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Superdry Sport White Strap Watch

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Brand: Superdry / Type: Mens Sport Watch

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    1 Review
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      27.03.2012 23:14
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      Superdry sports watch.

      I have a DKNY watch and although it's lovely it's not very casual looking. I have noticed there have been a lot of bright coloured sports watches in the shops and I saw some advertise over the christmas period last year. I wanted a sporty looking watch that would look good when wearing with a casual pair of jeans and hoodie or vest top. I have very small wrists so I didn't want anything too big or chunky that would look too big on my wrist. I looked on various different websites for different sports style watches, but didn't want to spend too much and seeing as it was coming upto christmas I thought I would wait until i got my bonus from work, then I could treat myself in the new year.

      * ~ * THE WATCH * ~ *
      The watch comes in a bright orange zip up pouch which is similar to a very small pencil case. The pouch is made from a strong nylon water-proof type material and has Superdry in big white letters on both sides of the pouch. Inside the zip up pouch is the watch and a small leaflet which gives you come information about the watch. The watch itself is very sporty looking and is bright white in colour. The strap is made from a rubber type material which is very smooth and it has Superdry in black letters down the side of the watch as well as Chinese writing in small letters underneath the superdry writing. The watch face is a nice size and is approximately 3.5cm wide with a black face. The watch face has the 4 main numbers on it which is 6, 9 and 12. Where the number 3 would normally go it says superdry sport. The numbers and small markings on the watch are in white which goes with the colour of the watch strap. The watch is fastened on your wrist with a black metal buckle, which is very strong and slightly textured. The watch has approximately 8 holes for the watch to fasten so this will fit a large range of different sized wrists. The watch is approximately 9 inches total in length. If you turn the watch over you will notice that the back of the watch face is made from strong clear plastic which has Superdry on the back in black lettering. It also has a serial number and has a small round compartment in which you can take the battery out to replace. The watch has a black winder on it which enables you to set/change the time. The hands of the watch are also white and aren't solid metal as they have the middle of the hands cut out of them so the hands are more like a long loop type shape. The watch does have a second hand which my previous watch didn't have. When you take the watch out of the pouch for the first time it will have a protective round cover on the watch which you will need to remove. The watch comes with a 2 year supplier warranty and is 30m water resistant.

      * ~ * WEARING THE WATCH * ~ *
      I have very small wrists so I have to use the smallest hole there is on the watch, so the watch itself doesn't slip and slide about on my wrist. The watch is really comfortable to wear and doesn't dig into my wrist or feel too tight. As the watch is sporty watch I only wear it casually with jeans and wouldn't wear the watch if I was going out on the town as it wouldn't look right. Although the watch came showing the correct time I have since had to change it due to the clocks moving forwards and this was easily done by pulling out the black winder on the side and moving it forwards, then I simply pushed it back it to enable the watch to start working again. I have worn the watch a few times now, and the only down-side to it is that because it's white in colour it does get dirty fairly quickly. There is already some dirt marks on the bottom of the strap which have appeared after putting the watch on and taking it off so many times. My previous watch didn't have a second hand and it wasn't clearly marked where the numbers were on the watch (even though I knew), so I often had to glance twice at my watch to check what the time was. When looking at the time on the watch I just need to take a quick glance and I can see the time straight away as the numbers and markings on the watch face stand out so well against the black. Although I've had this watch for just less than 4 months, I haven't yet had any problems with it and I hope I won't. It does state in the small leaflet that the watch is 30m water resistant, how-ever I haven't actually tested this yet and I always get a bit dubious when putting watches in water, even though it states they are water-proof. The good thing about the watch is that it's uni-sex so it can be purchased for a male or female as a gift.

      * ~ * PRICE/AVALIABILITY * ~ *
      I received the watch as a Christmas present; how-ever it costs £40.00 and is available to buy at selected places. You may need to a Google search in order to buy this watch from somewhere. They do sell the watch on asos.com; how-ever it's currently out of stock and has been for a few months now. This is not on the superdry website to buy.

      * ~ * OVERALL OPINION * ~ *
      This is my favourite watch I have ever had as it's really comfortable to wear and it's not too big and chunky for my very small wrists. I love the fact the watch is very sporty looking as I can wear it casually with jeans and trainers during the week/weekend. I haven't seen the watch available to buy in any other colours, which is a shame as I think this would look great in other colours. Although the main colour of the watch it white it looks great with the black watch face and black superdry writing as the watch stands out quite well. The watch has become a little dirty from wearing it; how-ever I'm pretty sure some of the dirt can be wiped with a damp cloth and maybe a little soap in order to clean the watch. When wearing other watches, I've had to take them to a jewellers in order for a new battery to be placed in them, how-ever seeing as this one has a small bit on the back, this can be easily done by myself or my boyfriend, rather than having to go to a jewellers to get it done. The zip up pouch in which the watch comes in is very use-ful for storing the watch and keeping it safe. I have to give this product 4 out of 5 stars as it's comfortable to wear, looks great and is eye-catching and very sporty looking. The only down-side to the watch is that it gets dirty quite quickly, however this isn't really a design flaw as I have seen other white sporty watches, which I'm sure will also get as dirty as this one when worn a few times.

      (review may also appear on ciao)


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