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Michael Kors Ladies' Chronograph Lexington MK5556

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Brand: Michael Kors / Gender: Women / Type: Chronograph / Clock Mechanism: Quartz / Display type: Analogue

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    3 Reviews
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      26.02.2014 11:21



      absolutely stunning - looks much better than watches 10 times the price!

      After seeing numerous people wearing this watch i was desperate to find out what it was and where i could purchase it. After doing some research i found out it was the Michael Kors Chronograph watch and it was immediately put on my christmas list!!
      To my joy and suprise i woke up on christmas day with this gorgeous watch and couldn't of been happier.

      The watch is extremely stylish and well made. It feels solid on my wrist and looks gorgeous.
      Its made from gold plated stainless steel so i wouldn't recommend it for everyday use to avoid it getting bashed about.

      It is a large statement watch which looks amazing when wearing on a night out and i always get complimented on it. It has the look of a watch worth alot more than the 229.00 selling price. If anything i think it looks much better than most higher priced watches!

      I did have to get 5 links removed from the watch as it was massive on my small wrist but upon reading other reviews it seemed alot of other people had to do this and it only took minutes at the shop to do it! I suppose its better to be too big than too small!!


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      18.02.2014 14:44



      Fantastic statement piece

      I received this watch for Christmas and use it as my 'dressy' watch, and don't wear it every day. It is a beautiful design and I am always getting compliments. It is a big statement watch with it's huge face, meaning it gets noticed all the time and really finishes off any outfit I wear.

      The box that this watch came in is a lovely brown box with a cute little cushion inside, which looked fab when I opened it on Christmas day.

      The material is gold plated stainless steel, meaning I don't want to wear it all of the time, as I'm worried of the risk of it becoming tatty and the gold wearing off.

      One problem I have is that the face of the watch it so big, that when I bend my wrist upwards it digs into my hand which is rather painful, but the watch looks so good, I don't mind!


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      05.04.2013 20:36
      Very helpful



      A fantastic Michael Kors watch that compliments my style perfectly!

      Watches are something that I absolutely love. I have been able to get a 30% discount on full priced products at Signet Group stores (Ernest Jones, H Samuel & Leslie Davis) through a friend of mine working in one of their stores and that has only served to accelerate my love of watches as well as pearls, gold and other miscellaneous items of jewellery.

      This particular Michael Kors watch, model number 5556, has been one I have owned since it was released in Ernest Jones stores in October 2012. I spotted it the day it arrived in the window, thanks to my friend texting me, and when I spotted it I knew I had to try it on immediately! I ended up buying it that day and I paid £160.30 for my watch compared to a selling price in store of £229.00. Obviously this discount helped sway my decision to buy one of the more expensive Michael Kors ladies watches.

      I love a big statement watch, particularly when I am at a party in a dress or wearing something that shows off my arms. This particular watch caught my eye because it is large and because it looks just a little like a Rolex day/date gold watch. I feel that watches really liven up an outfit and I love yellow gold looking watches because I have yellow gold wedding rings and I like to coordinate my watches with those most of the time.

      This particular Michael Kors watch is model number MK5556 which is displayed on the back of the watch. In addition to this my watch has a serial number, the Michael Kors branding and details about the water resistancy of the watch. This particular watch is water resistant to 100 metres and this is known to me because it states 10ATM on the back of the watch. My serial number on this specific watch is 251207 which is unusual as that was the first Christmas I ever spent with my husband and on that occasion he bought me a small, cheap gold watch and that is basically where my love of watches grew. This feels like it is meant to be and this also helped sway my decision when I knew I loved this watch. I have worn this watch for washing up, on the occasion where I have forgotten and just plunged my hands in the sink, and I have even worn it swimming on two separate occasions with no problems at all. Wearing this watch swimming could lead to the plating coming off but I have owned this particular watch for 6 months give or take a few days and I have had no problems at all with it tarnishing, this despite me wearing it twice a week constantly for the first few months that I owned it. The buttons must not be depressed when the watch is underwater so obviously I have never done that.

      This watch came boxed in a brown Michael Kors box with the watch sitting on a brown cushion that was a little difficult to remove from the box once the watch was on it. I received a one year manufacturers guarantee on the battery and a two year guarantee on the inside movement of the watch. As of yet I have had no problems with this watch but I wouldn't expect any as Michael Kors is a brand that I have come to know and trust over the last few years and this watch was obviously only just put in the window when I bought it and therefore was probably only manufactured a month or two before. There was a booklet that came with this watch, which I have never bothered to read, that has a date and stamp in the back confirming when I bought this watch for my guarantee purposes.

