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Lupo S-CA-4080 Neon Green Kids

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Brand: Lupo / Type: Kids Watch

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    2 Reviews
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      01.09.2012 02:57
      Very helpful



      I like this watch for comfort and function

      WHAT IS IT?

      A watch in the same style as Breo watches. It is a digital watch with silicone bracelet that encases the face of the watch.


      The silicone is glow in the dark and it's very bright. It is smooth and made of stretchy silicone so I can wear it even though it is a junior 16cm watch. The green is a bit dull in the daytime when it is light but I like the comfortable feel of it and being digital I can use it when I am working and timing hair colourants or facial treatments.


      This is a very comfortable watch, I forget I am wearing it because it is lightweight and fits in a circle around my wrist. It is loose on my 8 year old daughter but doesn't slip off her hand, she likes a watch with a buckle strap so I wear it more than she does. It is high grade silicone so feels natural against my skin, it is cool when I put it on but warms to my skin temperature.


      I like the design of this watch and think the glow in the dark is very good, I love things that glow in the dark and this is good because it shines so brightly. The bracelet is slim feeling and doesn't drag on my skin.

      The watch loses time slowly, you can't notice it over a day but in a week it will lose about 45 minutes. The time is easy to adjust and the time is lost so slowly that I can time things accurately but when I am using it regularly I check the time every morning.

      The display is big but doesn't stand out very well against the background. The numerals are well defined but need to contrast better.

      4 Dooyoo Stars.


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      15.12.2011 17:55
      Very helpful



      Nice watch that glows :)

      After spending weeks searching for an appropriate sports watch for my eldest son, I decided to buy him a blue, silicone LUPO watch. My 12 year old son was jealous hence me buying him a neon green watch, which I am going to review today.

      == LUPO Kids Sports Silicone 16cm Digital Watch - NEON GREEN ==

      Silicone watches are not only a big hit among teenagers and kids, I've seen professional people from different age groups wearing them because they are light in weight and look rather fashionable and trendy. I've read articles about the benefits of silicone watches on the internet. They claim that it is good for your health and can improve your blood circulation hence improving the welfare of the person. The craze has gone so far that some people own many different coloured watches just for it to match clothes and I have to admit that the craze had got to me too!

      == The appearance ==

      The reason behind me buying the neon green watch in particular was because of its ability to glow in the dark. The watch is made out of lightweight rubbery material called Silicone. The band is very elastic and has no fold over clasp to open and close. It can be worn by slipping it onto your wrist which is easier and faster to wear. The face of the watch is rectangular with grey LCD display background. The display type is digital and the numbers are big. LUPO is written on the right hand side of the watch.

      This unique watch has everything a regular watch can afford. It can display time with hours and minutes in addition to the date. Setting the time and date is so easy, all you have to do is to follow the instructions provided with the watch using a toothpick or pencil tip. The setting is found on the rear on a small piece of rectangular plastic with A and M written on each hole. Start pressing on the holes until you get the right time and date. It will only take a couple of minutes and the watch will be ready to wear.

      == My opinion ==

      The watch arrived in a cheap looking plastic wrapper so I was a little bit dubious about the quality of the watch. I read the instructions provided with it, set the watch then gave it to my son to wear it. The big surprise was that the watch was slightly big even though it was designed for kids. The men's watch was 18 cm in length while the kid's watch was 16 cm. Surprisingly, the watch fitted my wrist very well and it actually looked much better on my wrist than my kid's so I started sharing it with my kid, especially when jogging and for those people who are wondering, it didn't matter if I shared it with him.

      It was waterproof and it didn't slip even with exercising or running, to such an extent that sometimes I forget that I was wearing the watch. Gradually I started to ignore my golden watch, mainly because it is more pliable than steel watches or traditional watches.

      The colour is my favourite aspect. The eye popping neon green watch is even better at night. When my youngest son saw the watch glowing he was so impressed and asked me if I could buy him one. Unfortunately I couldn't because he is too young and his wrist is too slim for it to fit properly. It is a disadvantage as it supposed to be for kids; however they did not mention any age group.

      I liked the big number display as it is easy to glimpse at it, even when the light is not so good. There was a slight problem, I noticed that it was losing time, about a minute or so every month it wasn't a big problem really but I thought it was worth a mention.

      I've been using the watch for 6 months now and I'm happy with it, I have to add that the watch has become slightly discoloured, however it didn't affect its ability to glow at night.

      == Prices and availability ==

      It's available broadly online especially on Amazon and eBay. The available sizes are 16, 17 and 18 cm. It's available in different colours and shades however, the neon green kids watch is only available in one size which is 16cm.

      The prices varied between £2.99-79p which a bargain.

      == Final opinion ==

      The watch has some minor problems but it does not affect the practicality of the watch. The watch is considered as a multipurpose watch, it is a sport watch can enhance your wardrobe because it's fashionable and available in different colours in addition to it being waterproof. It has been around 6 months since I purchased the watch and the battery is still fine, though the battery would cost more than the actual watch. The watch is super-light weighing around 9 grams in weight while my regular watch is well over 45 grams .

      == So do I recommend it? ==

      My answer is yes however, it's not suitable for kids younger than 8 years old or kids with slim wrists but it can be worn by women and young lads. The only difference between the men, women and children's watches is that the men's watch is bigger than the children's by 1-2 cm in length.

      The watch is very practical, comfortable and very modern, is ideal for sports as it does not contain buttons that may clog. If you are looking for a cheap, functional watch I recommend you buy it but be careful of the time loss.


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