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Jane Kahn Digital Bangle Watch

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Brand: Jane Kahn / Type. Ladies Watch / Display type: Digital

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    1 Review
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      20.03.2012 14:38
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      A lovely unique 'bangle style' watch that I would highly recommend..!!

      It was whilst I was out with a friend a couple of years ago that her brightly-coloured watch caught my eye. I was intrigued by the item as it looked quite different to any other watches that I had owned before. After quizzing her about where she got it from and how it worked, she gave me the name of a website where she purchased her watch. I checked it out some time later and purchased my own watch from the site.
      The website in question can be found at www.janekahn.com and it features a large selection of watches and other items like jewellery, scarves, clocks and gift items.

      The watch that I purchased from the site is called the "Digital Bangle Watch" which is from a range of watches with perhaps 20 or so different designs to choose from. The design that I liked the look of is called "Bangle Watch Red Black Check" and it has a digital display. I paid in the region of £12 for the watch at the time which included postage costs - a price that I thought offered excellent value for money.

      ** (N.B The watch shown at the top of the Dooyoo page here is a sample from the range, and is not the watch I own, but the style and design is identical to my own watch, with the strap's colour/pattern being the only difference...) **

      The watch, when it arrived, was well packaged in a transparent package made of thin plastic, having a sort of 'triangular' design to it. Enclosed in the package was an instruction leaflet giving details of how the watch could be set to the right time and adjusted etc.

      The strap on the watch is what really makes it stand out from other watches. Comprising of a thick band made of thick, flexible plastic, there is a slightly 'square' shape to the strap which allows it to sit comfortably around the wrist. There are several designs of 'strap' to choose from as I touched on earlier, and in the case of my own watch, the detail consists of rows and rows of small coloured squares in different colours which provide and extremely eye-catching look. In colours of orange/red, grey, white and black, the strap has a very 'glossy' look to it and it is a very attractive looking, eye-catching piece overall.

      A sturdy plastic clasp at the rear of the strap allows the watch to be worn securely and removed easily and quickly. The clasp fits snugly into the plastic 'slot' on the other end of the strap and you can hear a loud 'click' noise when it has been closed securely. To remove the watch, all I need to do is press the 'button' which is on the plastic clasp and the watch straps are released from each other. I find it easy enough to remove the watch by pressing the button and so releasing the straps, but I have to confess that working the clasp and getting the watch straps to close properly took a bit of practice. I find though, that the watch can be 'swivelled round' on my wrist whilst I am wearing it and this definitely helps the process as I can see what I'm doing! This is obviously down to the strap having enough room to move around on my wrist (which is quite thin..!) so I think it would depend on how 'snug' the fit of the watch strap was on your own wrist to determine whether the watch can be swivelled round to close it.

      The watch does not feel at all heavy or cumbersome to wear. I think it feels like a chunky plastic bangle or something similar, and when I am wearing it I don't find that I am knocking the watch into things due to it being overly heavy. I find that the strap does not irritate my sensitive skin, nor does the plastic 'pack' which contains the battery and digital display. The watch clasp has never caught my skin or caused any irritation either. I find it an extremely comfortable watch to wear despite it's larger than average size and I have no grumbles at all.

      The watch strap can actually be 'cut to size' as it were, and full instructions are enclosed with the watch as to how this should be carried out. You will need very sharp scissors as the rubbery plastic watch strap is surprisingly thick. I can't recall whether I had to cut my own strap or not, but I suspect not as the watch is still quite loose on my wrist, and so looks like I am simply wearing a large chunky bangle which suits me fine.

      The watch is not waterproof, which surprised me as it's style and design gave me the impression that it would be, probably because the strap is made of such a thick plastic material, which would suggest the strap at least is waterproof.

      The display on the watch is of course digital. It is easy to read in the oblong screen, although I do find that if I am using the watch on a particularly sunny day then glare from the sun occasionally interferes with the display on the plastic screen and makes it more difficult to read. This is not something that is an issue too often for me however, as I live in Scotland and so have very few sunny days to contend with!

      The time on the watch can be changed to "Date Indication" as well as "Second Indication" by simply pushing in the small button located at the right hand side of the digital display. Pressing it again will return the display to the "Normal Time Indication." I have never experienced any difficulty with operating the watch this way, and I find the button is easy to use and fairly robust. This might all sound slightly complicated but there are full instructions enclosed in the packaging, so I have never been in any doubt about operating the watch myself.

      The battery on my watch only recently gave out, after two years or so of being used and I have not got around to having it replaced as yet, although I know from speaking to my friend that replacement batteries can be purchased from the same website as the watches, and they only cost a couple of pounds including postage charges.

      All in all I am very pleased with my Jane Kahn Digital Bangle Watch as I think it looks quite unique and so it offers something a bit different than other watches that I own and it has really funky look to it, whilst being robust and very comfortable to wear. I also think the watches are available at a great value price and would make a lovely and unusual gift for somebody special.


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