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Spirit Silver Sunray Dial Black Multi Thong Watch

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Brand: Spirit / Watches For: Women

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    1 Review
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      10.06.2011 12:01
      Very helpful



      A nice everyday watch, if you can read it! >.

      I received this watch as a present for Christmas 2009, so have owned it for about 18 months now. I originally spotted it on Amazon and added it to my wishlist (!), mainly because I have a nickel allergy and had found that many watches I had had in the past had given me an allergic reaction in the form of a very attractive rash where the watch strap touched my skin! I thought that having a leather strap would avoid this problem, and I also liked the design of the watch as it was a little bit unusual and I hadn't really seen anything much like it anywhere else.

      The watch is made by Spirit and features a stainless steel case with the aforementioned leather strap. The face of the watch is faux mother of pearl, with silver toned hands and the numbers 12, 3, 6 and 9. It has a second hand as well as the two "standard" hands. In the 18 months I have owned it, I have replaced the battery once (approximately 8 months after receiving it). The strap, whilst "thong" style on the front, has a solid back measuring just over 3cms in width. There are 6 thong style straps on the front of the strap, each of these measures about 0.5cms in width. The length of the strap from the buckle to nearest hole is just over 18cm, and to the furthest hole is 21.5cm, so it has a fair range of sizes to fit most wrists. The solid part of the strap is slightly padded and the watch is reasonably comfortable to wear, although I personally did have to put one extra hole into the strap as on the tightest setting it kept spinning around and driving me bonkers doing so!

      The watch keeps good time, although I will admit I personally do find it somewhat tricky to read, and often feel I am "guesstimating" the time rather than being 100% sure of what the face says! I think this is partly due to the fact that there are only 4 numbers on the face, but also due to the fact that the watch face is rectangular, which makes telling exactly what angle the hands are pointing at between numbers a little bit tricky, at least for me! The watch doesn't have any kind of light or anything fancy like that, which is another thing which can make it hard to read at times.

      Changing the battery on the watch is straightforward once you work out how to open the back of the case! It has an almost invisible small "cut out" on the long side of the rectangle on the back, which you have to get a sturdy nail or knife into to "pop" the back off. Once you have done this it is very simple to change the battery, and the back pops easily back into place when you have done so.

      One thing I have been disappointed by is the fact that just over a year of owning this watch, one of the "thong" straps snapped off from one side of the watch; on inspection it looks as though the manufacturer has simply been a little bit stingy on the amount of leather they left to attatch the strap by, and this has worked its way loose of the stitching. I haven't yet got around to fixing this, but I am dithering between simply cutting it off altogether and trying to glue it back into place, as I really don't think there is enough not frayed leather left at the end of the strap to restitch it into place. I also don't think it would be particularly noticeable if I did cut it off, and as it is a purely "decorative" strap rather than one of the 3 holding the actual watch face in place, I may well end up doing this!

      Overall I would say this is a reasonably priced watch (currently £12.17 & this item Delivered FREE in the UK with Super Saver Delivery via Amazon), with a design which is a little bit unusual. It is more of a casual watch than anything dressy, but it is reasonably confortable to wear and keeps good time.


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