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Swatch Squirrel Time GF113

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Brand: Swatch / Watch for: Women

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    1 Review
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      25.09.2010 10:36
      Very helpful



      A Cute Watch For Anyone Who Loves Squirrels!

      I've always had a thing for squirrels and when I was a kid would collect pictures and ornaments of them, I grew out of collecting stuff but a good mate who I've known since I was 5 bought me a GORGEOUS Xmas pressie last year. It was this Squirrel Time watch from Swatch, she got it from a little shop in Merry Hill but you can buy exactly the same watch from Amazon for about £27.00.

      I normally quite like Swatch watches because of how cheap and cheerful they are, but this one I can't make my mind up. It's lovely and sweet, but every time I wear it I feel like I'm wearing a kids watch..... that doesn't usually bother me because I've got skinny wrists so have got quite a few kids watches but this one feels waaaaaaaay too kiddified for me.

      The watch has got a plastic strap which is coloured beige and shows some cute fat squirrels eating acorns and sitting by some toadstools. The face of the watch also shows a squirrel sitting on an oak leaf with acorns and toadstools around him. It's mega sweet..... even if the squirrel doesn't look all that much like a squirrel! lol

      I actually think it would be brilliant for kids instead of being a womans watch because the numbers on the face of the watch stand out proper good. They are printed in black and the numbers themselves are quite big and bold, the only problem with giving this to a kid would be that 2 of the numbers are missing where the squirrel picture covers them and I think that would be a bit confusing for a child who is just learning to tell the time.

      Most Swatch watches have got plastic straps but this one is majorly sweaty, more than any other strap on a Swatch watch..... and I've got quite a few of them so know what I'm talking about! I know the first time I wore this watch was to a party I ended up taking it off after about 3 hours because the sweaty feeling the strap left made me think I was coming down with a rash!!!

      This watch tells the time perfectly and doesn't lose or gain any minutes, when it was brand new it had a bit of a problem and the minute hand would stop going round and then get jerky when it started again. I told my mate who brought it for me and she took it back for a replacement because NO WAY could I or anyone use a watch that had such a weird jerky fault. As soon as I got the new one though it was fine and I've been using it on and off ever since.

      Recommended.... a cute watch but mega itchy!!!


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