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Brand: Seksy / Gender: Women

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    1 Review
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      07.02.2014 13:17
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      A charming watch

      In my opinion a lady can never have too many watches and therefore I was very pleasantly surprised when last Christmas my best friend gave me a new watch. Knowing how I love all things pink and sparkly, she had chosen for me this Seksy Entwine watch which also came with a pendant meaning that effectively I got two gifts in one. I hadn't actually heard of the Seksy brand before but I really liked the look of this watch and thought it would be a nice little accessory to wear to work everyday.

      Once I had removed the watch from its gift box I thought the overall look was one of quality and I was amazed at the value for money this particular watch was once I had looked it up online. The watch is constructed in stainless steel and has a looped almost bracelet style to its strap which makes it a lovely stand alone piece on my wrist and makes it look dainty and delicate in a way that looks very girly. The dial of this particular watch is oval in shape and has a mother of pearl look face which is predominantly pale pink in colour. The thing that I particularly liked about this watch when I first saw it were the swarovski crystals which frame the top half of the face in a neat little line and add a real touch of sparkle to this piece. The overall effect is one of femininity in my opinion and I liked the slightly heavy feel to the strap which gave this watch an added feel of quality.

      To set up this particular watch is really a case of pulling out the small dial to the right of the watch face and moving the silver hands of the watch until the time is correct. The face illustrates the time in analogue with four crystals which mark every three hours and this is easy to read when the time is set but slightly more difficult to accurately get the large hand to the correct minute. Once set, I then was keen to put this watch on my wrist and I did this by unlocking the clasp on the back of the strap and re-fastening it once on. The strap is adequate in size to fit my average sized wrist although it does leave a couple of centimetres of room which make the watch slide up and down my arm and, given some free time, I may try and get a link taken out to ensure the watch fits snugly.

      Once on my arm, I like the way that this watch looks and feels particularly as the small crystals catch the light as I type. Although the strap is quite dainty being only 12mm wide it does feel quite heavy duty on my wrist and therefore I am not worried about it breaking or being damaged on the surface of my desk as I type at the computer all day. The face, though quite small, is adequate to tell the time however I do find that without clear numbers imprinted onto it I often have to double check the time particularly if somebody asks or if I need to have an accurate time. The quality of this watch is great and I have had no problems with it loosing time however in my opinion it would be handy to have a second hand as this does come in use when you are trying to time an activity, although I guess I could use my phone for this purpose.

      An accompaniment to my watch was a pendant which mirrored the style of the watch. This pendant has quite a long looped chain and a small oval shaped pendant with crystal detail to match the watch face. Although I think that this is a nice accompaniment to the watch, and it certainly matches it well, I was not too keen on the overall look and feel of this pendant and have not worn mine much preferring instead to wear the watch on its own.

      Although a gift, I have taken the liberty of looking up the price of this watch online and have found it in Argos for only £49.99. Considering that this price includes two items and that the watch is covered with a two year guarantee, this is excellent value in my opinion and does lean itself towards being a perfect gift.

      Overall I really like this watch and would definitely recommend it particularly as a slightly different looking accessory which looks smart enough for the office. As a result this watch scores a very good four stars from me.

      I hope this review has been of some help and thanks for reading! x


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    • Product Details

      Ladies Seksy Entwine Watch 4281

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