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Ice-Watch Classic Solid

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Brand: Ice Watch / Model: Classic Solid / Available: various colours

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    6 Reviews
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      11.03.2014 00:41
      1 Comment



      Great chunky watch.

      I have a bit on an obsession with watches.
      I think it all started when I was 13 and my mum bought me a baby g watch for my birthday. I loved it.
      Now I have a ice watch in pink, purple, blue, white and black.
      I will be honest I don't always wear them to tell the time I mostly wear them as a fashion accessory.
      I love the bright ones.
      Also the boxes are good as they turn into money boxes or you can keep the watches in the box.
      My dressing table is lined up with them looks colourful lol.
      I bought my first ice watch about 18 months ago and the battery is still going which is good as the batteries don't need changing often.
      I love my ice watches. I wear one every day. I love how they are bright and stand out. Also fashionable and they stay looking new.
      I am now looking for my next one to buy.


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        05.04.2013 22:57
        Very helpful



        A great fashion watch

        My husband treated me to an Ice watch for my birthday last year. I fancied a chunky watch that was different to the ones I had already in my collection. There's a large range of Ice watches available, this classic solid Ice watch being my choice for the simple reasons that it was on special offer, had a nice, simple design and didn't look too flashy.

        Ice watches vary considerably in price. My husband purchased this one for me for £54.95 but at the time retailed in high street jewellers at around £70. I bought the medium faced version of the watch, but it is also available in a smaller faced and a larger faced version. Other Ice watches are also available that have more features (eg date feature, stone set, chronograph) and as a result are more expensive.

        The classic solid Ice watch is available from a variety of stores including jewellers H Samuel and Beaverbrooks and department stores John Lewis and Selfridges. I got mine at an outlet shopping centre in an independent jewellers.

        The watch comes in a unusual box that is shaped like a brick - it looks like a very large piece of Duplo lego to me! The box comes in the same colour as the watch for the most part, but has a clear section to it so that the watch can be seen.

        The Colours
        The watch is available in a large range of colours - there's the perfect colour in there for everyone as there are so many. The colours available where I purchased mine from were pink, purple, yellow, green, red, white and black but I do remember seeing an orange one too previously. I chose the purple one but I was between this and the pink as they both looked good! I spent a while debating but decided in the end that the pink might be aimed more at the teenage market as it is very bright so picked the purple instead.

        The Watch Itself
        The watch I have mostly consists of plastic (polyamide), which I prefer to some of the other Ice watch styles available that come with a rubber or jelly strap. My husband has one of the rubber strap versions and having tried it on, to me it feels quite rigid on your wrist. The plastic strap is made up of several links and is so flexible that it feels exceptionally comfortable on your wrist when wearing. I've no problem wearing it all day and hardly notice that it's there - even though the watch gives that 'chunky' look it's very deceptive. The links were easily removed in the jewellers to make it perfect on my wrist.

        The watch has a fold over fastening that has the ice logo on - this consists of stainless steel underneath but plastic on top that matches the colour of the strap. It blends into the strap nicely.

        The medium face is just over 4cm in diameter and I found this one the best fit on my wrist when trying the various sizes on in the shop. I would definitely recommend the medium size face to women, I think the larger size available looked far too big on me and I would say that my wrists are the size of an average womans. I would assume that the larger version are predominantly aimed at males but having said that, males could wear the medium size just as well (Ice promote the medium one as unisex). As I was after a chunky looking watch, the smaller sized one I felt didn't offer what I was after.

        The face has an outer dial (I think the technical term is a bezel) that rotates around it. The face on my watch is purple too and has the numbers 3, 6 and 9 and markings in the place of the other digits. The numbers, markings and the hands all glow in the dark - handy when I wake up in the night wondering what the heck the time is! They all look a silver colour in the light, with the second hand being red.

        The stopper on the watch is silver and just pulls out the once as the only thing that it operates is the setting of the time. It makes a definite clicking noise in and out so it's not easily moved, something I've had a problem with on other watches in the past.

        The casing on the back is also made of stainless steel. It states that the watch is designed in Belgium, with the clockwork movement from Japan and the watch being made in China. The watch is supposed to be water resistant but this is never something I trust with any watch so I can't comment on it's suitability on going for a swim!

        The only feature that this watch lacks is a date setting. I had it in my head that it did before buying and unfortunately it doesn't, whereas some of the other Ice watch models do have this feature. However, this isn't something I've had the pleasure of having on any of my other watches so it's not something really I miss, just a feature that I'd have preferred.

