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Puma PU910801017

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Brand: Puma

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    1 Review
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      29.06.2013 22:20
      Very helpful



      Some pros and cons on this watch

      I was really motivated to buy this watch because it really stood out from the rest of the sport watches crowd which was very inviting to me, here are some reasons why:
      The watch has a very smooth clean look; the smooth style of it to me was very attractive. Also the color black would most definitely go with anything I wanted to wear. I really enjoy the whole styling of the body especially the band of the watch, for the watch its self and the price it really wasn't an issue to me and I really am grateful for making a purchase on it.
      The no "feature advertising design" was very good for me because most sports watches in this price area have callouts all over the face of the watches, which describe all the features. Most are not design features but particularly advertisements that remain even after you have made the purchase of their product, you should really try and avoid that although it could influence you to buy more of their products which is probally what they are hoping it does.

      Another feature I was very intrigued about was the countdown timer, although most watches contain this I was more attracted to this one because of its other pros! There is some flaws about it although most watches/products do, one massive one became as I heard the beeping of the watch every beep seemed to be followed by another beep and it was very loud, and I'm pretty sure you can't disable the beep sadly, I would keep in mind you wouldn't want this watch around you in these situations such as I would advise if you where in a restaurant or in a office, somewhere where you wouldn't want to bother anyone else with this aggravating noise. It was very aggravating when I was trying to set a timer; it was like beep, then another direction and another beep and so on. I got to the point where it was like finally 30 beeps later I was set and ready to go. The beeping noise is so annoying that it is almost impossible for it to be ignored. Now if the beeping noise wasn't so loud this flaw wouldn't be an issue.

      I would highly recommend if you where a deep sleeper and have troubles getting up in the morning to your alarm clock use this watch as you new and improved alarm clock, I guarantee you will wake up from it without a problem. This watch is very useful if you want to be highly alerted when something is coming up or you need a loud friendly reminder of something. If your hearing is also going bad this might be a good alarm device for you, benefits are always having a portable light-weight watch and alarming device in which you would most definitely hear.
      I would recommend this watch as a maybe back up plan, nothing as in a daily watch you would take to you with to work, but maybe just a alarm clock or a workout clock!


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    Description: Puma PU910801017

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