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Red Herring Festival

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Brand: Red Herring / Watches For: Women

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    2 Reviews
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      14.03.2012 12:03
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      Fashionable bright watches

      I have a couple of Ice watches which for people who don't know are brightly coloured watches made of plastic or silicone. They are really trendy and I absolutely love them for summer. Unfortunately they also come with a high price tag of around £70 each which means that as much as I might like to have one in every colour (I have a slight obsession with watches and have loads of them) I can't afford it.

      I was in Debenhams last year just having a browse when I came across the Red Herring festival watch. I'm not sure that the actual model is called festival and I think they are just inspired by music festivals and were advertised as being good things to take with you to a festival. Anyway I noticed them straight away as they were arranged in rows of bright neon colours.

      Looking at them I was surprised to see they were all on sale and were only £5 each down from £20. There were a selection of both men's and women's watches available and the only difference being the size of the face on the women's version being a little smaller than that of the men's.

      I ended up buying three of them in different colours to the Ice watches that I had at home. Although they are a lot cheaper there isn't really that much difference between these and the more expensive Ice watches and from a distance you would never be able to tell it wasn't one.
      Colours available included yellow, pink, orange, blue and red.

      The watches are made almost entirely from plastic with the exception of the winder and the back of the face which are made from stainless steel. The plastic has a high gloss to it which makes the bright neon colours all the more noticeable. The face of the watch is also really chunky and it has a second numbered face on the outside which again gives it a really modern look.

      The bracelet is made up of individual links and has a clasp fastening. The bracelet was too big for me when I bought the watches so I had to remove a couple of the links. To do this yourself is really easy as all you need to do is insert a pin into the holes to remove the piece of metal joining the links together. It took me about 2 seconds to remove the links and get the bracelet to the right size and I wouldn't recommend that you take it into a watch shop to do as I did this with my Ice watch and paid £8 to see them remove the link and realised I could have done it myself for nothing and with complete ease.

      When the watch is on the wrist it is really comfortable and the plastic makes it really lightweight. Because it is so lightweight it is the ideal watch to wear to the gym. Even though it is made of plastic it actually feels quite sturdy and doesn't flex and feel like it is going to crack or shatter. The clasp is equally as sturdy and when it is clasped shut I have never felt it come loose or open on me.
      As for keeping time so far all the watches have all kept almost perfect time with me only having to slightly adjust one of them in the time that I have owned them.

      These Red Herring watches were a complete bargain but even at full price I would have probably bought one as they look really funky. The bright colours won't be to everyone's taste but they are to mine and I personally love the way they look in summer with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt on.


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        27.07.2010 18:42
        Very helpful



        Brightly Coloured Fashionable Watch For Just £20!!

        I was given this Red Herring Festival Watch by my Dad about a month ago as a little well done present for completing (and passing) my first year at uni. As a girl that has NEVER worn a watch i was grateful for the gift, but thought that i would probably rarely wear it as i usually find wearing watches (or in fact any wrist jewellery) a bit annoying and they tend to irritate my wrist and leave unnatractive marks on my skin. But ive got to say i actually really love this watch and now feel a little bare without it.

        *Where To Buy/Price*

        The watch is designed by Red Herring exclusivley for Debenhams and cost £20 full price. The watch can be purchased either online or instore and comes in a variety of bright, modern colours.All of the watches come with a free 1 year guarantee from debenhams.

        *Colours Available*

        The watch comes in a variety of eyecatching and bright colours. When i checked the debenhams website not all of the colours appeared to be listed, but when i went instore i saw the following colours:

        (i own the purple one)

        *Useful Information*

        The watch is made from 100% plastic and has a brightly coloured round face and strap. The glow in the dark minute markers make it possible to tell the time in the dark. The watch is available in one size and cant be adjusted by yourself but Debenhams offer a free voucher on purchase for one free strap ajustment OR one free battery change.

        *My Opinion*

        Like i said earlier in the review i've never really worn a watch as i find if they dont irritate my skin they just irritate me by being to big and sliding up and down my wrist, or too small and scratching my skin. This however was the exception, i found the watch really comfy to wear. It fitted well and was easy to do up the clasp by myself.
        I also really loved the bright colour of the watch as its really modern and eye catching, perfect for summer! I also thought the glow in the dark minute markers where a great feature. The only down side would be that because it is so eyecatching it doesnt really go with every outfit and its not really suitable for night time wear.


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