correct time and then push it back into place to start the watch battery on its way. When in use the watch is super quiet with no ticking as it has a battery powered quartz movement and so far my watch has kept perfect time and had no problems when in use. There are a number of things I like about the watch and one of the features that I often use and find helpful is being able to leave the watch without the battery running when it is not in use. I never leave the watch running when I am not wearing it and as I cannot wear all my watches at once, I pick and choose depending on my mood and I leave them with the pins out so as to stop the watch battery running down too quickly.

      I have done this with this watch ever since I have had it with no problems what so ever and as the watch is always safely stored within its box when not in use, I can feel safe in the knowledge that my watch is safe and sound when left that way. As with any such watch battery replacement will be needed from time to time and should only be carried out by an experienced watch dealer if still within the guarantee period, as it may invalidate the guarantee otherwise. So far I my watch is still keeping perfect time and I have not had to replace the battery on the watch. This means that I am unable to comment on how much replacing the battery would be likely to cost although I assume that when the time comes it won't end up being too expensive.

      ~GUESS what the main features of the watch are?~

      Q) What type of watch case does the GUESS Mini Triangle Watch have?
      A) The GUESS Mini Triangle Watch watch has a very blingy yet durable stainless steel case

      Q) What colour is the GUESS Mini Triangle Watch face?
      A) The GUESS Mini Triangle Watch has a black dial designed with an array of blingy crystals

      Q) What type of movement does the GUESS Mini Triangle Watch have?
      A) The GUESS Mini Triangle Watch has a super silent quartz movement

      Q) What is the GUESS Mini Triangle Watch strap made from?
      A) The GUESS Mini Triangle Watch watch has a leather moc croc style strap with silver toned buckle clasp

      Q) Could I fit a safety chain to the GUESS Mini Triangle Watch?
      A) No it would be difficult to fit a safety chain to to the leather strap as there is nowhere to fix one in place

      Q) What is the size of the GUESS Mini Triangle Watch case?
      A) The GUESS Mini Triangle Watch 34.5mm in width x 10.6mm in depth

      Q) Is the GUESS Mini Triangle Watch water resistant?
      A) According to the makers is water-resistant to 30 meters (I have not tested that!)

      Q) Can I give my GUESS Mini Triangle Watch a quick clean and polish up if it gets grubby?
      A) Yes, polish off finger marks etc with a jewellers soft cloth that will not scratch the GUESS Mini Triangle Watch

      Q) Can I replace the watch battery in my GUESS Mini Triangle Watch myself?
      A) This is not advisable. Take your GUESS Mini Triangle Watch to a trusted watch retailer instead

      Q) Does the GUESS Mini Triangle Watch come with a manufacturers warranty?
      A) The GUESS Mini Triangle Watch has a limited 2 year warranty


      The GUESS Mini Triangle Watch comes nicely presented in sleek black moc croc effect matt black box with a silver toned GUESS logo on the top. The inside of the case has a small black watch pillow which is what the GUESS Mini Triangle Watch sits on when in the box and I feel that the presentation and protection offered by the watch and watch pillow are reasonable. I would have liked a more stable interior as the watch can roll about just a little when sat on the small watch pillow as the outer casing is quite large. The box is a hard case type box and it is hinged for ease of use so you can use it to store you GUESS Mini Triangle Watch in when its not on your wrist. The box suits the style of the GUESS Mini Triangle Watch and all manuals and instructions needed are included in the box which is helpful.

      ~Summary, price and rating~

      I feel that the watch sits well when I wear it and keeps perfect time too. The look of the watch is both blingy and modern and it has a fantastic amount of style about it that makes it look very attractive when worn. I do feel that wearing a watch such as this one with its large watch face can take a while to get used to as it does take time to adjust to wearing a tight fitting watch with a large watch case. Over all the fit is comfortable though and I feel that as the price of this watch is reasonable, its rather nice to be able to enjoy the benefits of such an attractive watch, without worrying about damaging it all the time as it wouldn't break the bank should you need to replace it. With prices for this watch starting at £59.99 and going upward towards £120, I feel that its best to look around for the best deal as there are bargains to be had. Over all I feel that the watch offers good value for money and works well keeping good time so I feel I want to give the GUESS Mini Triangle Watch a 4 star product rating.


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