        My Opinion
        I have read reviews previously on this watch and felt that I needed to review this watch based on my own experience because I think it's a very well made watch. I've had a lot of wear from it and there's little on it to show that I have. My baby daughter is always fiddling with it on my wrist and there's not one scratch to show for it! I can see how others may describe it as lacking in quality because it is mainly plastic, but to me this is only because that's exactly what it is, a plastic style watch and it doesn't pretend to be anything else. There are other watch brands available that also have the same plastic looking design - some of which sell for considerably more. In my view, a plastic style watch is a perfectly acceptable type of watch and a type that I personally really like to have in my watch collection. It looks stylish on and looks good with most types of outfit.

        I have no problem in recommending this Ice watch - I think it's a great product that has lasted everyday wear for months on my wrist without picking up any scratches and still looks good as new. The only time I wouldn't recommend this watch, or should I say this type of watch in general, is if you're looking for a looking for a watch for eveningwear or a special occasion as this watch wouldn't really fit the bill.

        Thanks for reading :o)


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        04.02.2013 15:19
        Very helpful



        All in all a good quality statement timepiece.

        I have a little bit of a watch addiction, I love them and often don't tend to wear it as a method of telling the time but as a bracelet - a fashion accessory. I first started my watch collection at about the age of 15 when the Baby G watches were all the rage, I would ask for one at christmas and be amazed by the on screen graphics and multiple functions available. Ever since I have gone through a variety of styles with leather straps, analogue faces and a variety of colours. I will also add here that I have a thing about neon and bright colours, love them!!

        I remember the Ice range catching my eye on one shopping trip, I often look in the jewellers window even when I can't afford the stuff inside. The watches were everything I loved - bold, colourful, bright and a statement piece; unfortunately they were a little pricey. A little disheartened I carried on my shop and found similar watches on a market; all the markings of an Ice watch but after a few months stopped working so please do not go for the imitation as you'll only end up spending more money anayway.

        So after my watch decided to break (unsuprisingly) I was amazed to find my partner had bought me a pink Ice watch as a gift. I was understandably chuffed, I guard the watch with my life!!

        Ice watches are a brand of watch which can be found at a number of high street retailers such as H Samuels, Beaverbrooks, independent jewellers and online at places such as Amazon and Ebay. However, just be very careful when buying the watches online as there are many imitations of a very poor quality. Obvious signs of a fake are the words 'made in Belgtam' on the back, flat numbers on the face, brand names on the straps, holes not pucnhed through properly on the strap and the seconds hand will be red.

        The fab thing about Ice watches are the variety of colours and styles available; they are produced in black, white, pink, red, blue, green, purple, pink, yellow and orange; the colours in the classics range are both bold and pastel. Some of the watches have crystal detail, hearts on the face, chronograph movement, special edition summer designs, collaborations with fashion deisgners, solid straps and rubber straps. The watch I recieved as a gift was from the solid range, this is the classic Ice watch and mine was pink, however it is unisex with a face diameter of 43mm. My wrists are only 5.5" and this watch does not look too big and the straps/fastenings always fit me fine from the Ice range. There is the small range for ladies and children (38mm) and the large for those wanting to make a statement or men (48mm).

        All the watches are individually priced and this depends on the age of the model and how many additional features are present. Currently the Classic Solid Ice watch collection is selling at Asquith Jewellers for £57 with a £3 saving. The watch comes in a matching coloured lego style box which can be used as a money box when the watch is removed; I also have instructions, a black Ice watch box and little bag with a ribbon fastener. The watch itself has a two year guarantee from the manufacturer which makes it a quality item from the get go.

        The watch itself is tightly packed in the little lego display box so had arrived to us undamaged. It arrived with all the little extras such as the bag which is a nice touch and I use this to store my watches in.

        This classic Ice watch is the one I would say is more suited to everyone as it is a classic analogue watch with no fussy details and just a plain colour. The watch has the numbers 3, 6 and 9 on the face and an arrow for 12. The watch has three hands and a rotating bezel which can sometimes get caught on long sleeves and turn itself around (I am a little OCD with my rotating bezel). The straps on this watch are plastic based links which form the bracelet type fastening with a fold over clasp, links can be removed so that the watch can be made for your own size. Some types of the watch also come with the date (this would be positioned where the number 3 is) and others have a chronograph element. This method of display makes it very easy to tell the time even at a glance.

        The watch is water resistant up to a depth of 50M. I can't say I would ever take the watch swimming as I would not want to risk ruining it for the cost; I have also never used the watch whilst showering or doing the washing up so I cannot say whether this is true but I would assume it is as they supply a two year guarantee with each watch.

        After six months I still have the watch going strong and it definately adds to any outfit of the theme matching pink. I hope to be able to get myself a wider range of colours to wear with more of my clothes. The watch does make a bold statement and I often get complimented on my choice of timepiece whether at work or during my time out and about. My mam especially likes the design of the watch as she has quite poor eyesight and has to choose her watches according to face clarity.

