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Miss Sixty Gemma Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

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Brand: Miss Sixty / Type: Ladies Watch

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    2 Reviews
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      09.08.2012 21:50
      Very helpful



      This is a very pretty watch but heavy to wear and loses time


      This is a silver plated bracelet watch with large black rectangle face.  The bracelet is a chunky curb style and it fastens with a large clasp.  The face is black and has about 40 small crystals placed on the face in an irregular design to look like they have been carelessly scattered.  The hands are short and match the silver colour of the strap, the words Miss Sixty are block printed along the bottom of the watch face. 


      The Gemma watch is very heavy and that makes it feel like a masculine watch when I wear it.  The clasp section does not balance out the large face so the watch swings round on my wrist a lot.  I don't think this is a very comfortable watch. 


      I have been disappointed by the time keeping of this watch because it regularly runs slowly.  There are no numerals on the face but the shape makes it easy to accurately tell the time, the lack of numerals means I cannot wear it to work though because I need to time beauty and skin care treatments very accurately and without numerals this isn't possible. 


      I like this watch because the crystals contrast with the black face and that looks very feminine and attractive. They sparkle in bright light and the black of the face has a slight shine so the effect is very pretty. 

      I don't like the heavy feel of it on my wrist and get quite annoyed by it when it starts slipping round.  The clasp is easy to fasten but sometimes it's difficult to undo because there isn't much metal to slide my nail under to open the clasp.  The bracelet is a bit too bulky and I would prefer it to be narrower and a little bit shorter to help it fit better. 


      The Gemma watch costs about £60 from anywhere that stocks Miss Sixty jewellery. 

      3 Dooyoo Stars.


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        22.06.2012 18:15
        Very helpful



        A lovely watch with a bit of sparkle

        About two years ago I was on the hunt for a new watch, one that would be suitable for both day time and evening wear as although I had a lovely watch I wore to work, I do think a watch is a staple item for myself as I wear one everyday. Like clothes and shoes I tend to try and keep my work wear to work and have separate items for home wear and when I'm going out whether for the day or for an evening out. But I wanted a watch that was a bit more glamorous yet simple enough to wear during the day should I not be at work. A bit of an extravagant purchase to some to have more than one watch but I work hard for my money and wanted something which would last for a good few years.

        I looked in quite a few stores both in person and online and although I found several watches I liked I didn't 'love' them. I'm one of those who has to really, really like something before making a purchase (shoes is just a different matter!). I was either unwilling to part with my money on something I would be petrified to wear as I'd be so concerned if it got scratched, damaged and even stolen or I came across watches that just looked cheap and poorly made. I've always stuck to certain brands in the past but as my choices were limited I looked further a field and came across the Miss Sixty Gemma Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch. I own quite a few pairs of Miss Sixty jeans but never even considered their line of accessories for watches but I was quite pleased I came across it!

        After having a look around for the best price (it has a retail value around £90.00 brand new) I didn't want to pay more than I had to and I'm glad I did as at the time I bought it from Boots via their website for over half the RRP! After having a quick Google the watch is still available but it seems to be limited so I'm guessing that they have now discontinued this style and stores are just selling the stock that they have left. Boots do not stock this watch anymore which is a shame as it was such a good price coming in at £41.00 if I remember correctly. I also had the choice of two different coloured dials you can either have white or black but I opted for black as I thought it made the crystals on the dial stand out far more and I thought it had more of an evening feel to the watch. The watch comes complete in a lovely soft and cushioned box so you know it won't be damaged and does come with an instruction manual.

        To look at the watch has a curb link bracelet which seems to have been used by quite a few designers/brands for the past few years and I liked the fact that at the time it was different to other watches with the normal link bracelet or bangle type. There are three curb link attachments which come off to adjust the watch and they simply snap on and off with a little clasp which takes a matter of seconds so you don't need to have to go to a watchmaker or jeweller for the links to be removed. This is ideal as I do have quite skinny wrists and I had to remove two of the extra links to make more of a secure and snug fit. The curb link bracelet has a simple snap on clasp which is easy to fasten. My one concern was getting it scratched but as I knew it wasn't going to be a watch I'd be wearing for hours every day and the fact that the price I was paying was extortionally high I managed to push my concern aside! The link bracelet is around ¾ of an inch wide so it isn't too thick and look to big on the wrist which is a good job when you have slim wrists!

        The dial itself is rectangular in shape and the watch I opted for has the black dial. The watch is an analogue but the watch itself doesn't have any numbers at all which some people may like and some may hate. Personally I'd much prefer at least 12, 3, 6 and 9 as although I can tell the time sometimes I find I have to really study the watch dial to make out an accurate time! What gives the watch its glamour is that the dial is scattered with crystals, when looking at the dial the majority of the crystals are at the top (or at 12 o'clock!) of the dial and gradually reduce in numbers towards 6 o'clock, it does give off that lovely scattered effect, just as if someone had picked up a load of the crystals and dropped them onto the dial that is where they have stayed. I've owned my watch for now two years and none of the crystals have become unstuck or moved in anyway which is good as should they have it probably would have ruined the effect this design feature. The dial itself is just over an inch long which I think is quite a decent size as it isn't ridiculously big compared to the link bracelet.

        I cannot fault the dial design as it is absolutely gorgeous (my personal taste) and it doesn't look too bling as I don't like something covered in crystals/diamonds/gems etc as I do think it can look a little tacky. However, the watch isn't free of faults, which is a shame. The curb link bracelet because of being a link type design it doesn't always remain flat so if like me sometimes you are not overly careful and just pop in the side after taking it off and not laying it flat the links can twist and lock in other directions so you can spend a good few minutes trying to unlock the link to make it flat again. Highly irritating but tends to be my own fault by not laying it flat or putting it in its box. My other issue is that although some of the links can be removed I do find that it doesn't fit me particularly well if I remove the two links it slips round my wrist but if I remove the third link it is far too tight and very uncomfortable to the point where it leaves a very deep imprint of the curb link bracelet!

        Despite its faults which are all personal and down to me - other people who own the watch my not have a problem with it, it is just my personal opinion. I do like the look of this watch and within the last two years it is still worn quite often although the fact that it is loose on my wrist does put me off from wearing it really. I have had compliments on the watch dial itself which of course really quite nice as it does make the watch look quite unusual. Despite being worn well for two years there are no scratches whatsoever either on the dial casing or the bracelet itself which is obviously nice as the watch still looks in perfect condition. I have been careful when wearing it as I don't want it scratched. However, due to my own personal faults with it I don't wear it as often as I probably should as the slipping around my wrist really irritates me so it generally just sits in its box which is a shame and I probably should have been a bit more thoughtful and tried it on in a store before buying it but that is a lesson learned!

        Overall, it really is a lovely watch which certainly added a bit of glamour to an everyday outfit or for evening out. But for me it just isn't ideal which is explained above. I would however recommend it to those looking for an evening type watch with an added bit of sparkle but if you do have slim wrists then it is definitely a watch to try on if you can before buying it. I give this watch 4 stars which I think is incredibly fair, simply knocking off one star because of the problems I have with it.

        ~ Useful Information ~

        Brand: Miss Sixty
        Model Number: L4001
        Display Type: Analogue
        Water Resistant Depth: 50 metres
        Warranty Description: 2 Years Manufacturer Warranty
        Price: From £70.00 upwards (I managed to get it a lot cheaper)
        Availability: Online as far as I know.


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