      With regards to the bracelet of this watch, which is gold plated stainless steel, I have had to have 3 links removed. This was done in store and took just a matter of minutes which is always good. Other watches I own have had 4 links removed despite the fact that these links are smaller than some of the others.

      This particular watch has a quartz chronograph movement. This displays seconds, minutes (up to 30) and the third hand also shows at a glance roughly what hour of the day it is. The three buttons on the side control the chronograph running it, stopping it and resetting it (the top and bottom buttons) and the middle button allows me to change the date and the time. The buttons are simple to press but do require a little bit of force. This is ideal as it stops this from being knocked and accidentally started helping to preserve battery of course. The buttons were simple to get to grips with, as I already owned another couple of Michael Kors chronograph watches when I bought this, but I have never needed to read the instructions anyway. The chronograph on this watch is very accurate and I have no problems pulling the middle button (the crown) out either one or two notches to adjust the date or time.

      This whole watch is gold plated stainless steel with a gold coloured dial. The hands are gold also so overall this watch probably does seem like gold overkill to some! I love it for this reason, despite the fact that the light occasionally catches it in a way that causes glare. The dial is lovely to look at and is functional and simple for me to read. The bezel of this watch is beveled with lots of notches all over it and this is what gives it the Rolex appearance the most for me. Obviously this is just my personal opinion and nowhere do Michael Kors say that this is a Rolex wannabe watch, although I have been asked if I am wearing a Rolex a few times, twice by random strangers! Something that I find very odd! The bracelet of this watch is two different sized links that are slotted together as just one link but the differences give the watch a contrasting look that I really enjoy. This watch has an expander clasp that I just need to depress on both sides to get it to open up. This is easy to use and it takes just seconds to slip this watch on or take it off. This expander clasp style causes wear to stainless steel plated watches, as it has done with this one, but this wearing is minimal and I can't see it when the clasp is closed.

      The watch is quite high on my wrist and this can lead to me catching it from time to time on cabinets or on the cupboard or other random places but I have not caused any damage to the glass or the watch at all apart from one scratch at the back where the clasp closes that I did almost as soon as I bought the watch and started wearing it.

      In regards to the overall wear of this watch it is barely wearing at all. I have been very careful not to get perfume or lotions on this watch and I usually take this watch off when showing, scrubbing my hands/arms, or using hand cream, cooking, cleaning or generally just doing something that could lead to my watch being damaged. It isn't a problem for me to take my watch off a couple of times a day because it is so simple to slip back on again. I have got a few scratches on my watch but the glass is in perfect condition. The clasp works perfectly still and the watch itself has no issues with time keeping or the chronograph function. The watch is perfectly in sync at all times and it is simple to change the time or date as needed.

      Overall I am really pleased with the quality of this watch. This watch, in my opinion, is very fashionable and my friends and family have given me lots of compliments while I am wearing it. Several people at parties have asked if I am wearing a Michael Kors watch so I guess that a few people have had a look at this watch online or in store perhaps and liked it enough to remember it (or not liked it lots perhaps!). I feel good when I am wearing this watch and it is perhaps one of the heaviest watches in my collection but that isn't a bad thing really. The bracelet is a shiny gold, which isn't clear in the photo above perhaps, but it really is a shiny yellow gold looking watch - just not as expensive as an actual yellow gold watch of course! I have medium sized wrists and I feel that this watch looks fantastic on my wrist, either one. I love wearing this watch and like most of the watches in my collection it is one of my favourites! I am rating this watch 5 out of 5 stars and feel that it really is worthy of every single star!


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    • Product Details

      Michael Kors Ladies' Chronograph (MK5556) / Shape of the case: Round / Glass type: Mineral crystal / Casing material: Stainless Steel / Wrist band material: Stainless Steel / Colour of the dial: Gold / Band colour: Gold / Digits: Roman / Batteries: yes / Water resistant: yes / Water resistance: max. 10 bar / Style: discreet, classic / Second's hand: centered / Diameter of the case: 38 mm / Watch strap: Stainless steel / Dial design: gold coloured / Clasp type: Fold over

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