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Peers Hardy Moshi Charm Watch Furi

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Brand: Peers Hardy / For: Children

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    1 Review
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      08.06.2013 16:04
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      great stocking filler or small present for a child

      Having a 7 year old daughter our house is fill to the brim with Moshi Monster bits and bobs. Personally I never saw what the big fuss was over Moshi Monsters and I think my daughter loves them because all of her friends are really into it! The first time I was introduced to these cute furry monsters is when one of her friends brought the tiny plastic toys into our house one day.

      Moshi Monsters originally started out as a website aimed at children a couple of years ago - in the website the child creates their own virtual "pet" monster to care for and play games and take on adventures. The website states that it is a safe enviroment just for children and away from dangerous predators. I'm not sure that my daughter knows this website exists but at her age I wouldnt be comfortable letting her on there as the way I understand it, its just like a colourful fun chatroom and lets face it anyone can go on there no matter what the website claims.

      Since the website launched, the brand has grown in popularity... I have mentioned our house is overrun with merchandise and it really is. Everything from clothes, to jewellery, bags, games... the list goes on...

      I came across the Peers Moshi Monster watch on Amazon when looking for some small presents to give to my daughter for her birthday. Her main present was an iPad this year so due to what I had already paid out on I didnt want to go overboard - just some nice things she would enjoy that didnt have to last a lifetime. My daughter was still struggling with certain aspects with time telling such as quarter past and quarter to the hour so I thought a fun watch may make telling the time a bit more fun for her. I was attracted to these watches by the huge detail of Moshi Monsters on the face and the strap - and also the low price - so due to red being my daughters favourite colour I snapped it up.



      When the watch arrived it was protected in a thin plastic bubble to hold the watch with a cardboard back which was themed like all the other Moshi merchandise you see in shops. The watch looked very durable at first glance in the casing but it was when my daughter opened the present on her birthday morning that I was able to get a good look at it for the first time. I certainly didnt think it would look cheap and nasty like I was half expecting and it looked like something I had paid a bit more than what I did for it. One thing I absolutely hate about is taking out new toys and accessories away from the protective packaging as you can often find yourself fighting it with a pair of scissors to get the product out - however this time none of that happened which left me a very happy mummy! Delivery was also very quick (I would like to add that I am an Amazon Prime member however) and there was no damage caused during the delivery.

      One other thing that made me happy was seeing that a watch battery WAS included - there is nothing worse than buying a new novelty to find there is no batteries with it and you have none in the house!



      As previously noted this particular watch is red and at the time of ordering I was sure this was just going to be a cheap looking rubber watch where you have to pull it on and off the wrist with no fasteners.

      The first thing you notice is although the strap and surrounding area around the face are rubber (and quite bendy) its actually really strong and resistant and I dont think its likely the material would damage or snap unless someone was meaning to do it!

      I was also really happy to see that there actually is fasteners in the form of stud pop buttons - like you see on some jackets. With this type of fastener the watch holds firmly in place everytime and doesnt fail unless you are unpopping it to get the watch off. There is also a few different studs so that the strap can be easily adjusted according to the childs wrist size. For younger children as well this type of button may be hard to unfasten so I think its great for kids who like to pull things off, leading on to losing it - the buttons give you that added reassurance that the watch is less likely to go missing!

      The next thing I will mention about the appearance is the two moshi monster "charms" which are there mainly to brighten up the watch strap. My only issue with this is that they are VERY easy pulled off and so far my daughter has lost one of them. When this happens this leaves a noticable hole in the strap where this charm obviously used to be and can look a bit rubbish. The reason this can easily be removed is because the other watches in the range in other colours have different Moshi charms so if you had more than one watch you could change them round. As great of an idea this is, its not great for children who love to pull things off and I would of prefered them to be permenantly fixed to the strap.



      Obviously as well as being a novalty for a child the same age as my daughter, the main objective of this is to teach the time but in a fun way! The watch face is bright white which stands out really well against the overall red of the watch to see the numbers clearly which are also marked in bold red. What I love about this watch more than standard ones you see for kids is the fact that the numbers 12, 3, 6 and 9 are highlighted larger than the others which makes it miles easier for parents like myself where your child struggles more to say things like "on the hour", "quarter past the hour" "half past the hour" and "quarter to the hour". Personally since investing in this cheap watch I have found my daughters time keeping has come on a lot better than just a couple of months ago and lets face it when she teams it up with moshi clothes and other accessories she is considered a cool child - so its always a win win situation for the parent and the kid! The watch face itself is plastic so should the worst happen and the watch gets broken you dont need to worry about the child hurting themselves on broken glass!

      I also want to point out in case the clocks go forward there is a silver dial which can be turned until the correct time is achieved.

      One thing I have noticed in the last couple of months is that the watch is apparently water resistant up to 30 meters - however due to the low cost of the watch I dont think its worth chancing as its not as well built as other top brands which have been made for this purpose but it gives you peace of mind that a little bit of water such as in a water fight will likely not do it any damage if you listen to what the manufacturer has said!



      I would highly recommend this watch to any children who are into Moshi Monsters from around the ages of 4-8. I love the watch for its uses in helping my child learn the time and my child loves the watch due to appearances. The watch it suitable really for any age of the child due to the adjustable strap and if your a young at heart adult like myself with skinny wrists you can also wear this if you like (just like I have in the past!)

      In my opinion it is a great little gift for things like birthday parties and stocking fillers and I believe it looks more expensive than it actually is.

      Durability in the last 3 months has really outdone my expectations due to the low price I paid. The battery is still very much alive and my daughter wears this watch most days to school. The only thing I can really say is that due to the rubber material it can get a bit grubby looking depending on what your child has been up to but you can put some life back into it using wet wipes.

      If your child doesnt like the colour red on the watch then no problem. The colours available on the other watches in the range are pink, yellow, black, blue and white - and they all have different charms attached so your child may end up picking their favourite moshi monster on the watch rather than the colour!

      The only reason I am not giving this watch full marks is due to how easily the charms can be removed by a child and then end up going missing and leaving the watch looking rather incomplete.


      At present this is available on the Amazon website at £9.89 with free delivery if you are a Prime customer. However the other watch colours do vary and the prices can be over £10 depending on when you look.


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