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Morgan M820A

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Brand: Morgan / Watch For: Women

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    2 Reviews
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      14.03.2014 17:23
      Very helpful



      I Love My Morgan Watch

      Morgan Watch

      I love my Morgan Watch and when it arrived I have to admit that because I loved the styling so much, I ordered three more to give as gifts to my daughter and two of my nieces.

      The Style:

      The style of the watch is exquisite, somehow Morgan have created a timepiece that is both understated and eyecatching. The strap is pale pink leather with the 50% either side of the watch face being cut into strips and attached to the watch face via a simple fed through style knot. The watch face surround is stainless steel and a chunky rectangle shape featuring one simple discreat dial on the right hand side. The actual face is an identical shade of pale pink to the leather strap and features the Morgan logo and name at the top. The watch has no numbers, relying on the wearers knowledge of a clock face to tell the time. The hands appear to be stainless steel and there is a nice second hand as well, which is an essential item for a first aider. The strap is done up by a single stainless steel hook and a good fit is guaranteed as there are six holes to choose from.


      I love this watch and it is my main everyday watch. It is now at least three years old and shows no sign of the wear and abuse it has suffered at my wrist. I am left handed and wear my watch on my left hand, so it is a heavy use area for a watch.

      The only issue I have with the watch is that because it does not have any numbers or bars at all on the face, I have sometimes thought the time was an hour earlier or later than it actually is. The watch has always kept good time and is easy to change at the clock changing times of year.


      The colour is a very soft pale pink and is utterly feminine and not at all garish or bright. Indeed, the watch seems to go with anything I wear it with, brightening a formal outfit and jazzing up a casual one.


      I had to have the battery replaced last year for the first time and it cost a few ££'s at a jewellers to have replaced.

      Price and Availability:

      I bought these watches from Avon. They were £45.00 full price or £20.00 with certain purchases. I haven't seen them in the catalogue for a long time, but I have seen them offered on Ebay.


      As mentioned I love my watch! - so of course I recommend it!

      Stars: 4/5 due to the lovely style that means it is not always possible to tell the time.

      Thank you for reading!


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      16.07.2010 19:47
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      A nice watch

      ==Morgan Ladies Wrist Watch==

      This is the second watch which is in my collection that was purchased for me from my mother in law and I have to say that I do prefer it slightly to the first one she bought me. She must be able to get these Morgan watches at a really cheap price somewhere as both of the ones she has given me have been made by Morgan and I doubt very much that she paid over £20 for either of them.

      So as I say I don't know exactly how much was paid for the watch or even where she bought it from. But after having a look on line these look as though you are able to pick them up in a fair few places with prices ranging from £15 to £29, so its certainly worth making sure you shop about.

      The watch also seems to come in at least two colours of which I have seen, and they are blue or pink. I have the pink one which is probably favourable as the colour tones are both more soft and baby like colours rather than deep and vibrant.

      This Morgan watch is pretty basic as far as special features go and it is literally a battery powered watch with three hands one of which is of course the second hand. I have had it now a few months as it was bought this year for my birthday and as yet have had no problems with it and have not needed to change the battery or alter the time in any way.

      The strap on the watch is made from a light pink coloured leather and the strap consists of thong like pieces which are all linked together and has two large chunky knots right up by the main part of the watch itself. There are a good number of holes to choose from in the strap so it could fit a small or a larger wrist.

      The face of the watch has the Morgan logo on it and is a light baby pink colour. The hands and the watch area surrounding the face are made from a silver metal but not real silver so I am sure that after a lot of wear this colouring will start to fade or at the worst chip off.

      The watch is comfortable to wear as the leather thong straps are soft on the skin and don't pinch the skin in the least. The only trouble I have it keeping the ting clean as the light pink colour of the leather seems to pick up dirt like there is no tomorrow.

      To be perfectly honest it is not one of my favourite watches from my collection and since I have had it I have probably worn it no more than a dozen times. I do tend to match my watch to my outfit and I feel that not a lot of my clothes match the look of this watch very well.

      It is not a bad looking watch and I have certainly had worse bought for me but I don't think I would have purchased it for myself. In a way I feel like it is a watch that perhaps would be suited to someone slightly younger than my 27 years as I am veering towards the foxy mum look rather than the holding on to your teens look.

      Other than those few points I have mentioned the watch is a good one especially for girls. I think it would make a nice little present for someone and I would recommend it especially to those who favour the colour pink.

      I think a score of 4 out of 5 stars is in order and a recommendation.

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you.


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