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Pineapple Diamante Watch

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Brand: Pineapple / Watch for: Women

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    1 Review
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      15.11.2010 15:42
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      A nice watch, but such a well-known brand could and should have provided so much better than this.

      Let's face it: when you need to know the time, you need to know the time, and there's nothing handier than having a watch on your wrist to glance at whenever you need to. When I was about 5 I was given a watch which lasted me for years as I was too sentimental to get rid of it! However, when I outgrew it the time came for me to get a new watch which suited the more grown-up style I was trying to achieve at the age of 16. So, when I was browsing through an Avon catalogue one day and saw this watch which was pink and sparkly (everything I love!) I went ahead and bought it.

      I'm not going to lie and pretend that I know what packaging the watch came in, because I don't. As I bought it through Avon it probably wasn't anything spectacular, but most watches come boxed and wrapped around a small pillow-type thing, and I have a feeling this is how the Pineapple Pink Diamanté Watch arrived.

      Again, I don't recall how much I paid but I think it was on special offer at around the £10 mark. This watch is a lot more difficult to come across nowadays than when I bought it a few years ago, but one place you can buy it is from the Tesco Direct website, where it is on sale for £14.99.

      I think this watch is definitely aimed at young, teenage girls (unless any of you blokes out there want a pink sparkly watch...), which I say for several reasons. Firstly, the strap of the watch isn't particularly long. I have very thin, narrow wrists and even when I wear this watch done up by the middle hole on the strap, there's still only about a 5cm length of strap left. How people with chunkier wrists manage to wear this watch I have no idea! Secondly, as I've got older my tastes have matured and changed, and although I still like pink and sparkly things, I can't help but feel that this watch looks a bit cheap and juvenile on me nowadays. As a result, unless you're quite young you probably won't get many years of use out of this, so perhaps these would make better Christmas presents for daughters, granddaughters and nieces?

      So far I haven't really described the watch yet, save from saying that it's pink and sparkly, so I'll get on with that now. The strap is made from polyurethane, and is a bright pink colour, although the strap in the Dooyoo picture looks a little more purple than in real life. The strap is fastened with a silver buckle. The round face is bordered by tiny diamantes, and the hour, minute and second hands are silver as well. The background of the face is white, although printed onto this is an intricate, delicate grey design which I believe Pineapple use on a lot of their merchandise. This design is in no way distracting, as it's only light grey in colour so doesn't really stand out or make reading the time difficult. The name 'Pineapple' is also printed in pink on the face of the watch, although again this is unobtrusive and I hardly ever notice it in fact! The face has no numbers, but instead has twelve tiny silver dots where the numbers would be. This is very simple on what would otherwise be a very busy face, yet it is still very easy and clear to see what the time is.

      I quite like watches with large faces, and the diameter of this face I believe is 3.5cm. I find that this is just big enough to look cool, but not so big that it is cumbersome or uncomfortable to wear. In addition to this, as the strap is soft, the watch is very comfortable to wear and I have never experienced any pressure or rubbing with it.

      So far, so good, right? Not for much longer I'm afraid... After around 6months of wear, the stitching along the side of one of the straps started coming loose, which meant that the strap started detaching itself from the face. I was so disappointed that I couldn't wear it anymore! Nevertheless, I enlisted the help of my dad, who superglued a tiny piece of leather over the back of the strap to hold it in place, which seemed to do the trick.

      Everything was looking rosy again, until a few weeks later when the watch began to slow down and the battery died. At first I thought this was just a phase that the watch mechanism was going through, and kept readjusting the time (which, I might add, was very easy as the twisty thing at the side - is it called a bezel?! - has a tiny groove running around it which makes it so easy to grip). However, the battery died forever and I realised my chances of wearing the watch for much longer were over... :(

      Why didn't I change the battery and carry on? Well, the simple fact is that I couldn't figure out how to. The stainless steel back looks all very sealed up and no matter how hard I tried...and my dad tried...and my mum tried...we couldn't figure out how to change the battery. Even looking at it now it seems like the only way to get in and change the battery would involve damaging the watch. Boooooooooooooooo.

      So, whilst the watch still has its life, when and where would it be appropriate to wear? This watch is very casual in its style, so looks great for day-to-day wear. Although anything that sparkles or shines is great for nights out, I think that this would detract from an evening outfit. It's not smart or elegant, but as I mentioned at the beginning, when you're going out and about during the day and need to know the time, this watch is great. While it lasts, that is.

      Overall, this watch is cheap, but to be honest you get what you pay for. It is comfortable and stylish for young girls, but as you get older it may not appeal to your tastes as much. The real thing that lets the watch down is the length of its life. Bear in mind that I was wearing this watch at school all day every day, but even still, I expect more than a few months' use out of a watch - if it still worked now, these few years later, I probably would still wear it from time to time on casual occasions. Even if it did break and I managed to fix it, as in this case, I at least expect to be able to change the watch's battery, which is why this watch really let me down.


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