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Swatch Jelly in Jelly SUJK701

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Brand: Swatch / Watch for: Unisex

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    1 Review
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      13.07.2010 23:18
      Very helpful



      Can not recommend

      I have bought Swatch watches many many times. I tend to be one of those people that don't like spending money on jewelry for the simple fact that I tend to loose it and not treat it terribly well! For this reason, I'm often drawn towards Swatch simply because it's inexpensive in a kind of cheap and cheerful sort of way. It generally seems to be when I'm traveling that I purchase Swatch. There is some kind of magnetic draw to the Swatch counter at the airport that is difficult to fight......and so time after time, I find myself being pulled towards the Swatch stand without any means to protect myself! I love the vibrant colours and the nifty designs and I'm a sucker for anything which stands out from the rest of the crowd. 

      The latest model I purchased was the Swatch Jelly in Jelly SUJK701- and yes, it was from the duty free stand at the airport and it set me back £37. 

      The watch strap is ruby red - which is probably what drew me to this design in the first place. The strap is long enough for any female wrist, although I do have particularly small wrists (its the only thing about me that is small!) and so even the loosest setting was a little big on me. However, I think that this is peculiar to me as I have to admit that the only time a watch has fitted correctly is when I bought a watch designed for children! The watch strap does have that kind of plasticky feel that does seem to be synonymous with Swatch watches.....which I generally don't mind, but when it's hot I do find that I get really hot and sweaty underneath the strap. I have found, on occasion, that I have taken the watch off because of this reason - and it's something I have never found with leather straps, and so i guess this is where the quality tells.

      The watch face itself is black.....which I kind of like because of the contrast with the red strap. The numerical face is marked with white / silver markings. The 12, 3, 6 and 9 is marked numerically, whereas the other digits are marked by a dash. The watch face is easy to read. On the right hand side there is a date notification which reminds you of the date. 

      The watch itself works perfectly. It is battery run and I have had this design o er two years and the battery is still running and time is kept very well. However, what isn't so good is the strap itself which broke within four months of me having it. It broke up by the watch face where the pin snapped - and I have to say this is generally what I find with Swatch watches! the straps are basically useless.....they look funky and appealing, but essentially they are cheap and don't last. I guess maybe I'm expecting too much from a watch that cost under £40?

      Overall, despite have purchased numerous Swatch watches, I have to say incant recommend this brand. They break easily, they don't last - and they are not really very cost effective. It really is worth buying a more expensive watch that may last more that five minutes!


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