        The watch is very comfortable to wear and does not make the wrist feel hot and sweaty like some do. I wear my watches on my right wrist (although I am right handed), and despite the silver nobbly bit being against my arm it does not get in the way or leave any marks.

        The watch has quartz movement and keeps the time well unlike my cheaper watches which seem to lose time as the days go on. The watch does become loud though when you are in a quiet room so do not keep it next to your bed at night unless 'tick . . . tick . . . tick' helps you sleep.

        All in all a good quality watch at a good quality price which will last you definitely longer than the imitations on the market. If you want to make a statement then this is the watch for you.


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        18.11.2012 19:11



        Great if you've got the money if not have a good think about what colours will go with your outfits!

        I think like most people, I was attracted to the chunky colourful designs coupled with the fact that I'd seen a lot of celebrities wearing them so I decided to invest in an Ice-Watch. Of course there are a lot of imitations out there (a lot cheaper than the £60+ price tag that these have) but I decided to splurge on the real deal. There was lots of colours to choose from.....but when it came down to it I went for white. Why you ask? Well, for the price I was paying I kind of wanted it to go with a number of outfits! So the whole appeal of the varied colours seemed to collapse on itself in light of the fact that a £60 illuminous green/blue/orange etc. watch will only be able to be worn on certain occasions with certain outfits. And for the price you're paying, you really want to get your wear out of it. Also I've found that I've had a number of problems with the clasp coming undone too easily, and my friend found the same with hers - I'm wondering if this is a common problem that others have had? Overall, they are great looking watches and I do like mine.....but for people wanting an unusual colour, or even a number of different colours it may be worth looking at cheaper watches. You really are just paying for the name.


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          06.02.2012 14:21



          See review for details


          The watch itself looks nice. It is a pretty colour, quite soft and feminine. It's not too bright and over the top, it's quite subtle and cute. The watch fits most wrist sizes and it fastens well without falling apart and/ or coming off your wrist. It is a good quality watch. It's really sturdy and durable and you can easily tell the time with just a quick glance as the watch face is clear and large enough for me to read without glasses. The case that it comes in is really cute. It doubles up as a moneybox and the strong durable packaging helped to protect my watch whilst it was in transit. I paid £61.75 for the watch off Amazon.co.uk.


          The watch IS expensive for what it is. You're paying around £60 for a little bit of plastic. Also, my friend bought the same watch and hers broke after a week. However I am only going by my experience of the watch and I haven't had any problems with mine, yet! The pink colour may be too sickly sweet for some people, but you can buy the watch in a different colour. If you look on Amazon.co.uk there are plenty of different colours to choose from. The colour hasn't faded on my watch, it still looks nice and bright after six months.


          A nice watch but it's a bit expensive for what it is.


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          27.07.2011 09:11
          Very helpful



          Bright colourful fun watches from ICE

          I tend to wear a watch I was bought for my 21st birthday and although it is a classic watch and I love it, I must admit it is a very "safe" watch and being a shopaholic I wanted a different style watch to add to my collection. When walking past the jewellers on my shopping trips I was drawn to the plastic looking ICE watches and the chunky colourful designs looked very appealing and were also very different to my classic silver watch. Although I knew high street stores such as River Island and Next were selling similar yet cheaper imitations I also had heard from close friends many bad reviews. So I decided to be impulsive one day when shopping online and purchased myself a White Unisex Ice Watch.

          ICE Watches are available from a number of high street jewellers which include Beaverbrooks, H Samuels, Goldsmiths and a number of independent jewellers stock the brand. Online you can purchase direct from ICE and also from Amazon.

          The watches are available in a number of colours and styles/ sizes. I purchased specifically from the Classic Solid Range in white and purchased in the unisex size (with a face size of 43mm). The watches within this range are bright bold solid colours. You can purchase watches in white, black, blue, red, green, orange, yellow and pink. There is also a Classic Fluo, and Classic Pastel. The Fluo colours are very similar to the classic colours but are brighter neon colours such as pink, orange, green and yellow with the pastel colours being softer colours including pink, blue, green and yellow.

          The other sizes are small (38mm) and big (48mm).

          The price of the watches vary and there is quite a difference from purchasing online to on the highstreet. When browsing on the highstreet at the Classic Solid White Watch in the Unisex size, H Samuels and Beaverbrooks were selling this for £82.00. I purchased this watch online from Amazon for £57.00. I still feel that for what essentially looks like a plastic watch this is quite expensive, however a similar imitation from River Island costs £35.00 therefore for slightly more money you are getting a branded watch with a 2 year guarantee.

