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Philippe Starck Veiled PH5017

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Brand: Philippe Starck / Type: Mens watch / Model: Veiled PH5017

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    1 Review
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      07.03.2011 22:14
      Very helpful



      Amazing looking watch

      Women have the option to wear Jewelery to help Jazz their outfits up but we men are usually just left with a wrist watch in which to show off a bit of our personality especially when in work clohes which make us blend in with everone else.
      For this reason I have quite a large collection of watches that I enjoy buying and wearing. For the most part I tend to lean towards brighter more unusual watches but I also have some more muted but no less stylish ones that are more appropriate for work or social events such as weddings.
      One of my favourite watches that is both stylish but also suitable for any occassion is my Philippe Starck watch.
      I first seen the watch in Schiphol Amsterdam airport and fell in love with it but as I was rushing for my flight I didn't have time to buy it so when I returned to the UK I went in search of it. I couldn't find it in any shops but I find find it online and bought it immediately.

      ---------- Who is Philippe Starck----------

      Philippe Starck is a French designer born in 1949 in Paris who specilises in New Design style.
      He is one of the most famous and prolific designers in the world and his work ranges from furniture to toothbrushes to hotel interiors and he is even responsible for redesigning some of the interiors of the Eurostar trains in 2003.

      ---------- Starck Watches ----------

      Starck watches are made in collaberation with Fossil with Philippe Starck designing the watches and Fossil builing them to his specification.

      ----------- My watch ----------

      The Starck watch I have is the veiled model.
      The first thing that struck me about the watch when I recieved it was just how solid it is especially when you consider it is very sleek. Normally when something is sleek and modern looking it is flimsy made but this is definately not the case with this watch and i looks and feels like a very well made item.

      It is actually quite a traditional shape but has been giving a modern twist. It is a bracelet design and made up of inividual links. These links can also be removed easily if the watch is too big for your wrist when it arrives. I had to take mine into a shop to have one of the links removed but this only cost a few pounds.

      Although the bracelet is very sleek and smoothe the face of the watch is a lot chunkier and about three times as thick as the bracelet. This doesn't actually detract from the sleekness of the watch on the wrist and it gently curves upwards. The face is covered with a smoky glass that seems to jus float on the top of the steel with nothing noticeable keeping it in place.
      On the bracelet just below the face the watch is branded with the S+arck name but this is i as far as embelishments.

      This watch isn't the most feature packed watch I own and pretty much all it does is tell the time and is more about style than anything else. It is waterproof upto 50 metres (apparently but I have never tested this) but that really is it as far as extras go.

      ---------- Wearing the watch ----------

      As I previously mentioned the watch is very solid which does make it heavy on the wrist. Once it is on it is very comfortable and it feels as though the watch moulds to my wrist. The inside of the bracelet is nice and smooth and it doesn't pinch or annoy my skin.
      Even though it is heavy I can honestly say it doesn't feel uncomfortable even after a few hours of wearing it.

      The clasp did take me a little getting used to as there are no mechanics on the outside of the watch and when the clasp is closed it makes the ends of the bracelet completely flush with each other. You need to push in a certain spot to open the watch and it took me a little bit of time to figure out the exact spot you need to push as it won't open just by pushing anywhere.

      The thing I like about it is that in my opinion it just looks so stylish and I can pretty much wear it anywhere and with any kind of clothes. I have worn it with suits and it looks great but it also looks just as good with jeans and a T-shirt. Probably the only place where I wouldn't recommend wearing it would be the gym just solely because it is stainless steel and the sweat might make it uncomfortable and it might be a bit dressy for joggers.

      ---------- Maintenance ----------

      The watch came with a two year guarentee which I haven't had to use as it is still working perfectly but it's nice to know that it's there if there does happen to be a problem.
      There are zero buttons on the watch and not even a winder and you adjust the time by a small push in button on the back of the face. It takes a battery for which you will need to remove the back casing from the face to replace. The casing is attached with four tiny screws so when my battery needs replacing I will be taking it into the shop as I just know I will end up losing the screws if I do it on my own.

      The only thing you will probably have to worry about with the watch other than replacing the battery eventually is cleaning it. I have noticed it does get grubby pretty quickly and it also picks up smudges and finger prints tha need constant wiping off.

      ---------- Price and availability ----------

      I paid £125 for the watch from an online retailer which I really don't think is a bad price for such a stylish well made watch. This was about a year and a half ago but the price seems to be the same and it is still available on a couple of specialised watch sites.
      I was really impressed with the price I paid for it as it looks like a much more expensive watch in the flesh and after seeing it in Amsterdam I did expect to pay more for it so I was more than happy to pay £125.

      ---------- Recommendation ----------

      I can't imagine why someone wouldn't like this watch but then again taste is subjective. I will say that I think this is a sophisticated but very stylish watch and I can see it suiting any age group because although it is ultra modern it is also classic in shape and design.

      I personally love it and have started wearing it more often as it goes with everything and I always feel just a little bit more dressed up with it on. People always comment on it and are surprised when I tell them it was only £125 as they think it is a much more expensive designer watch when they see it.

      When it comes to quality this watch really comes into it's own as both the materials used and the build quality are top notch and I really can't fault it on this.
      If you are looking for a super stylish watch that won't cost you the earth then I can highly recommend this Philippe Starck watch.


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