          ***Ice Classic Solid***
          When my watch arrived I was very impressed with the box the watch was packaged in. This was a square plastic box very much like a brick and was white coloured with a clear window so you could see the watch inside. The colour of the box depends on the colour of watch you have bought which will match the watch.

          The ICE watches are probably not to everyone's taste and definitely are a "fashion" watch in my opinion especially if you purchase in the brighter bolder colours. The Unisex Classic White Watch from ICE does pretty much as it says in the description. The watch face is white and has silver pointers including a third hand which counts the seconds. There are numbers at the 3, 6 and 9 points but there are also markings to show minutes. The ICE logo is in the middle of the watch. There is also a rotating bezel with black numbers on. The unisex size is 43mm in diameter. The watch is a classic bracelet watch with the bracelet being made from links of white shiny plastic material (white solid polycarbonate) which is the same colour as the face and casing of the watch. The clasp of the watch is a fold over clasp which is what you find on most bracelet watches.

          A benefit of the ICE watch is that it is very easy to tell the time. The face is large enough to quickly glance and clearly see where the pointers are, and because the time points are clearly shown you can also do so. Some "fashion" watches I have own have such patterned faces or such small pointers I have had to almost study my watch which is definitely not the case with this watch from ICE.

          The watch is described to be water resistant to 50meters and comes with a 2 year guarantee. I have kept the watch on whilst showering and whilst washing up and the watch is still fully functional.

          When I first purchased the watch the bracelet was far too large for me. Because this is a unisex size I did expect this. I took the watch to my local jewellers for 3 links to be removed although in the instruction there is a section explaining how to do this yourself.

          Once the watch fitted I was quite excited to wear as the watch was so different to my old watch. Although the white colour I opted for is not so much of a statement as the brighter colours it is certainly quite a vibrant watch when it is on your wrist and the chunky face and block colour looked quite a statement on my wrist. The look of the watch is fun and in my opinion quite a casual watch which I tend to wear for day time as opposed for going out in. I chose this watch in white so it matches with most outfits therefore if you chose a colour it may limit what you wear the watch with. I did feel slightly conscious initially that this is essentially a plastic watch and looks no different to an imitation from the high street that would have cost £20. A friend bought a similar style watch for £20 and after 4 months of wear my ICE watch still looked shiny and new whereas the cheaper imitation had dulled particularly on the bracelet and had more chips from wear and tear.

          The style of the watch has divided the opinions of friends and family. A number of friends have complimented me whilst wearing the watch and really like it (in fact my best friend has bought the same watch in pink) whereas my mum has stated she thinks it is "an awful looking watch". Therefore expect a mixture of opinions thrown at you whilst wearing an ICE watch.

          Wear and tear wise I was impressed with the ICE watch. After 4 months of wearing regularly there are only two slight signs of wear. There is a very slight scuff near the clasp, and a very small scratch on the face which is only noticeable if you look under the light. This is very impressive in my opinion as I would say being a mother of twin toddlers, items on my wrist get quite a battering during everyday activities such as battling with a double pushchair in and out of the car and climbing/ chasing two boys around. With a darker coloured watch I do feel the shiny plastic may show up scruffs more easily so I would definitely advise to purchase in the lighter colours.

          I was quite surprised at how comfortable the watch was to wear it didn't irritate when I got hot or wore for long periods. I did feel when fastening the clasp that it felt slightly loose and did not sound like it had clipped securely but the watch has never fallen off my wrist yet so this is not an issue.

          The watch has quartz movement and comes with a watch battery. I have had my watch for 4 months now and the original battery is still working. In terms of time, the watch has displayed the correct time once set and has not needed to be reset. With some of the cheaper watches I have owned I have noticed that every month I seemed to lose around 5 minutes if I compared with the time on my phone. The only little criticism I have is that I find my ICE watch quite noisy if compared to my other watches and the ticking is more noticeable when in a silent room than other watches I own.

          Even at £57.00 this is quite an expensive price to pay for a plastic "fashion" watch. The designs of the ICE watches are chunky and plastic looking and on quick glance look very similar to the imitations from the high street.

          However the overall quality of these watches is better and they are definitely more durable which for someone who does not treat watches well, a good investment. In white the ICE Unisex Classic Solid Watch matches with a lot of outfits and the design of the face makes it very easy to glance and check the time. I personally love the look of the watch and the chunky shiny plastic watch even after 4 months of "tough love" looks as new and has not lost the shiny plastic look even on the bracelet section which has taken quite a battering.

          This is definitely not a watch for everyone, but if you do want a quality, durable fashion watch ICE offers this in a variety of colours.


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